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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - December 16, 1924, Winnipeg, Manitoba TEMPERATURE, WINNIPEG (Free Press Thermometer Readings) 7.30 p.m., Deo. 10.30 p.m., Deo. 12.30 a.m., Dec. 16. 2.30 a.m., Dec. 16. For full weather report of Meteor- ological office see page one. FORECAST: Fair Smouldering Opposition to jjovietism Coming to Head Moon- rises. 21.49; sels. 11.44. WINNIPEG; TUESDAY, DECEMBER IG, 1924 Price 5c per Copy; Edition: with Comic. I Oc. 26 PAGES A SEA OF CLOUDS, PHOTOGRAPHED BY ROYAL CANADIAN AIR FORCE When Trot3ky jmished Thought Mere Pre- lude to Further Serious Trouble, Even to Overthrow of Regime-Army Loyal Trotsky aad Bitterly Op- posed to Successor. By T. R. YBARRA 3-flin, Dec. banisli- from Moscow to the Crimea, as of his fall from V grace with soviet dignitaries, bids Vhr'n" to a head the iintl- opposition, which has been me throughout .Russia, ac- to reports reaching here, des- Methodists in Britain May Defeat Church Union Plan (Canndlun Press Cable.) London, Deo. union is a live question among: the Ihreo branches of the Methodist church in this "Wes- leyans. Primitive Methodists and United a vote on the question oC union Is now being- taken. It has been agreed that If the opposition to the proposed, union, secures 25 per cent of the total vote, the union will not take Place. It is regarded as possible1 that the opposition vote may reach 30 per cent and that the scheme of union cannot be car- ried out at the present time. among- the unemployed rapidly increasing op- "among- tfco communisr.s Trotsky is one of the p'enwats in tli-j last named S'ca'of the opposition. The bloody 'n Moscow, when he was to the Crimea recently, may Si be i prelude to further serious evea to the overthrow of the to the "an tricMins through from Russia frMty-Seven Communists Killed OH trouble centre is Nijni Xov- where rebel bands under the I Tcherny. have been! much worry to the_ Musco- Tchemy's followers.' 'r-i-ftg peasants and unemployed! rrtik controlled the region for seizing the povernment ware- toes sad distributing- food to pwpie. They killed twenty- BETTER Larkin Says at Dinner to Amery Kesponsibility of Nationhood Accepted Colonial Secretary Announces Removal of High Commis- sioners' Grievances (Canadian Press Cable.} London, Dec. colonial secretary holds an office which can- not be conducted successfully by the jro'coramunists in three months ancient rules and precedents" Hon udo-erenot put down until several [P. C. Larkin, Canadian high c'ommts- EtSt refimcnts were sent ngamst sloner in London, declared at a din- younger Communists. soviet of the ne-irhborhood, ijn, Including: one from Moscow. "f. !3 now reported that. Tcherny shot, together with the other but the fact, that among- the 'aim of Xijni Novgorod rebellion t-; ncaisrous younger Communists. Midb? two pre; councils 13 the extent of the antl- Bscw defection now seething- in Tho aforesaid local .soviet kept the rebels acquainted i'S fts plans of the Moscow gov- including- those of the tafed fheka. Army Loyal to Trotsky Atf'.her trouble centre is Perm. eleven communists, imprisoned firicii-uovercment utterances, went. strike recency and were bv other prisoners belonging and Social revolu- fsir? factions, some of whom were Mskyito. tat from Russia i; that Trotsky'.tes violent measures now .___ to. tlsir chief has been banished. ISst-mr is loyal to h'm and bitterly f AT T TfJ A'RMQ who lias been ap- 1U AJilllO iii Trotsky'r; place as isog claiming Hint ssra situation presasroa persons IK-several nrrivhuri n n i B rsternay from Russia via i MSSian 'oO'OIlieS 111 'Look ou! for bis; happenings i i Japan ner given here tonig-ht by the Cana- dian club to Lt.-Col. L. C. Amery. colonial secretary, the Canadian high commissioner "The status of the dominions has changed greatly in the last tea llr. Larkin. continued. "The dominions have accepted the re- sponsibility of nationhood. They v.