Historical Events For Year 1766

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January 1, 1766

Bonnie Prince Charlie becomes Great Britain's new Stuart claimant as King Charles III. Read More

January 14, 1766

King of Denmark is announced as being Christian VII. Read More

February, 1766

The Beast of Gévaudan or Wolves of Périgord wolf attacks occur in France. Read More

February 13, 1766

Benjamin Franklin sponsors the election of John Mills as a Fellow of the Royal Society. Read More

February 18, 1766

A Dutch East India Company slave ship is seized in the Indian Ocean by Malagasy people who were kept captive in the Meermin slave mutiny.
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February 23, 1766

Upon the death of the last Duke of Lorraine, King Stanislaw Leszczynski of Poland, Lorraine becomes French again.
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March 5, 1766

The first Spanish governor Antonio de Ulloa of Louisiana arrives in New Orleans. Read More

March 18, 1766

The very unpopular Stamp Act is repealed by the British Parliament during the American Revolution.
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November 10, 1766

The Queen's College charter is signed by the last Colonial governor William Franklin of New Jersey.
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November 27, 1766

The report of a British Sloop of War is searching and sieving vessels passing Cape Lookout, North Carolina is made to the Pennsylvania Gazette.
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November 29, 1766

The return of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart to Salzburg takes place after the Mozart family grand tour of Europe.
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December 2, 1766

Sweden becomes the first country to protect freedom of the press by their Constitution with the introduction of the Freedom of the Press Act.
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December 6, 1766

James Christie establishes Christie's auction house in London. Read More