Thursday, May 7, 1981

European Stars And Stripes

Location: Darmstadt, Hesse

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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - May 7, 1981, Darmstadt, Hesse All 21 aboardAF jet killedin Md. crashJust another prize (yawn)Snoopy looks «s though winning prizesU > part of his everyday routine andnothing «t ill to get excited about. ThecouUi rt-tare-less canine is at a chil-dren's dog snow in Bremerhaten, Ger-many, and he's wearing tbv outfit thatwon him first prize in the best-costumecompetition. Amused at Snoopy's non-chalant acceptance of victory is his own-er, Thomas R. Breen, 13. (For details ofthe event, and photos of other winners,see Page 3.) — S 4 S, Rudi WilliamsAUTHOIIIIED UNOFFICIAL PUBLICATION FOB THE Ul AHMED FOBCEtVol. 40. No. 20Thursday, May ?, 1981'* °°'" M Su"*"IF 21855 AFrom press dispatchesWALKERSVILLE, Md. — An AirForce plane blew up Wednesday overwestern Maryland and plummeted like a"fireball" into a field, killing all 21 per-sons aboard, state police said.Witnesses said wreckage and debriswere strewn over at least two square milesof farmland about 45 miles west of Balti-more. The fuselage fell in one flamingmass about 200 yards from a row of homesand adjacent to a railroad track."There are no survivors." said CplRobert Hillncr, a spokesman for the statepolice in nearby Frederick. "That's all Ican tell you now."Military and civilian officials said radioand radar contact was lost with the planewhen it was at about 28,000 feet.Frank Harris, an insurance salesmanfrom nearby Emmcltsburg, said he wasdriving down a road when he heard aboutthree loud "booms" overhead.'I... saw a fireball'"It shook the car, and I pulled off theroad," he said. "I looked up and saw afireball come down in the field."Residents who w!:ncsscd the crash justnorth' of this western Maryland commu-nity also described the $50 million EC-135plane as a "ball of fire" before it struckthe ground."There were bodies all over the place,"said state police Lt. Grovcr Sensabaugh."It apparently blew up in the air," saidA.E. Applcby, police communications offi-cer at the Frederick state police barracks.The Pentagon said the aircraft wasbased at Wright Patterson AFB in Day-ton, Ohio, where il was assigned to the4950th Test Wing.The Air Force said the plane was carry-ing sophisticated radar equipment, unclas-sified documents and equipment used totrack missiles and satellites. It was on alest flight and left the base early Wednes-day morning.Gathering documentsState police arrived and quickly begangathering papers and other documentsthat spilled from the aircraft.Sgt. Gene Norton, a spokesman at An-drews AFB, said there were no classifieddocuments on board.The Pentagon said the plane is a mili-tary version of the Boeing 707 jetliner.Tlicre were no injuries to persons on theground, state police said.The area in central Frederick Countywas sealed off by state police, and militaryofficials from nearby Fort Dctrick weresent to the scene.Local radio stations were asked. 10broadcast state police requests that resi-dents who found documents from the air-craft turn them in to local authorities, ac-cording to Jane English of W/YQ-I M inFrederick."Il was just terrible. If anyone survivedil would be a miracle," said Helen drecn.on whose farm the plane crashed"I heard a rcur and then, when ncrushed, the windows sluxtk." added -\r-abelle Boone, who lives .UT-.^S the ro idfrom the site.Authorities made a '.liouldcr-lo-shoul-dcr sweep of the Meld where the wreckagefell, marking with stakes the sites wherethey found bodies or parts of bodies.Newspaper photographers at the scenereported that their film was confiscated bvauthorities.The aircraft crashed shortly before I Ia.m. about a mile from the center of thiscommunity of K.OOO, according to WilliamAdams, a dispatcher at the lire depart-ment.Britain sendsmore troopsto N. IrelandBl-LI AST. Northern Ireland I MMBritain announced il was sending troop re-inforcements to Northern Ireland Wednes-day as the province braced Tor Ircsli vio-lence following the death oi IrishRepublican Army hunger striker HobtnSands. (Related stories, PURC 13.)A Defense Ministry announi.cM.em inLondon said 600 men from the army's Tire-force "Spearhead" Battalion, the Ro\.ilRegiment of Wales, were expected in arrivein the province Thursday morning whenthousands of Roman Catholics were due totake part in Sands' funeral.The troops are the first reinforcementsent to this strife-torn British prminee inmore than two years. The British arm> has11,100 men in the province.The Defense Ministry said army com-mander Gen. Sir Richard Law son hadasked for reinforcements.Harlier. convicted Irish nationalist guer-rillas in the Ma/e Prison vowed that hungerstrikes would continue until Britain yieldedto Sands' demands — which amount to po-litical prisoner status for jailed guerrillas.The pledge came in a statement from the440 Irish nationalist guerrillas in the prison.12 miles from here, as a steady stream nlmourners filed past Sands' coffin in hisfamily's home in Belfast's Twinbrook dis-trict.Apart from sporadic stone throwing InRoman Catholic youths, Bellas! was b\ ear-ly afternoon at its quietest MIKC Sands. .:gunman of the outlawed IR \ and receruKelected member ul British Ktrii.imcm. diedin the Ma/e earls lucsd.iv on the f<tli d,t\Yanks abroad: You DO need fo know fhe languageNEW YORK (AP) — A fc* yearsago. General Motors' foreign sales exec-utives were scratching the heads overwhy the Chevrolet Nova was selling sobadly in Latin America. Finally, some-body found the reason — Nova, whenspoken as two words in Spanish, means"11 doesn't go."The story, told by Adclphi l.'nivcrsityInternational Hducalion Department di-rector Joseph Luric and confirmed byGM. had a happy ending: GM changedihc car's name to "Canbe." and LatinAmerican sales picked up immediatelyLuric says American blunders involv-ing foreign languages occur all too oftenand are taking a heavy loll in diplomaticrelations and in foreign business dealsIn an IH-pagc study called "America,globally blind, deaf and mute." ninthLuric recently released, he cues ihcscexamples of linguistic slips:— An ad reading "Come alive vvnhPepsi" came out in German in Reader'sDigest as "Come alive out of Ihc grave."— An ad reading "Body by Fisher."describing a General Motors pnxlucl.came out "Corpse b) fisher" in llem-ish.— When former President JimnnCarter visited Poland, his wish to "le.trnvour opinions and understand vmir de-sires for the future" came out .1* "I de-sire Coles carn.illvl.une cites ihese as exanipl."dangerous" decline over theyears in Americans' knowledgecign languages."Since their individual peaks tcollege enrollments in I rench I-timed 37 pcrccm. ( I"1and Russian .1? percent.' he •I'J.MI. he s.nd. levver than 2 pell( itnlintifj tin hiit A fJCt'1pastol I'.I'Ki.H.; (U-perv...ul