Historical Events For Year 1810

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January 4, 1810

The subantarctic Campbell Island is discovered by Frederick Hasselborough. Read More

January 12, 1810

Napoleon Bonaparte gets an annulment from his wife Joséphine. Read More

March 11, 1810

Napoleon and Marie-Louise of Austria wed. Read More

April 27, 1810

The piano piece Für Elise is composed by Beethoven. Read More

May 1, 1810

The United States makes Macon's Bill Number 2 a law, motivating the termination of the seizure of American vessels by the British and French during the Napoleonic Wars.
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May 3, 1810

The Turkish Hellespont is swam across by Lord Byron. Read More

May 10, 1810

The first commercial savings bank in the world is established in Ruthwell, Scotland by reverend Henry Duncan.
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May 18 – 25, 1810

The first South American state proclamation of independence from Spain is made upon the expulsion of the Viceroy in Buenos Aires and the establishment of a provincial government for Argentina.
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June, 1810

The first guide for airtight container food storage preservation, the L'art de conserver pendant plusieurs années toutes les substances animales ou végétales, is published by Nicolas Appert.
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June 4, 1810

The formation of the Dedham, Massachusetts' Society for Apprehending Horse Thieves takes place.
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June 23, 1810

The formation of the Pacific Fur Company by John Jacob Astor takes place. Read More

July 9, 1810

The annexation of the Kingdom of Holland by Napoleon Bonaparte takes place. Read More

July 20, 1810

José Acevedo y Gómez leads a junta in Bogotá, Colombia, declaring independence from Spain.
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August 6, 1810

A declaration of independence from Spain is made by Santa Cruz de Mompox, Colombia. Read More

September 8, 1810

The Pacific Fur Company created by John Jacob Astor expands as employees set sail for Columbia aboard the Tonquin from the New York Harbor.
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September 16, 1810

A revolt provoked by Catholic priest Miguel Hidalgo of Guanajuato begins, later turning into the Mexican War of Independence.
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September 18, 1810

Chile takes it's first step towards independence upon the establishment of their First National Junta.
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September 23, 1810

Independence from Spain is declared by the Republic of West Florida. Read More

September 26, 1810

The Riksdag of the Estates adopts an Act of Succession and the new heir to the Swedish throne becomes Jean Baptiste Bernadotte.
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October, 1810

The recognition of King George III of the United Kingdom as insane takes place. Read More

October 27, 1810

The annexation of the Republic of West Florida by the United States takes place. Read More

November 17, 1810

A declaration of war on the United Kingdom is made by Sweden, becoming the Anglo-Swedish War.
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