Historical Events For Year 1762

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January 4, 1762

War is declared on Spain and Naples by Britain. Read More

January 5, 1762

Upon the succession of Peter II to the Russian throne peace negotiations are immediately opened with the Prussians.
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February 5, 1762

Ahmed Shah Abdali's forces carry out the Great Holocaust of the Sikhs in Punjab. Read More

May 15, 1762

The war between Russia and Prussia ends upon the signing of the Treaty of St. Petersburg.
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May 22, 1762

Sweden is taken out of the war against Prussia by the Treaty of Hamburg. Read More

June 24, 1762

French forces are defeated in Westphalia by an Anglo-Hanoverian army in the Battle of Wilhelmsthal.
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July 9, 1762

Upon the deposition of Peter III, his wife Catherine II becomes empress of Russia. Read More

July 21, 1762

Marshal Daun is defeated in Silesia by Frederick in this last major battle, the Battle of Burkersdorf.
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August 13, 1762

The end of the Battle of Havana takes place upon Spain's surrender of Havana to Great Britain during the Seven Years' War.
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September, 1762

Emperor Momozono is succeeded by Empress Go-Sakuramachi to the throne of Japan. Read More

September 15, 1762

The French are defeated by British troops in the Battle of Signal Hill. Read More

Sep 24–Oct 5, 1762

Manila is taken from the Spanish by the British East India Company in the Battle of Manila.
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October 29, 1762

Marshal Serbelloni's Austrian army is defeated by Frederick the Great's brother Prince Henry of Prussia in the Battle of Freiberg.
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November 13, 1762

A secret agreement is made in which Louisiana is ceded from Louis XV of France to Charles III of Spain by the Treaty of Fontainebleau.
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