Historical Events For Year 1710

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February 28, 1710

Magnus Stenbock's Swedish army defeat 14,000 Danish invaders in the Battle of Helsingborg.
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April 10, 1710

Britain's Statute of Anne becomes effective as the first copyright legislation in the world.
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April 19, 1710

A meeting takes place among Queen Anne of Great Britain and the Four Mohawk Kings. Read More

June, 1710

Christoph von Graffenried leads protestant Swiss and German Palatines to Bath County in the Province of Carolina and they found New Bern.
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June 8, 1710

A petition protesting seizure of land and enslavement of the people is sent to the Province of Pennsylvania by the Tuscarora nation.
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August 20, 1710

The Habsburg Monarchy forces defeat the Spanish-Bourbon army in the Battle of Saragossa during the War of the Spanish Succession.
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October 13, 1710

The Siege of Port Royal during Queen Anne's War ends as possession of Nova Scotia is given to the British upon the surrender of the French.
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