Saturday, November 22, 1890

Winnipeg Free Press

Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - November 22, 1890, Winnipeg, Manitoba rvn. WINNIPEG, MANITOBA, SATURDAY, NOV. 22, 1890. NO. 119 85 BEST ADVERTISING. advertisement of any sort vetisworthFourTimes m the DAILY FREE PRESS and the EVENING FKEE PSES5 AND SUN, together, as ,n other Winnipeg daily 'rfvertising medium lew Inserted on tills page ol thirty age ol IBS and i Press and San (both edl- day, cr TAILORESSES. 827 Main St. _ GOOD GENERAL SERVANT S- Spinfc, 319 Jemima St. i; GOOD GENERAL SERVANT apply 78 Carlton Street. _ -.V GOOD GENERAL st- GIRL FOR KITCHEN tt art Apply Mrs- Jlurwood, cor. Garrj BYTKEDAYBY AN EX IV paiencedtlrresr-iakei-. Apply Box 24, Free .'BSOSK. __________________ VV mother's help. SCashjnUwk. NUI'-SE MAID OR References required. Applj TTtfTEC-AS EXl'EKimJCED STUDENT AT to requires a to Box 23, GOOD GENERAL SERVANT. .g. Apply Mrs. W. W. Watson, 3Bu TELEGRAMS. matter, purporting to be telegrams, pub- lished in this paper, is what it pretends to re-hashed clippings from exchanges or concoctions. least seventy- five per cent of the matter, purporting to be telegrams, published by any othei paper in Manitoba, consists of re- hashed and re-dated clippings, 24 to 72. hours old, from this paper and other exchanges, and concoctions. very LATEST WORLD'S NEWS is always to be found in this paper and no other in Manitoba. Such news is available to no other paper in Winnipeg. AFTER OUR INDIANS. EXTENDING THE MESSIAH CRAZE TO THE NORTHWEST. Sitting Bull Sending His Emissaries Over the Canadian Wants to Fight In the Spring Near the Black Hills. WASHIXGTOS, Nov. 21.-The following patches bearing on the Indian situation have been received at the war department OTTAWA NEWS. A Manitoba Favmer Would Visit Hon. Mr. Dcwdnejr Hetunis-34 O'clock OTTAWA, Mr. Pughe of Boieeevain is hare. He interviewed Hon. Mr. Carling to-day and is anxious; to make a tour of Wales with Farmer delegate Edwards. Additional lands have been reserved in the Territories to give accen to watering placet forcattle. Tbe exports for October show a decrease oi S2 but an increase of half a million for .t_ _ _ .Indiansmuch excited and large numbers are commfr over from Rosebud agency, 60 miles distant. The Ghost dance still continues. MILKS, General Commanding. BISHOP KING'S CASE. INTERESTING DECISION BY ARCH- BISHOP OF CANTERBURY. The Bishop of Lincoln Receives the Churches' Haling on His four in for four month! chow CHICAOO, Nov. agent, Washington Information has been received that tlM Yanklons PROPERTIES FOR SAXiE. rRH LANDS, IMPROVED AND VACANT. Also City Property for sate and rent. Apply to Aikina Montgomery, over Imperial Bait, Main St., Winnipeg. __________ -I7IOR BRICK HOUSES ON JEMIJIA r street. Very cheap and on easy terms. Apply toG. ll MuttlebSy, McDermott streets. Winnipeg. ______________ T30B8ALE-AVEBY DESIRABLE BE8IDBNOB P on tbe east ride of Kennedy street, andllwo lots having a frontage oJ 100 leek O. A. MutOebury, oor. Main and MoDennott street-. SECTION OF LANT FOR SALE. SUITABLE for mixed farming, good district, station con- venient, plenty hav, water and wood, M .P" "J018- Apply to W. B. Gutatt, corner Main St. and Portage avenue. TrOTEB- GOOD BOY TO LOOK AFTER A ami deliver parcels. Apply to Geo. Cle- f.iW. 144 Main Street. WASTED- A YOUNG GIB L TO LOOK AFTER thMren ami do light house work. >o wash- CTORSALE.A COMFORTABLE 7 BOOMED DE- tached frame house, witn lot, within two blocks om post office, price For further partion- rs apply to Mr. G. R. Howard, Barrister, etc., Me- tyre Block, 416 Main street_______ Apply WASTED-A FIRST-CLASS STARCHBR AND djirtironer. Apply to Mrs. Morris, F. P. T. WASTED IMMEDIATELY GENERAL SER- references required. Apply to Mrs. ON EASY TERMS, A WARM WELL built 7 roomed cetacbed frame house, summer tchen, good out buildings, soft water cistern, and ivo Jots, north C. P. R. between Main street and ,-er Price buii isga worth the mon Apply to P. O. Box 293. ___________ KicMi, 33 Edmonton St. TURES TO FRAME, ALSO 11 taraitnre to repair at moderate charges, by 3. street. -I7IOR SALE-71 FEET FBOKTAOB ON KDJO St with two frame dwenings also feet on the same street with one frame home. ,th properties are between Notre Dame and.Ho- to G. A. Muttlebury, Main Jermott "streets. AL _ and McDermott streets, (iriSTEB-TWO GOOD COAT MAKERS. ..fto Deo. ClemCLts, merchant tailor, Krstr Jteaind McDermott streets. Ttri TITiVTED A GENERAL SER- rf rant, must be good to children, references (wired, good wages. Apply, '209 bt. Mary St. WANTED-LOCAL AND TRAVELLING SALT'S- ff Position permaneut. Salary and ex- piiJ Brown Bros., nurseymen, To- snlo, Ont. T7IOR SALE-HEAR ROSSER STATION andSJNEJseclO, 3 and S J S W I sec 24, tp 12, rgelw. Near Elm reekstaflon K W 122, and S S W i 27, tp 8.