Historical Events For Year 1770

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January 1, 1770

Colonel Keating lays the foundation for Fort George, Bombay over the grounds of the former Dongri Fort.
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March 5, 1770

Eleven Americans are shot in an act of retaliation by British troops in what becomes known as the Boston Massacre, an event perpetuating the start of the American Revolutionary War.
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March 26, 1770

The circumnavigation of New Zealand is completed by Captain James Cook and his crew aboard the HMS Endeavour during his first voyage.
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April 18, 1770

Australia's eastern coastline is encountered by it's first Europeans, Captain James Cook and his crew.
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April 29, 1770

Captain James Cook and Botanist Joseph Banks discover 1,600 new plant specimens unknown to European Science as they arrive in present-day Sydney, Australia.
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May 7, 1770

The arrival of Marie Antoinette at the French court takes place at the age of fourteen. Read More

May 16, 1770

Louis-Auguste, later known as King Louis XVI of France, and Marie Antoinette marry. Read More

May 16, 1770

Over 130 people are killed in Paris by a fire caused by fireworks being set off at the wedding of the crown prince of France.
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June 9, 1770

Port Egmont in the Falkland Islands is seized by Spanish Marines under the order of the Spanish Governor of Buenos Aires from the British in the Falklands Crisis.
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June 11, 1770

James Cook grounds the HMS Endeavour on the Great Barrier Reef. Read More

July 1, 1770

Lexell's Comet becomes the closest comet to approach the earth in recorded history. Read More

July 5, 1770

The Ottoman Empire is defeated by the Russian Empire in both the Battle of Chesma and the Battle of Larga.
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August 22, 1770

The whole eastern coast of Australia is claimed for Great Britain by Captain James Cook and later becomes New South Wales.
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