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Newspapers present information and access to the historical events, dating back as far as the year 1806. The important historical events that occurred in this year can be accessed by the use of our archive, containing over 167+ million pages. The most important and interesting historical events from the year 1806, are readily available through NewspaperArchive, including events such as the establishment of the Kingdom of Bavaria by Napoleon, the granting of construction to begin for the National Road as the first federal highway in the United States, the creation of the Confederation of the Rhine, the Lewis and Clark Expedition coming to an end, the proclamation of a Continental Blockade being made by Napoleon against the British, and so much more! Each title is available individually, and all are searchable via an interface that allows users to easily view, search, zoom, print and save digital page images.

Historical Events
For Year 1806

There is no better source of the stories of yesterday, as they were actually told, than Newspaper Archives. Discover your ancestry with records from every world history event and find treasures that simply aren't available anywhere else. Newspaper Archives have preserved essential accounts of your family, famous people and events that shaped this nation for hundreds of years. What will you discover?

January 1, 1806

Napoleon Bonaparte establishes the Kingdom of Bavaria. Read More

January 8, 1806

The formation of Cape Colony into a British colony occurs. Read More

January 10, 1806

The surrender of Cape Town's Dutch population to British forces takes place. Read More

January 19, 1806

The Cape of Good Hope is taken over by the British. Read More

March 23, 1806

Lewis and Clark of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, along with their Corps of Discovery explorer group, complete their exploration of the Louisiana Purchase to the Pacific Ocean and start their return journey home.
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March 29, 1806

The National Road is granted authorization to begin construction as the first federal highway in the United States.
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June 5, 1806

Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte appoints his brother, Louis Bonaparte, as King of Holland. Read More

July 4, 1806

The French are defeated by the British in Calabria during the Battle of Maida. Read More

July 10, 1806

The first mutiny against the British East India Company by the Indian sepoys takes place, becoming known as the Vellore Mutiny.
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July 12, 1806

The Confederation of the Rhine, Liechtenstein is created and receives full sovereignty upon the withdraw of 16 German Imperial States from the Holy Roman Empire.
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July 15, 1806

An expedition is led from Fort Bellefontaine, Missouri by Lieutenant Zebulon Pike of the United States Army with the intention to explore the west, later becoming known as the Pike Expedition.
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August, 1806

The Auckland Islands are discovered by Abraham Bristow, a seal hunter from England. Read More

August 6, 1806

The abdication of Francis II as the last Holy Roman Emperor brings about the end of the Holy Roman Empire.
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September, 1806

War on France is declared by Prussia, who is joined by Saxony and various other German states.
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September 23, 1806

The exploration of the Louisiana Territory to the Pacific Ocean comes to a successful end as the Lewis and Clark Exploration reaches St. Lewis, Missouri.
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October 9, 1806

The first battle in the conflict between France and Prussian ends with the defeat of the Prussian army in the Battle of Schleiz.
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November, 1806

A Continental Blockade is proclaimed against the British by Napoleon Bonaparte. Read More

November 24, 1806

Gebhard Leberecht von Blucher's Prussian troops are defeated by the French near Lübeck as the last major Prussian field force.
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