-ill, I know, be accorded by you (addressing Colonel Amery) the con- sideration due to nations. Aware as we are of your vision to see im- pediments and your courag-e to re- move them, we look confidently to even a better understanding- "than that of the present time." Puts End to Anomalies Col. in responding- to the toast in his honor, announced that Winston Churchill, the chancellor of of Dominions in e Threatens Crisis A remarkable picture taken during a fright north of Winnipeg. It illustrates some ot the marvellous sights which only airmen see Here clouds stretch away to the horizon, a level, unbroken surface.. As Flying Officer Cairns remarked: "You could almost step right on tlrem th'ev look so solid However, when you are in them, it is fairly patchy, and glimpses of the land below can be this picture shows These clouds were met with at less than feet, and prevented ail photography work for the day, because in order to take pictures a height of about 5 000 is ra quired as well as a fairly clear sky. Manitoba Flight Ranks With Exploits of Men Who Flew Around World [Special Bespatcli to the Free Press by Staff Correspondent.) Ottawa, Dec. the tepees on he shores of Reindeer lake the In- dians still talk in subdued tones of he white men who on one day last luly came flying from the south and vho, after keeping- the population in i state of amazed stupefaction for -nany days, left as they had come. Reindeer lake, if you have not a map of Canada handy, is -slightly than Lake Winnipeg. It the exchequer, had agreed to put an straddles the end to those anomalies which hither- stale to existed between the position ac- {Continued on page five.) BY GRAND DUKE CYRIL 3IU Light Keepers Are n, i r I rec From Lake Russian colonies m r Manchuria have been arou _ Ont' (Special Cable to the Free Tekio, Dec. recent weeks >an and sed by the circulation of a call to arms bv Grand ltcl'-} _. Duke Cyril, F. j anti-Soviet activities by Russian I Peasants, and by a rumor that Is organizing to covered let- from stern to i The weather last week was rough, but she succeeded in il! the light-keepers for Invade Siberia, simultaneously with uprisings in Russia. Last week Gen. Semenoff, White leader, announced the organization of a big company to trade In Mongolia with Russian, Chinese and Japanese capital. Insiders state that the an- nounced object Is a camouflage to permit the shipment of arms from Japan to Mongolia for use against the Soviets. friction between President SocretaiT of Navy AVil- '611 fudset board has tluc for 391.40 from the society of Winnl- city council refers street car sen-ice to SEEM TO PUT MJZZIE ON U.S. NAVAL OFFICERS grades of the sale at coal r coal on the Bather ls general tne Page -agents take over peni- Atlanta, Ga.. following 1. Dr- tiweet, of Brandon college, personality at Taber- 6. Merinjr opposition to Sovlet- t head, following ban- s' 1. Action sale of Pulpwood ,Snltoh_a- wiu be held 1 case of J "YT to p'OS't: says thc Child the Magma Charta of School of Art shows Tease in student en- Secret Probe Into Leakage of In- formation Being Held (Special Despatch to the Free Washington, D.C., Dec. se- cret investigation by high naval offi- cials to identify, punish and "muzzle" the naval officers who have revealed the poor condition of the navy was in progress at the naval war college tonight, on the. eve of the congres- sional inquiry into the navy's decline. The secret probe is said to be in- tended to locate the naval officer who said, in a speech at the college, that "Uie navy was sunk" at the Washing- ton arms conference, and the old admiral who arose and exclaimed, "Who was the traitor that did It is also said to be intended to put a stop to the constant flow of infor- mation that has been coming into Washington 'recently of the navy's condition from officers and teachers at the famous college, which provides the highest naval training In the country. wan -boundary, part in. one province and part in the other. It is, rough- ly speaking, a? far north as Fcrt Churchill, or, in other words, about six or seven hundred miles north- west of Winnipeg. The nearest rail- way connection is The Pas, about two hundred rniles distant. It was in this scarcely explored territory of the two provinces that the Royal Canadian Air Foree car- ried out, last summer, a