- rge w- 24, tp 8, rge 6 w. ppiy to J. Rawden, Imperial (H Coy's office, Main reet, WinnipeR. I YOUXO IS A CRIPPLE JUST OUT A of the hospital) a situation of some tind, can read and ivrite well, reckoner. Ap- !lj Box K Frte Press Office. m II TED AT ON'. E YOUR FURS TO RE- ir. Old (nrs cleaned and altered fur coats, inode toorfler. All work tfuaranteed. J. u a Co., 0 W Main St. II'ANTED-A SMART YOUXG HAN FOR Vt cScE must be a shorthand Api !y in wn t andwriting, stating salary rf'p'rcd. P. 0. ?.9. A A IMPROVED FARM OF 160 ACRES S'21UU one n.ile from the village of Balmoral, 5 acis improved and in ahijfu atave of ouUivation, >rm all fenced, 20 or 25 arres of nice poplar bush. ood dwelling house, frame granar and driving shed ilJh stone foundation, sine two log cattle never tailing of pure water. For further articulars apply to William Frank, Real Estate ;ent, 490 Main St TTTATKR IN RE- VV auirinu water taken out of rellare, apply at to J. Smith box 414, P. O., cHy. WASTED-A FIRST-CLASS GENERAL SER- VV vatit. Cocxi wa-es steady employment home to the right i-erson; apply by 'i'.ta A. Leit.-h, Oak Lake. FEW GOOD MEM AT HOME OR lV :o travel, salary'or roii-misriion. Ho npsrienoe Write lor particulars. fc Ac mwSsarsiCo., iii Yonge St, Toronto. WiSTED-YUUNfi GIRL FOR LIGHT HOUSE work where tnere arc no children; must be tltau and tidy none other nee.l apply. Cai morning at 51U Ealrnural street. WANTED- PARTNER, SloEST OR ACTIVE not than .-S.OUO to capital, in business, object, to end, establish "ilOyeiK. ipplv, J. I. C.. rree Press Office. W. .UiTED-TWO FARM HANDS FOR WINTER (or a year) 3 boys lor farnis, -2 laundresses, 2 restaurants, 1 porter for hotel riter. Employment Agency, 5 trect. SiUiMES LOCAL OR TO TRAVEL lorlhe FonthiU Nurserk-s of Canada. Specia extra hardy Kus-ian iruitt. Terms libera totfi'. free. Stone Wellington, Nursery Toronto. SALARY OR COM .M mission commence work at once libera tg information on application over 25 iu Oi-noiia. Apply Chase Brother Coibornf, Ont. rcajaiiy, WASTED-A CLERK WHO HAS HAD SOW otlice riei hand quid .it iiust 1 '-jlrwOflims-mH'iK App ications must be confai Acldrou. 1'. 11. 1-.I-.3 if h i the names of refb 4 LNt; ENGLISH LAJT SEEKS A FOS eo.iiwtriion, or bousefceepe tiBrouLA Kr.L-lUh, nrithmetic, elemcatar pencil, mus'c ami singing. H .nd rcmured. Beta, Cnrsi FOR FARM, COOKS FO 515 to per hous AA IMPilOVED AND WILD LANDS UU 'or 33. per acre and upwards, on easy terms, rite for descriptive catalogue and price bat witb aps free. Osier, Hammond ft Nanton, Land Office, 1 Main St, Winuipeg. and OroMC Ventres on the Upper Missouri, near old Fort Belknap, have adopted the IlessUh orare, andfthe latter an quite ugly that Sitting BuU bas sent emissaries to these tribes and to 18 lodges at Sioux north ol the British line, inciting them to get arms and ammunition and join the other warriors near the Black Hills in the spring. Every eBort is being made to allay and restrain the turbulent, but tbe violent overt act ol any small party ol tht desper- ate ones may cause an uprising. The latest report from the northern Chryennes savs that they have abandoned the delusion. There should be no delay, however, it putting other troops tbaa those in these two departments in proper equipment lor tbe a decrease of The duty collected increased Hon. Mr. Dewdney returned from England to-day greatly benefited by the trip. He tbe McKinley bill has been a blessing in disguise to as the English people we turning more attention to Dominion affairs. Sandford Fleminrwas notified to-day by Lord Lansdowne that the 24 hour notation has been adopted on all