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The year 1701 marks the official beginning of the 19th century, bringing with it a vast amount of important information and events that have had a tremendous influence on our world. Newspapers allow us the ability to research and experience the impactful historical events that have occurred, serving as an irreplaceable source for hundreds of years. Our archives features the most notable events from the year 1701, including the first day of the 18th century, the beginning of the War of the Spanish Succession, the passing of the Act of Settlement by the Parliament of England, the laying of the foundation for Fort Detroit in what is now Detroit, Michigan, the chartering of the Collegiate School of Connecticut which later becomes Yale University, and so much more! Each title is available individually, and all are searchable via an interface that allows users to easily view, search, zoom, print and save digital page images.

Historical Events
For Year 1701

There is no better source of the stories of yesterday, as they were actually told, than Newspaper Archives. Discover your ancestry with records from every world history event and find treasures that simply aren't available anywhere else. Newspaper Archives have preserved essential accounts of your family, famous people and events that shaped this nation for hundreds of years. What will you discover?

January, 1701

The Parliament of England is joined by Whig policy spokesman Robert Walpole. Read More

January 1, 1701

The 18th century begins on this day. Read More

January 12, 1701

The Gregorian calendar is adopted by parts of the Netherlands. Read More

January 18, 1701

The proclamation of Elector Frederick III as King Frederick I takes place as the Kingdom of Prussia is created from the electorate of Brandenburg-Prussia.
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March, 1701

The international retaliation to the acceptance of the Spanish crown by Philip of Anjou's grandfather on his behalf in 1700 provokes the beginning of the War of the Spanish Succession.
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March 8, 1701

The creation of Mecklenburg-Strelitz as a north German duchy takes place. Read More

April 21, 1701

An order is given to daimyo Asano Naganori to commit a ritual suicide, otherwise known as seppuku.
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May 23, 1701

Captain William Kidd is found guilty of the murder of William Moore and for committing piracy and is is hanged in London.
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June 24, 1701

The Parliament of England passes the Act of Settlement, excluding the Catholic Stuarts from the British monarchy.
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July 9, 1701

The Great Northern War is escalated by an invasion of Poland by Charles XII of Sweden. Read More

July 24, 1701

The foundation of Fort Pontchartrain is laid in what is now Detroit, Michigan, later being renamed Fort Detroit.
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August 4, 1701

War between the Iroquois Confederacy and New France and its allies ends after 100 years upon the signing of the Great Peace of Montreal.
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October 9, 1701

Yale University is chartered as the Collegiate School of Connecticut in Old Saybrook, Connecticut.
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