Historical Events For Year 1757

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January 2, 1757

Calcutta is captured by Britain as part of the fighting in the Seven Years' War. Read More

January 5, 1757

An unsuccessful assassination attempt is made by Robert-François Damiens on Louis XV of France.
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March 14, 1757

The execution of the British Admiral Sir John Byng by a firing squad takes place for failing to do his utmost in the Battle of Minorca, a breach of the Articles of War.
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May 6, 1757

An Austrian army is defeated by Frederick the Great and a siege of the city in the Battle of Prague during the Seven Years' War.
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June 18, 1757

Marshal Daun's Austrian army defeats Frederick the Great and forces him to evacuate Bohemia in the Battle of Kolin during the Seven Years' War.
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June 23, 1757

Siraj ud-Daulah and his Indian army of 50,000 are defeated by Robert Clive's British East India Company forces of only 3,000 in the Battle of Plassey.
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July 26, 1757

An Anglo-Hanoverian army is defeated by the French army led by Louis d'Estrée and forced out of Hanover in the Battle of Hastenbeck during the Seven Years' War.
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Aug 3-Aug 9, 1757

The English in the French and Indian War are forced to surrender Fort William Henry to Louis-Joseph de Montcalm's French army.
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October 30, 1757

Mustafa III succeeds Osman III as Ottoman Sultan upon his death. Read More

November 5, 1757

The French-Imperial army is defeated by Frederick the Great and the French are forced to withdraw from Saxony in the Battle of Rossbach during the Seven Years' War.
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November 22, 1757

A Prussian army is defeated by Prince Charles Alexander of Lorraine and his Austrian army and forced behind the Oder in the Battle of Breslau during the Seven Years' War.
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December 6, 1757

An Austrian army is defeated by Frederick the Great in the Battle of Leuthen during the Seven Years' War, a battle considered to be Frederick's greatest tactical victory.
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December 14, 1757

The Ottoman army and their allied of nobles are defeated by King Solomon I of Imereti in the Battle of Khresili.
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