Historical Events For Year 1708

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March 11, 1708

The last time a British monarch vetoes legislation takes place as Royal Assent is withheld from the Scottish Militia Bill by Queen Anne.
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July 1, 1708

Emperor of Ethiopia is announced as Tewoflos. Read More

July 11, 1708

The French are defeated by John Churchill and his allies in the Battle of Oudenarde during the War of the Spanish Succession.
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August 18, 1708

British forces capture Minorca in the War of the Spanish Succession. Read More

August 29, 1708

Sixteen settlers are killed in a Native American attack in Haverhill, Massachusetts. Read More

September 28, 1708

The forces of the Swedish Empire are defeated by Peter the Great of Russia in the Battle of Lesnaya during the Great Northern War.
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October 12, 1708

Lille is captured by British forces after a two-month siege during the War of the Spanish Succession.
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October 26, 1708

Construction of St. Paul's Cathedral is completed in London. Read More

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