flight which in point of daring ami achievement Is fit to be ranked with the. exploits of the airmen who flew aronnd the world. This was purely a business proposition, undertaken to obtain photographs of a country about which there was very little reliable information In the possesion of the government. Headed by Major' Hobbs The flight occupied 25 days and the flying time was 4-1 hours and 10 minutes. The distance flown was i aa far as from! Quebec to Prince snare miles of territory were graphed, or an area one half aa. large. In- extent as Scotland.; All thiS'Was' accomplished in one Vickers Viking-, amphibian with an Eagle 9 Rolls Royce engine. The expedition was. headed by Major. B. D. p.S.O... of the Victoria Beach air station, an of- ficer who, after distinguishing; self overseas as a member of the Royal Kaval Air Scrvice...ls continu- ing his career with the Royal Cana- dian Air force. With 'him were R Davidson, the Topographical Sur- veys department. Flying, Officer Cairns and Corporal Milne. The object ot the flight was to photograph, a country which had (Continued on Page Seven) mssm MANY NEW YORK BY Cold Spell Results in Heavy Pro- perty Loss <Assoclafea Vrcss New York, Dec. Ninety-six fires broke out in New York during the cold spell which has enveloped the city since yesterday. Hundreds of persons have become homeless, most them in a series of blazes that burst forth during last night's bitter weather. The property loss is estimated at well over 000. The most costly blaze caused 5100.- 000 loss to the Boi-den Milk depot )n Brooklyn and sen 600 people from their beds into the streets at 5 a. today. Bungalow colonists at Rockaway Beach were victims in two night flres which drove 500 persons out into the cold and swept away worth of cottages. A third lire .made 500 more people homeless in Brooklyn and destroyed property valued at Microbe Killer 'Specialists Urge War on Cross Puzzle Bug U.S. Will Let Russian Protest go Unheeded (Special United Js'eivs Despatch to Free Tress bv free I'rcss 1'rivtitc Wire.) Washington, Dec. United States will let go unheeded the pro- test of the Russian Soviet govern- ment against the entry of a United States government ship into Russian waters, which, it Is alleged, posted on Tchukotsk peninsula, op- posite Alaska, Russian territory, which has offended Russian officials. 1534 w.is 1K3' value to u-s- sulimltted to arbi- eoverument f China precipitate executes deposed JU, -iK n V abollsn Federal Agents Take Over Atlanta Penitentiary Following Graft Probe "ld Vancouv, Pa5e 11. win pro. puzzle Xo. 0 (Special United News Despatch to Free I'rcss by Free Tress Private Wire.) Atianta, Ga., Dec- of justice agents have taken over ;he administration Atlanta fed- eral penitentiary today, following an extended Investigation of alleged Si-aft, favoritism and dope-peddling, Involving both officials and- prison- ers. T. B. White, one-time Texas ranger and a special investigator of (he justice department, was installed us acting-warden by Attorney- General Stone, replacing E. A. Sar- taln, who resigned under pressure of. the sweeping probe as it ap- proached a climax. Other high officials and employees of lesser rank, some alleged to have figured in the collection of huge sums from rich prisoners for special privileges, recommendations for par- ole and other immunities, are said to be slated for immediate removal. An exhaustive probe of conditions in the federal prison has been under way for more than a year, ever cup since the sensational escape of Ger- York mall bandit." Chapman, with two other convicts, dug his way out of the prison. He was captured several days later af- ter a flght in which he was wounded, escaping again -from a hospital at Athens, Ga. He is stLl at large and numerous daring noia- ups, featured by deadly gun play, have been credited to the fugitive. Subsequently a series sensa- tional charges were aired In federal courts here and several employees were accused of aiding prisoners to escape It was also charged by.gov- ernment investigators that employ- ees of. the prison had peddled, druga nynnno- t.he convicts and that bribes some