Historical Events For Year 1747

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January 31, 1747

The London Lock Hospital opens the first venereal diseases clinic. Read More

February 11, 1747

A French and Indian allied force led by Captain Nicolas Antoine II Coulon de Villiers defeat British troops at Grand-Pré, Nova Scotia during the King George's War.
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April 9, 1747

Lord Lovat, a Scottish Jacobite, is beheaded by axe for treason on Tower Hill in London.
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May 14, 1747

The British Navy defeats a French fleet in the First battle of Cape Finisterre during the War of the Austrian Succession.
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June 9, 1747

Emperor Sakuramachi of Japan is succeeded by Emperor Momozono. Read More

Jun 24- Oct 14, 1747

Hudson Bay is explored by Captains William Moore and Francis Smith and their English ships.
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July 2, 1747

The combined armies of Hanover, Great Britain and the Netherlands are defeated by France in the Battle of Lauffeld during the War of the Austrian Succession.
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October, 1747

Thomas Herring becomes Archbishop of Canterbury. Read More

October, 1747

Loya jirga chooses Ahmad Shah Durrani as the first leader of the Durrani Empire. Read More

October 25, 1747

A French fleet is defeated by the British Navy in the Second battle of Cape Finisterre during the War of the Austrian Succession.
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November 9, 1747

A governmental reform is demanded by rioters in Amsterdam. Read More

November 22, 1747

Stadtholder over all of the United Provinces becomes Prince William IV of Orange. Read More

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