Historical Events For Year 1744

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January 24, 1744

After Father Giuseppe Lamberti is killed, the Dagohoy Rebellion begins in the Philippines.
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February, 1744

A French Invasion of Britain is interrupted by violent storms. Read More

February 22-23, 1744

A Franco-Spanish fleet defeat the British fleet in the Battle of Toulon. Read More

March 1, 1744

Perihelion is reached by the one of the brightest comets seen, the Great Comet of 1744. Read More

March 15, 1744

War is declared on Great Britain by France. Read More

April, 1744

Eliza Haywood founds the first periodical written by a woman and for women as The Female Spectator.
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April 20, 1744

Britain and Sardinia are defeated by a joint French and Spanish force in the Battle of Villafranca.
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June 28, 1744

The Russian Orthodox Church receives Catherine the Great. Read More

July 29, 1744

The Ottoman citadel of Kars is sieged by Nader Shah. Read More

August 12, 1744

The forces of the Archduchy of Austria are defeated by Spanish-Neapolitan forces in the Battle of Velletri in the Kingdom of Naples.
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September 30, 1744

The Kingdom of Sardinia is defeated by France and Spain in the Battle of Madonna dell'Olmo.
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