the railways in India. The mileage of railways there is neventeen thousand. Dalton McCarthy; will not accept the presi- dency of the Equal Rights Association. During the ending Oct. 1st prerogative mercy has been exercised in 165 cases. isttc Conduct A Verdict. Compromise Reid. (Signed) MILES, llaj. -General Commanding. Nov. the Adjutant-General of the arniv: The number of Indians Koing from Boaebud agency to Pine Ridge agency is increasing. Adi iocs are reliable showing that this Messiah erase is extend- ing to our Indians near the mountain! ami those be- tween tbe Sioux Nation and tbe Canadian border. (Signed) Hu.cs, Maj..Gcneral Commanding. ST. PACL, Nor. Press Mandan, N. D., special correspondent ob- tains information from the Sioux agency from two absolutely reliable sourest, one via Hetinger county from the western part of the reservation and one from Standing Book via Bismarck aa follows The chancel are against an immediate uprising unless Sitting BuU makes up bis mind it would pay. Bitting Bull would be arrested and put 'n irons, but the agent fears this would precipitate tiouble. Agent McLaughlin has lost control of Bull and the other leaden. At Bull's camp the dance "of two hundred keeps, up day and night. All come by wire from Fort reports Yates that 1.1MUC MJ culored. There is nothing but a military wire and cennorehip is exercised on every message. My agents found it impossible to wire tbe facts they wanted to wire. The Indians with Sitting Bull do not welcome even friendly whites and won't" shake with them. They say all the white men will be turned into buffalo and catfish. In regard to the former report that the Indian police forms. had the thrown down their nni- facts are Agent McLaugblin WO FOSSKOA, KEAL ESTATE AND QEN- eral AKent, Issuer of Marriage lacens.s, _ Main St. Eetab- Most Do Jury Duties. Nov. 2t.--In the Court of Queen's Bench this .morning Dorion rendered judgment on a motion pre- sented yesterday to excuse from duty as jurors two commercial travellers who had gone on their trips and would have been discharged if they had not so. His Honor dismissed the motion observing that if it were necescary for a traveller to be away daring die sitting of the court it was the duty of his employer to pay the fine of which the law imposed. Fort Arthur Breakwater Completed. PORT ARTHUR, Nov. Port Arthur breakwater was completed last night. It is magnificent structure, one mile m length, enclosing nearly a square mile of harbor, and costs half a million, of which the town con- tributed and the Federal Government the remainder, and n a 'great boon to vetKli trading to this port. Not a single accident of any kind occurred during the seven years its construction to cante regret or loss. Three Toronto Fall. CREIMOBK, Nov. leaffold gave way beneath three Toronto bricklayers here-to- day, letting them 'fall twenty feat to the frozen KTonnd. Edward Irvine was instantly killed, Jos. Gaynor had his arm broken in two places and Wm. Eldridge's back was severely hurt. Nov. '.MS been de- livered by the Archbishop of Canterbury against Rev. Dr. Edward King, Bishop' of Lincoln, who charged with ritualistic regarding the jurisdiction of the ecclesiastical court and hia obligation to obey the rubrical directions of the prayer book. Judgment has been suspended by the arch- bishop iu regard to the rubrical irregularities of Bishop King. The mixture of water with the wine used in the act of con- secration is held by the archbishop to constitute a violation of the law of the church, while tbe use of mixed chalice pre- pared beforehand did not offend the ecclesias- tical law. The charee against the bishop re- garding ablution not being supported by the evidence submitted, was dismissed. The action of Bishop King in turning face te the east during Communion servicn, thus making his manual acto invisto, was decided by the archbishop to be illegal, as such must be visible to the congrega- tion. Tbe singing of the hymn Agnus Dei during the Communion was legal. The decision of tbe Archbishop of Canterbury which was rendered to-day, was delivered in a very imposing fashion, as was thought to befit so momentous a ruling. The Archbishop had given due notice of the