Historical Events For Year 1723

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March 9, 1723

The beginning of the Mapuche Uprising of 1723 takes place in Chile. Read More

July, 1723

Baku is captured by the Russian army led by Matyushkin. Read More

July 12, 1723

A lecture is held for students and magistrates by Christian von Wolff, resulting in him being charged on atheism and banned from Prussia.
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August, 1723

The opening of the Peterhof Palace outside of Saint Petersburg, Russia takes place. Read More

September 1, 1723

The signing of the Treaty of St. Petersburg takes place. Read More

November 23, 1723

New Bern is incorporated as Newbern in the Province of Carolina. Read More

December 26, 1723

The first performance of Darzu ist erschienen der Sohn Gottes, BWV 40 is made by Johann Sebastian Bach in Leipzig.
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