Historical Events For Year 1702

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January 12, 1702

Construction of Fort Louis de la Mobile, later becoming the capital of French Louisiana, begins upon the arrival of ships from Fort Maurepas.
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March 8, 1702

Princess Anne Stuart is made Queen Anne of England, Scotland and Ireland upon the death of her brother-in-law William III of England.
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March 11, 1702

The first copy of the Daily Courant is published in London as the first regular English-language national newspaper.
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May, 1702

Charles XII of Sweden conquers Warsaw. Read More

May 14, 1702

The Grand Alliance declares war on France during the War of the Spanish Succession. Read More

July 19, 1702

The Polish-Lithuanian Saxon army is defeated by Charles XII of Sweden in the Battle of Klissow.
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October, 1702

Liège is forced to surrender by Captain-General John Churchill. Read More

October, 1702

A failed attack is made against Creek Indians with the aide of English traders by Spanish and Apalachee Indians in the Battle of Flint River.
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October 10, 1702

St. Augustine is besieged by English forces in Spanish Florida in Queen Anne's first major action of War in North America.
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October 27, 1702

St. Augustine is plundered by English troops in Spanish Florida. Read More

December 14, 1702

John Churchill becomes Duke of Marlborough. Read More

December 30, 1702

The lifting of the Siege of St. Augustine takes place. Read More