Historical Events For Year 1704

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January 25-26, 1704

A series of brutal raids is staged against the Apalachee in Spanish Florida by English colonists in Carolina in what becomes known as the Apalachee massacre.
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February, 1704

The celebration of Mardi Gras takes place in the capital of Louisiana with the Masque de la Mobile.
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February 29, 1704

Deerfield, Massachusetts is raided by French-Canadians and Native Americans during Queen Anne's War.
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April 21, 1704

The Hungarians and Danes engage in the Battle of Biskupice. Read More

April 24, 1704

The first issue of The Boston News-Letter is published as the Thirteen Colonies of British North America's first regular newspaper.
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May 28, 1704

The Austrian army and its allies are defeated by Kuruc rebels during the Battle of Smolenice.
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June 13, 1704

The Kurucs are defeated by the Austrian army and their allies in the Battle of Koroncó. Read More

July, 1704

The Great Storm of 1703 is documented by Daniel Defoe in England with eyewitness testimonies in The Storm.
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August 3, 1704

English and Dutch forces under Sir George Rooke's forces capture Gibraltar from Spain during the War of the Spanish Succession.
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August 13, 1704

The Franco-Bavarian army is defeated by allied troops under John Churchill in the Battle of Blenheim during the War of the Spanish Succession.
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September, 1704

French and Spanish troops begin the Twelfth Siege of Gibraltar during the War of the Spanish Succession.
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