Historical Events For Year 1764

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January 7, 1764

Austrians murder hundreds of innocent Székely people in a massacre at Madefalva. Read More

January 19, 1764

The expulsion of John Wilkes from the House of Commons of Great Britain takes place for seditious libel.
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February 15, 1764

The establishment of the city of St. Louis takes place in America. Read More

April 6, 1764

The passing of the Sugar Act takes place. Read More

June 21, 1764

The establishment of the Quebec Gazette takes place as in Quebec City, Canada as a newspaper written in English.
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June 29, 1764

Woldegk, Germany is hit by a Level 5 tornado. Read More

September 7, 1764

The election of Stanislaw August Poniatowski as the King of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth takes place.
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October 15, 1764

The idea of writing The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire is conceived by Edward Gibbon.
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October 22, 1764

The combined armies of the Nawab of Bengal, the Nawab of Awadh, and the Mughal Emperor are defeated by the British East India Company in the Battle of Buxar.
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November 9, 1764

Colonel Henry Bouquet's forces receive captive Mary Campbell of the French and Indian War as she is returned.
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November 16, 1764

The British force the surrender of Chief Pontiac. Read More