Historical Events For Year 1809

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January 5, 1809

The conclusion of the United Kingdom and Ottoman Empire's Treaty of the Dardanelles takes place.
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January 16, 1809

An attempt to embark is made by the French during the Battle of Corunna in Galicia, but the British resist.
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February 3, 1809

The formation of the Illinois Territory takes place. Read More

February 8, 1809

War on France is declared by Franz I of Austria. Read More

February 11, 1809

The steamboat is patented by Robert Fulton in America. Read More

February 17, 1809

The township of land set aside under the Miami Purchase in 1794 is finally utilized upon the establishment of Miami University.
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February 20, 1809

A declaration stating that the power of individual states is lesser than that of the federal government is made by the United States Supreme Court.
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March 1, 1809

The Embargo Act that was passed two year prior is repealed and replaced by the Non-Intercourse Act in the United States.
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March 4, 1809

President Thomas Jefferson of the United States is succeeded by James Madison. Read More

March 29, 1809

The succession of the future Grand Principality of Finland from Sweden begins upon the pledge of allegiance to Alexander I of Russian by the four Estates of Finland.
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April 10, 1809

Bavaria is invaded by Austrian forces, commencing the beginning of the War of the Fifth Coalition in the Napoleonic Wars.
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April 19, 1809

The Duchy of Warsaw defeat Austrian armies during the Battle of Raszyn in the War of the Fifth Coalition.
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May 5, 1809

The first patent received by an American woman is awarded to Mary Kies for her method of using silk and thread to weave straw hats.
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May 10-11, 1809

Portugal sees the defeat of the French army by an Anglo-Portuguese Army under Sir Arthur Wellesley during the Battle of Grijó in the Peninsular War.
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May 17, 1809

The annexation of the Vatican to the French Empire is ordered by Emperor Napoleon I of France leading to his excommunication by the Pope for stating that the Pope's secular power has ended.
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May 24, 1809

The opening of Dartmoor Prison takes place in England for holding French prisoners of war.
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July 10, 1809

An inconclusive battle between the French and the Austrians is started by Marshal Marmont of France in the Battle of Znaim.
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July 16, 1809

Independence from the Spanish Crown is declared by the former city of La Paz, now known as Bolivia, resulting in the formation of the Junta Tuitiva as the first independent government in South America.
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August 10, 1809

Independence from the Spanish Crown is declared by Ecuador. Read More

September 17, 1809

The signing of the Peace of Hamina by Russia and Sweden takes place during the Finnish War and the Treaty of Fredrikshamn surrenders the territory of the future Grand Principality of Finland to Russia.
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September 18, 1809

London's Royal Opera House is replaced by a new theatre after having been burnt down in a fire the year before.
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October 11, 1809

Mysterious circumstances lead to the death of explorer Meriwether Lewis at the Grinder's Stand inn in Tennessee.
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October 14, 1809

Illyrian provinces are said to be surrendered to France according to the Treaty of Schönbrunn.
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November 25, 1809

The mysterious disappearance of British Diplomat Benjamin Bathurst takes place near Berlin in Perleberg.
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December, 1809

Sixty-six crew members and passengers of the brigantine Boyd are murdered and eaten by the Whangaroa Maori people during the Boyd Massacre in New Zealand.
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December 30, 1809

Masks are forbidden to be worn at balls in Boston, Massachusetts. Read More