Historical Events For Year 1780

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January 16, 1780

A Spanish fleet is defeated by Admiral Sir George Rodney and his British troops in the Battle of Cape St. Vincent during the American Revolution.
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February, 1780

Denmark, Sweden, and Russia form the League of Armed Neutrality. Read More

February 29, 1780

Benjamin Franklin establishes the Omicron Delta Omega co-ed fraternity. Read More

March 26, 1780

The first publication of the British Gazette and Sunday Monitor takes place as the first Sunday newspaper in Britain.
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April 16, 1780

The establishment of the University of Münster takes place in Germany. Read More

May 12, 1780

British forces take Charleston, South Carolina during the American Revolution. Read More

May 13, 1780

American settlers sign the Comberland Compact in the Cumberland Valley of Tennessee. Read More

May 29, 1780

Surrendering American soldiers are killed by Colonel Banastre Tarleton and his loyalist in the Waxhaw Massacre.
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June 2–7, 1780

A call for manhood suffrage and annual parliaments is made by the Duke Richmond but is rejected by the House of Lords, marking the beginning of the Gordon riots in London.
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June 23, 1780

The British are defeated in New Jersey by the Continental Army in the Battle of Springfield during the American Revolution.
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July 11, 1780

A reinforcement of French soldiers to the colonists arrives in Newport, Rhode Island during the American Revolution.
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August 16, 1780

Heavy losses to the Patriot army are inflicted by British Troops in Camden, South Carolina in the Battle of Camden during the American Revolution.
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August 24, 1780

Torture is abolished in regards to extracting confessions by Louis XVI of France. Read More

September 21, 1780

Detailed plans of West Point are given to Major John André by Benedict Arnold. Read More

October 2, 1780

The hanging of John André by American forces for being a British spy takes place in Tappan, New York.
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October 7, 1780

Major Patrick Ferguson's Loyalists forces are annihilated by a Patriot militia at Kings Mountain, South Carolina in the Battle of Kings Mountain during the American Revolution.
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October 10–16, 1780

The islands of Barbados, Martinique and Sint Eustatius are destroyed by the Great Hurricane.
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December 16, 1780

The throne of Japan is taken by Emperor Kokaku. Read More

December 20, 1780

The beginning of the Fourth Anglo-Dutch War takes place. Read More