cases among the convicts a had been accepted in tor special privileges from prisoners. As a result of this investigation, several guards were suspended. While federal operatives have re- fused to disclose details of the in- vestigation, the name of George Remus, Ohio "bootleg king under sentence for illegal dealing in llguor was prominently mentioned (Ansociated Tress New York, N.Y., Dec. "Down with the cross word puzzle was the battle cry at the national con- vention the Insecticide and Disin- fectant Manufacturers' association, today.. The organization passed a. resolution denouncing the "microbe" as a "menace to the national peace of mind." This action followed an address by Dr. J. 1C. Haywood, of the United States department of agriculture. He urged the chemists present to com- bat "the most pernicious germ -which has recently appeared in this coun.-. try, namely, the cross word puzzle bug, which threatens the peace oC mind of the entire nation." SAMUEL P. CLARK, of the firm of Clark. and Martin, grain dealers and brokers. Winnipeg-, who succumbed yesterday after a prolonged illness. Was One of Founders of Win- nipeg Grain-Exchange and Prominent Broker Probe 'Police Complicity in "Butchers" Activities (Associated Press Cubic.) Hanover, Germany, Dec. police authorities announced today that an exhaustive investigation was under way by the .department to'de- termine whether the charges of poiice complicity in activit- ies of Fritz Haarmann, on trial-here for wholesale murder, were Justified. Denial that ever was in the service of police headquarters or bore relation to. it, or that he was usd as a political agent and as such given police credentials, was made today. THRIE CHARGED WITH MURDER AT SORE, QUE. Follows Inquest Into Death, of Butcher as Result of Hold-up (Canndinn Tress Despatch.) Montreal, Dec. verdict hold- Ing'Henri Messier, Hermenegilde Du- fault and David Hyette, criminally responsible for the death of Emilo Pelletier, butcher, of Sorel, who died on Sunday .morning at the Hotel Dieu hospital from, a fracture of the .skull, following an attack during which h.e was robbed of beaten i road near Sorel on the night of Nov. 22, was returned late today by a jury under Coroner McMahon. The Inquest was.- followed.by -the issuance of the necessary warrants by the coroner, charging the three men with murder.: The men are al- ready in the hands of the provincial police and, Chief Dan Lorraln served the warrants at once. Messier and Dutault gave testi- mony at. the inquest today and ad- mitted that they had attacked Pel- letier. Both incriminated Myette In their evidence. Congress Pays Honor to Memory of Woodrow 'Wilson (Associated Press Washington, Dec. United States congress paused .In its activit- ies today to honor the memory former. President. Woodrow Wilson. Members of the senate and the house ;athered with President Coolidge and his. cabinet and Invited guests in the chamber of the house and heard Dr. Edwin Alderman, president the University .of yirginia, President Wilson's alma mater, deliver an ad- drss'outlining the life and achieve- ments of the war-time president. WEATHER KBPORT The following Is tho weather report ssued from the Winnipeg Meteorological oCflee at- 7 p.m. temperature. maximum for the.. preceding 12 hours. minimum, barometer. 30.30: north wind at 22 miles .per hour, .08 precipitation: overcast. weather Is extremely cold over the. greater part of the west and light snow- has fallen apraln today in some sections. Ml. Ma Ml. Ma. Vlcloria 38 .P. Sound 6 Calgary -24 London ___11 Edmonton ..-----30 Toronto 16 Battleford ..-30 -24 Kingston 0 P. Albert ....-20 Ottawa _......-02 Med. Hat ..-2.6 -38 Montreal ....-02 M. Jaw......-16-16 Quebec ____-C6 Easkatoon _-29 -24 St John __02 Keslna ___.-25 -IS Halifax 14 P. Arthur ..-10.