Historical Events For Year 1771

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January 5, 1771

A migration returning to the homeland of Dzungaria from the east bank of Lower Volga River takes place under Ubashi Khan, known as the Great Kalmyk Migration.
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February 12, 1771

Gustav III succeeds his father, Adolf Frederick, as King of Sweden. Read More

March, 1771

A militia is raised by Governor William Tryon of North Carolina in an effort to put down an uprising against the Colony's government during the War of the Regulation.
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March 12, 1771

Wake County is established from portions of Cumberland, Johnston and Orange counties by the North Carolina General Assembly.
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March 15, 1771

The first meeting of the Society of Civil Engineers, the oldest engineering society in the world, takes place in London.
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May 11, 1771

William Tryon's North Carolina militia marches out of Hillsborough to help the suffering forces of General Hugh Waddell during the War of the Regulation.
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May 16, 1771

The Battle of Alamance takes place after an appeal by Governor Tryon is rejected by Regulators during the War of the Regulation.
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May 23, 1771

A Polish formation of 1,300 men is defeated by Alexander Suvorov's Russian forces in the Battle of Lanckorona.
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July 17, 1771

A group of unsuspecting Inuit is massacred by Chief Matonabbee of Chipewyan in the Bloody Falls Massacre.
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August 8, 1771

Horsham, England holds the first town cricket match to be recorded. Read More

September 8, 1771

The Mission San Gabriel Arcangel is founded by Fathers Pedro Cambon and Angel Somera in present-day San Gabriel, California.
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September 15–17, 1771

An outbreak of bubonic plague takes place in Moscow as a result of the Plague Riot. Read More

November 17, 1771

Wolfgang Mozart's opera Ascanio in Alba premieres in Milan. Read More