Historical Events For Year 1707

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January 1, 1707

John V becomes King of Portugal as well as the Algarves in Lisbon. Read More

January 16, 1707

The Parliament of Scotland ratifies the Treaty of Union between Scotland and England. Read More

March 3, 1707

The disintegration of India's Mughal Empire is precipitated by the death of Aurangzeb. Read More

March 19, 1707

The Parliament of England ratifies the Treaty of Union between Scotland and England. Read More

April 25, 1707

The allied forces of Portugal, England, and the Dutch Republic are defeated by the Bourbon army of Spain and France in the Battle of Almansa during the War of the Spanish Succession.
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May 1, 1707

The Kingdoms of Scotland and England are combined into a single United Kingdom of Great Britain upon the ratification of the Treaty of Union.
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Jul 29 - Aug 21, 1707

The French fleet put out of action and the allies oblige to withdraw during the Battle of Toulon during the War of the Spanish Succession.
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October 23, 1707

The first meeting of the Parliament of the Kingdom of Great Britain takes place in London.
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October 28, 1707

The most powerful earthquake Japan experiences until 2011 takes place as the Hoei earthquake.
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December, 1707

Charles XII of Sweden's first campaign to conquer Russia is launched. Read More

December 16, 1707

Mount Fuji's last recorded eruption takes place in Japan. Read More

December 24, 1707

Roger Elliott is appointed the first British Governor of Gibraltar by Queen Anne and takes up residence in the Convent of the Franciscan Friars.
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