-14 Forecasts: Manitoba. Saskatchewan and arid extremely colder.'1 take to strons northeast to- aid "million dollar New in thevjinofficial reports. n-inds.. enow falls or cold weather. stly. cloudy Tvitn -local flurries, followed by very Herriot's Condition Satisfactory Paris, Dec. condition of Premier Herriot, who- has been, ill for the past week, is satisfactory, ac- cording to a bulletin issued by the physicians this eveniae. NODZIE IF YOU C.AKT KdSKOOT Helped Establish Elevator System of Western Canada 66 Years Old .One of the founders and charter members" of the Winnipeg-. Grain' ex- change, S. P.. .Clark, ..of C.lark...and Martin, grain, stock and bond-brokers, died at: his residence. 46 Os-borne street, last night .after, a lengthy-'Ill-- ness. No man .was better-known-in the grain-trade than Mr. Clark, as he had 'been associated; with it in its various phases since he came to Win.- nlpeg iiv the early eighties. He. was first of all prominently associated with the elevator end o_f the. business, and did much to lay.the foundations of the present huge elevator system of western Canada. Latterly he was more, particularly identified with tho future." aspect: of the trade, ana -his firm had. the reputation of having one of the biggest private wire sys- tems on the continent, if not In'the world. Mr. Clark was G6-Years of ag-e. and was born in Kingston, Ont, wiiere he received his early He was engaged In the railway contract business in the Dakotas for several years. On coming to W'innipeg, he threw in-his lot with the grain busi- ness, Manitoba at that time having begun to develop in the direction of becoming the "granary of the world." He took an active part in the or- (Continued on page five.) Trapper Succumbs to Shot Wound in Throat Auto Hurled to Edge of Pit in Collision, Hovers There (Canadian Tress Despatch.) Montreal, Dec. 15. An unusual iccidrat occurred today when a laxt cab was struck by a heavy truck and hurled from'the street to the edge of the excavation, which is being- for the new Gazette nuildingv.at.the corner of St. Antoine and Cathedral- streets. Tile cab hunjr suspended over the edge-and stuck, them. Had it moved, an. inch or so farther, it would have crashed to the bot- tom, with: probably fatal: results for the driver, despite his car's bullet-like jump, retained his position behind: the wheel without injury.. .Protest Over Registration of Anglo-Irish Treaty Likely to Bring Forcing Dominions to Choose Between Adherence to Empire and Com- plete Participation in League. tr SNAP Glllfi 1ST Extremes Reported From Ed monton District With Some Relief About Calgary Montana Records 84 Degrees Drop of General Over Canada The extremely cold snap: has not abated in Manitoba, Saskatchewan uor though the. wind accom- panlng: the blizzard in Alberta has dropped. Rail and street car service is being- resumed in. monton. 'Normal wire service west .of lalgary will not be resumed, for 24 hours at even If the lull in the- ifrU wlndg continues. The schoois.of: algary were half empty, yesterday and with the thermometer In the neighborhood of SO below at, 9 o'clock last evening many serious, cases of frost- bites were taken to. the .hospitals. Edmonton, was still in. the grip of the cold -snap -vylth. the thermometer: 31 below last night. The wind, has dropped considerably., and: the railway companies are strufr- rling. to resume normal traffic. The owest temperature: was recorded, at 3 a.m. yesterday, when-.the. reading- was 35 below. W.lnnipes escaped the rigors of' winter, wind' was bringing: the; thermometer (Continued, on page..12.) Alleged to Have Held up and Killed Niagara Falls: Man (Canadian: Press Niagara Falls, Ont... bee. iam ali- s Wilson, David Goodwin and Ar- hur-Perry were charged, in. Niagara 'alls, N.Y., police court today, with aving. held .up and murdered How- rd R. Huff, paymaster of. the Na- lonai Carbon company, last Thurs- ay afternoon. Formal pleas of not guilty were ntered and the- men waived examin- tion through- their attorneys, anc ?ere held for the action of the graiic ury, which will convene the first eek in January at .Lockport, (Special United News Cable to ETee Tress by Free Prcus Private- Wire.) Geneva, Dec. showdown on the relations of the League of Na- tions.with the dominions of'the Brit- ish Empire, which may eventually force the dominions to choose be- tween adherence to the Empire, and complete participation in the League of Nations, now seems probable. Austen Chamberlain. British