Historical Events For Year 1800

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January 1, 1800

The dissolution of the Dutch East India Company takes place. Read More

February 13, 1800

The establishment of the Banque de France occurs. Read More

March 20, 1800

A new invention by Alessandro Volta is announced to the Royal Society of London as the voltaic pile, becoming the first chemical battery.
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April, 1800

Voting for the United States presidential election begins, lasting 6 months, with the final results not being announced until February, 1801.
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April 24, 1800

Washington, D.C. is home to the formation of the United States' Library of Congress. Read More

May 15, 1800

The invasions of Italy by Napoleon takes place upon his crossing of the Alps. Read More

June 2, 1800

Trinity, Newfoundland in North America is home to the creation of the first smallpox vaccination.
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Jul 2-Aug 1, 1800

The Kingdom of Great Britain and the Kingdom of Ireland are united into the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland upon the passing of multiple Acts of Union, said to go into effect the following year.
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July 10, 1800

British Governor-General Lord Wellesley of India founds the Fort William College in Calcutta in an effort to promote vernaculars of the Indian subcontinent.
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September 4, 1800

The formation of the Malta Protectorate between the Malta and Gozo islands takes place upon the surrender of the French garrison to British troops in Valletta.
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September 30, 1800

The Quasi-War is ended upon the signing of the Treaty of Mortefontaine between France and the United States.
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November 1, 1800

The first United States President to reside in the Executive Mansion, today known as the White House, is President John Adams.
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November 1, 1800

The Vermont General Assembly grants the Middlebury College it's charter. Read More

November 17, 1800

The first Washington, D.C. session is held by the United States Congress. Read More

December 3, 1800

Habsburg and Bavarian troops are defeated by the French army during the Battle of Hohenlinden.
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December 24, 1800

The Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary is formed by Pierre Coudrin and Henriette Aymer de la Chevalerie in Paris, France.
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December 25, 1800

The first occurrence that Christmas Day has become an international public holiday. Read More