Historical Events For Year 1700

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January 1, 1700

The Gregorian calendar is adopted by all of Protestant Western Europe except England. Read More

January 1, 1700

The beginning of the Russian calendar changes from Creation to the birth of Christ. Read More

January 26, 1700

The Cascadia earthquake takes place as one of the largest known earthquakes with an estimated magnitude of 8.7-9.2, triggering the Orphan Tsunami in Japan.
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February 3, 1700

A large part Edinburgh, Scotland is destroyed by the 'Lesser Great Fire'. Read More

February 12, 1700

Denmark and Poland/Saxony invade Swedish territory in Germany and Latvia, starting the Great Northern War.
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February 27, 1700

William Dampier discovers the Island of New Britain in the western Pacific. Read More

March 1, 1700

The Gregorian calendar is adopted by Protestant Germany and Denmark-Norway. Read More

Early March, 1700

The first performance of the comedy The Way of the World by William Congreve takes place in London.
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March 25, 1700

France, England and Holland sign the Treaty of London. Read More

May, 1700

Monthly meetings begin being held for blacks advocating emancipation by William Penn. Read More

July 11, 1700

Gottfried Leibniz becomes president of the newly founded Prussian Academy of Sciences. Read More

August 18, 1700

War against Sweden is declared by King Augustus II of Poland, and Tsar Peter the Great of Russia.
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November 15, 1700

The Spanish crown is accepted by Philip of Anjou's grandfather on his behalf, triggering The War of the Spanish Succession the following year.
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November 18, 1700

The anti-Sapieha coalition win the Battle of Olkieniki during the Lithuanian Civil War. Read More

November 23, 1700

Pope Clement XI becomes the 243rd pope upon his succession of Pope Innocent XII. Read More

December 28, 1700

The first Earl Laurence Hyde of Rochester is appointed Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. Read More