foreign secretary, jarred: Geneva from the peaceful contemplation, of a pleasant early: winter day with a .note in which, he denied-the League's authority to accept for registration :any. treaties or documents entered into by Great Britain and anv-sernl- self-governlnu part the British Empire. Chamberlain's note had-to do-specifically with the Anglo-Irish Free State treaty, consumatedi in. 1921. and: filed for reiristration. with the League ,of Nations this year It is the treaty whereby the Free State; obtained independence within the Empire. Registration Not Recognized This document already has been registered, but Chambetlain has in- formed Geneva that Great Britain does not recognize the registration and refuses tOTadmit the: Free. State's-: rig-fat the tieatj for legis- tration. The situation .may be pregnant with: a crisis more serious than, any the League has yet faced. It affects the entire status of the British dom- inions as pfcthe Leajrue. Should either the .League or. any. dominion force a. showdown the ultimate outcome might be. the necessity ot the dominions decidinsr whether they, would remain within the Empire or withdraw from it to obtain, complete privileges'at Gehfiya. With Chamberlain's earlier note to ihe- League, which he said Great: Britain could not recognize the League's interference in- Egyptian iffairs, even if Egypt did sign, the "ue's disarmament and: :he repudiation of the registration at .ho Irish trea-ty. League members see a plain statement of the determined Nationalist policy which isj to be fol- owed by the .Conservative govern- ment in London. This determination, in to. tighten the Empire's bonds is accept- d as-.-the inevitable icsult Oio movement begun by the dominions after the war to achieve some sort ot international. individuality The dominions insisted on signing the ?eace treaties. separately and entered the League indlviduallv More re- cently Canada protested-- against Britain signing the Lausanne treaty with. Turkey on. behalf: of'the dohv- nions. To Check Tendency Britain is. determined to-check this tendency of independence in foreign, it is stated here1, and to I I MHERWERSON (Canadian Press Despatch.) Port Arthur, Ont., Dec... Henry, trapper, aged 46-years, died in.-hospital last night from an infect- ed gunshot wound in his foot occa- sioned while on a trap line in the Jellicoe district east of Port Arthur and five miles fronv medical attention.' Henry is said to have, crawled a dis.; tance of three miles after tho acci- dent happened. Unable to draff him- self further, he'fashioned a pair of crutches from the limbs ot a tree arid in this manner hobbled into Hprne- payne where he was given medical aid. The accident accurred last -Tues- day and It was not until Wednesday morning that he received treatment any kind. Church at Murillo Destroyed Fort William, Ont.. Dec. caused by. an overheated stove de- stroyed one of the old landmarks of the district on, Sunday morning, when St. James' Anglican church, at Murillo, was. totally destroyed. The church; was- built in 1894 anfl with few alterations has served the'Muril- congregation ever since. Says He Did Not Stab Father With Saber; Affair Was Accident A ssociateil Tress Chicago, Dec. 15.. Mrs. Bruce A. widow of the wealthy Oak Park manufacturer, who yesterday was stabbed: fatally by their son, George, a shell-shocked war veteran, came to the son's defence today af- ter he had been formally charged with, murder. "He didn't stab -.his she said.. "George, was drinking and they were trying to take, the sabre from him. It just happened that my husband fell. on the point." The stabbing occurred in thc Shaw home after George, his sister, Mrs. Marie Ayers, and a young woman, who gave her name as Hazel Brady, of Bloominfjtoiij. Ills., had returned from a cabaret party. They continu- ed their merrymaking- at home and the elder Shaw" attempted to ciuiet them. Mrs. Shaw came upon the scene .as her" husband was- drawing .the blade of the sabre. Chinese Dictator Executes Deposed Officials; Will Abolish Parliament eminent, which preceded the Conser- vatlve regime made no protest when (Continued