Historical Events For Year 1778

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January 18, 1778

Oahu and Kauai in the Hawaiian Islands are viewed by James Cook for the first time and he names them the Sandwich Islands.
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February 5, 1778

The Articles of Confederation is ratified by South Carolina, the first state to do so. Read More

February 6, 1778

The French officially recognize the new republic of the United States upon the signing of the Treaty of Alliance and the Treaty of Amity and Commerce.
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March 6–October 24, 1778

The Pacific Northwest coast of North America is explored and mapped out by Captain James Cook.
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May 30, 1778

An oath of allegiance to the United States is signed by Benedict Arnold at Valley Forge.
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June 24, 1778

Parts of America from Texas to Virginia experience a total solar eclipse. Read More

June 28, 1778

British general Sir Henry Clinton's army are battled to a draw near Monmouth, New Jersey by George Washington and his troops in the Battle of Monmouth.
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July 3, 1778

A terrible defeat of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania colonists is a result of the Wyoming Massacre during the American Revolution.
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July 4, 1778

Kaskaskia is taken by George Rogers Clark during the American Revolution. Read More

July 10, 1778

War is declared on the Kingdom of Great Britain by Louis XVI of France. Read More

September, 1778

Punishments for Loyalists is provided upon the passing of the Massachusetts Banishment Act.
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September 7, 1778

Dominica is invaded by the French and the British fort is captured as a result of the Franco-American alliance during the American Revolution.
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September 17, 1778

The United States signs the Treaty of Fort Pitt, the first formal treaty with a Native American tribe.
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September 19, 1778

The first budget of the United States is passed by the Continental Congress. Read More

November 26, 1778

The first European to land on Maui in the Hawaiian Islands is Captain James Cook. Read More