Thursday, October 29, 1970

European Stars And Stripes

Location: Darmstadt, Hesse

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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - October 29, 1970, Darmstadt, Hesse ware*to Gen. of False Silver Star, DFCSAIGON UNOFflCIAL PUM.ICATION FOt THE US. ARMED FORCESVol. 29, No. 194Thwsdoy, October 29, 19705« doily, 10< SundayIF 21855 ANot Necessary Russians SayTalk on Generals RejectedDOGFACE—No slur on your appearance.Spec. 4 Dennis Darby, but you have justdowned 11 hot dogs in 15 minutes, whichmakes the old term for a soldier seem likea natural. In the contest at Gralenwoehr,you were top dog among five finalists. Ad-ding to your glory was your admission thatyou'd eaten three sandwiches for lunch Justbefore competing in the event sponsored byAFN-N'uernberg and Southern GermanyArea Exchanges. Prize: 6 feet of sausages.Second prize: sodium bicarb and a hot-dogmeal, lime to cram for skinning the com-petition in next year's contest. —S4S, PilgerPact Rights Denied,U.S. Statement HintsMOSCOW (UPD—The U.S. Embassy announced Wednes-day the Soviets had turned down its request for a secondmeeting between U.S. envoys and the Army officers held inArmenia. The embassy recalled the envoys to Moscow butsaid it would press for a second meeting.(In the area's latest plane incident, two men asked Tur-key for asylum after hijacking a plane from Russia to aTurkish Black Sea port. Story on Page 27,)The embassy statement indicated U.S. officials considerthe Soviets to be denying rights due under the consular con-vention—although it did not say so in so many words—stat-ins that "the consular convention calls for continuing ac-cess."The statement said:"The embassy has instructed its two consuls 10 return toMoscow from Yerevan and they are expected later today."Thev will not be available for comment. We asked forfCoal. on Pay? C»l :!Green Beret Or*Freed of ChargesHe Killed FamilyBRACC. N C. ers last February.• Maj. (Jen Edward M. Flana-gan, commander of the John F.j Kennedy Center for Military As-i si&Umce, ruled there was insuf-I ficient evidence to justify theI1 h r e e counts of premeditated: murder asainst the 27-year-oldgreen beret physician.) "It has been a long, arduous, nine months and it's finally over— or at least officially," saidMacDonald in a United PressInternational report which saidhe was asking for an immediatedischarge.Flanagan, who i.s MacDonald'scommanding general, based hisruling on a 2,000-word report ofa lengthy, secret hearing by Col.Warren V. Rock of Ft. Bragg.The Army had charged thatMacDonald stabbed and beat to'death his wife, Colette. 26, andi his daughters Kimberly, 8, andKristin Jean, 2, and then stabbedhimself as a coverup.| MacDonald said the killings| were done by a hippie-like bandof three young men and a girl' who intruded in his apartmentthere is no possibility of furthercharges against MacDonald."MacDonald has returned tohis duties as a specialist in pre-ventive medicine for the SpecialForcesOne of MacDonald's civilianlawyers, Dennis Eisman of Phil-adelphia, said Hock'S report toFlanagan said it cited severalfactors in MacDonald's favor.Among them, he said, werethe prosecution's inability toidentify certain fingerprints atthe scene of the crime, its in-ability to identify strands ofhair in and near the hand of Mrs.•'Con? OH Pf/</r .'< Col. ? i»i occasional ram. gu»ty «ur-face\d« Little change Friday. Franklurt Heidelberg rngn SJ, low 4JL Temper »•j lure* recordedam5*54•tt525075 Adao a.M Axhent,50 Berlin, r'•3$ Bru»»el», r** Cot» nh'gn, p<C£ pm47 55 Frankfurt, cl56 54 Condon, r»0 70 Madrid, t35 55 Munich a41) 61 Pan*, c47 64 Rome, cp partly cloudy f •