oil paire 12.) Sacrificed Reward; Bobbed Locks Saratoga Springs, NV, Dec 15 .Of '22 young, women who, last Decem- ber, pledged their world not to bob their hair, only five remained with, unbobtaed locks today to claim tho. reward! offered by Dr. H. R, Mc- Carty, a local physician, who had, promised to give apiece to them., if they remained unshorn for 12 months. (Spcclnl Coble: to the Free dictatorship of Tuan Chi Jul, a Fu leader, is becom- i ing assertive, with a. "determination j on his part to suppress all opposition. The government has reached: a du cision to abolish parliament and: also the provisional and permanent, con- stitutions.: Pekin was astounded tonight by the news that-Li- Yen: Ching, treasurer .in former President Tsao Kun's house- hold, was shot without a trial at noon -while-' numerous- officials, -in- cluding the; chief of the-Pekin police, also .hav.e been executed; within, the .last few days. LI was imprisoned -the same time as Tsao Kun on, charges of having made millions through his office of director of the presidential 'appoint- ments, but execution was wholly unexplained. It Is but not confirmed, that Tsao died, in his: Dec; S. On that date the troops Gen. Feng YTI Hsiong, .Christian general, whose betrayal of his erstwhile-com- mander, Marsha] Wu Pel Fu, brought the latter's :eclipse as- a power. in China, left the palace, being replaced by police. lii Yenr.Ching was shot against. a. wall In the temple of agriculture, by. a firing squad of Gen. Feng- Yu Hsiang's soldiers, without a trial, and without the knowledge of TuQjn, ac- cording to a statement tonlg-ht by the garrison commander. It develops also that the wife of Li was robbed of on the promise of saving her. .husband. OCEAN STEAMSHIPS jVrrlTcd At irajestlo Now York Andnnla, Plymouth. DiviUe Liverpool (Dec. Ryndljk Halifax Rochoinbeau, Havre Montcalm St. Job: Wllnnd County h ___ St. Joha-------Bellasc; Str John Southampton New York. New York Antwerp Now Yonc ____7.......- Liverpool St. John Havre DanaS Head (From the Free Press. Files) Fifty Years Ago A meeting to take into considera- tion the question of getting a railway into Manitoba, was -held at the Pride, of the West billiard: parlors, with- Chief Justice Wood in the William L. Barry, veteran typo, pass- 1 cd away at the age of he set up the notice of the death of George Washington. Forty-five Years Ago It was rumored that Mr. Schreltaer would take charge of bridging the Red river at Selwyn, director of the Geological society re- pudiated the statement that a rail- way from Lake Winnipeg to. Hudson's bay waa Impracticable- f Forty Years- Ago Messrs. Killam, Richards, Brophy i and Vivian removed to their offices t in the new Mclntyre tion was about closed at Port Ar- with the public pumpa one at the corner of Hargrave and St. Mary's, and the other south ot Scott's vi furniture factory, was reported. Thirty-five Years Ago Among those present at the Mani- J< toba pioneers'- first reunion supper 1C I Leland hotel, Portifire la Prairie old- settlers from Winnipeg, tf Brandon, Oak Lake and let- ters of regret were received noted old-timers, including Lieut.- V :ov. Schultz. Judge. Dubuc, Justice Bain, Judge Ryan, Dr. John H. f O'Donnell, Stewart. Mulvey, Spence and Premier- Greenway. f Thirty Years Ago Chief Justice Gilflllan, of the Min- jX, nesota supreme, court, passed away. tS Lesseps, the great engin- ecr of the Panama canal, buried in the cemetery of Pore Lacnaise _i Mackenzie Bowell made Sir Frank -g' Smith and Sir Adoiphe Caron his chief advisers in his new .cabinet. Twenty-five Years Ago Dr D H. McCalman opened an of- flee with Dr. Mintgomerv In the Xanton list mertmg of the 1899 city council was held in tre city and Vic- torias arranged dates tor big matches in the senior liockey schedule at a meeting attended by W E Robin- ion and G. H. Merritt of the Vies, and X. J. Brecn and George Killam or the'Wi________ Twenty Years Ago A company oC capitalists sought permission to establish dial phones H Bertha. WiHon and m John J. "conklin were married at tho residence of Mr. and Mrs James D Rev A- c- Manson, DD, t I ,S f. Hav; Chicago, officiating.