Historical Events For Year 1802

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March 16, 1802

The reestablishment of the United States Army Corps of Engineers takes place and the United States Military Academy is established under it's management.
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March 25-27, 1802

The War of the Second Coalition is ended by the signing of the Treaty of Amiens between France and the United Kingdom.
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March 28, 1802

The Pallas asteroid is discovered by H. W. Olbers. Read More

April 26, 1802

An attempt to make peace with factions of the Ancient Régime is made by Napoleon Bonaparte upon his signing of a general amnesty allowing notorious émigrés of the French Revolution return to France.
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May 19, 1802

The French Légion d'honneur is formed by Napoleon Bonaparte. Read More

May 20, 1802

Slavery is reinstated in French colonies by Napoleon Bonaparte, revoking the abolishment that took place during the French Revolution.
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June 1, 1802

The establishment of the Department of States' United States Patent and Trademark Office takes place.
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June 8, 1802

French troops capture Toussaint L'Ouverture, a Haitian revolutionary, and imprison him at the Fort de Joux.
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June, 1802

First Emperor of the Vietnamese Nguy?n Dynasty is announced as being Gia Long. Read More

Jul 5-Aug 28, 1802

Henry Addington leads the Tories to victory in a United Kingdom general election. Read More

July 22, 1802

The unification of Vietnam is completed by the capture of Hanoi by Gia Long. Read More

September 3, 1802

The poem "Westminster Bridge" by William Wordsworth is written in London. Read More

September 11, 1802

The French First Republic take over the region of Piedmont, Italy. Read More

October 2, 1802

The war between Sweden and Tripoli ends, but war with the United States continues over discrepancies with peace negotiations.
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December 2, 1802

Conditions of child labor in factories is regulated upon the passing of the United Kingdom's Health and Morals of Apprentices Act.
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