readiness of the decis- ion, and the time and place of its announce- ment. Accordingly there were present in the library of Lambeth palace at the appointed time fully two thousand prominent persons, including many clergy drawn then: as much by curiosity as by duty. The decision seem- ed to be a popular one, with tbe distinguished- audience as its vari- ous were greeted with loud which did not altogether con- gruous with the sacred character of the place where they were beard. The archbishop's ruling is what might be toimed a compromise, and while it allows the anti ritualists to con- gratulate themselwM on a substantial victory, it also permits the Right Rev. Dr. King to continue a number of practices which lees "high church rectors consider scandalous." The result of the long litigation therefore is that ritualism gained a victory for a num- ber of practices which have never been con- sidered as having a proper footing in the Es- tablished Church. Aerated of totters Egan, employed in the postoffiee, hu been suspended by Post- master Wigle on ten. EpmdenJM susptoionof nttMeharge M" purloining let- and will tight nouses 10 Rent. 3hed 1862. gfflce No. 705 Main St. Eetab- -VTOTICE-ALL PERSONS INDEBTED TO THE late Wm. J. Fox are to communjcaie, Tobin, O. V. B. barber shop, ttat a settlement ol his estate may be made. PER DOZEN-CABINBT PHOTOS OF babv's. Ground fl wr gallery only studio in country ma.iDg life potos. nowshoe photos a speviahty. Mew scenery. Co S07 Mr.William streei west. sent them to arrest refractory Indians, and instead of obeying they threw off their clothes and joined in the dance. They retnrnei to the agency without the prisoners, and offered no excuses, -McLaugblin was afraid to poniah them. condoned tLeir offense. SittjaR Bull is jealous of the increase in cattle on the Cannon Ball Bivei belonging to the white set- tlers. He teaches his followers that if a raid is made on the settlers and if they were killed the Indians could surrender on the appearance ot soldiers and be forgi ven then, because of the fate of the former no new ones will come there. The Indians who Jave followed the advice of Major McLaughhn, and accumulated property are opposed to the propowd uprising. The young bucks who have nothing and the older ones who are lazy, led by Sitting Bull, are causing all the trouble. Governor Milller is in Mandan this evening. He vijited Fort Lincoln and your corres- pondent there was nothing between the white settlers south of the town and a massacre but the good will of the Indians. He all the precautionary measures that have been taken. WASHINGTON, Nov. Indian bureau officials quite generally discredit tbe warlike and threatening reports that come from the Sioox country. Acting Commissioner of the Indian office, does not believe that the In oiana contemplated hostile action towards Che whites. The promised Messiah that they are looking for to lead them in their destruction of the whites, has not and will not materialize, but when they discover that he is not likely to be forthcoming, the disappointment may make ihem troublesome. They will then turn upon the medicine men who have made the predic- tions, and there may be difficulties that will spread beyond' the tribal limits. He thinks, however, that the adopted in sending troops to-the reservations will be anjple to prevent any serious outbreak. Gen. Miles' scary despatches received to-day, according to the Scar this evening, meets with the comment from the matter out before the postmaster-general. Died IB s> Nov. A noh fanner named Jas. who on his, way home horn Montreal to Sfc was killed yesterlay by falling into a ditch, his wagon falling him and striking him on the bead. STANLEY ON JAMESON. A letter ComflmlBC Asuad Farran's Jameson minded by Scientific Desire. BOSTON, Nov. July Assad Farran, a Syrian interpreter with Stanley's rear guard, wrote a letter to Mr. Camp, en- gineer of the Upper Congo steamer, Henry Reed, the property of tbe American Baptist Foreign Missionary Society, describing the events transpiring in tbe Stanley expedition with special reference to the rear guard under Major Barttelot, and it coven much tbe same ground aa taut in Farnn'a re- cent affidavit published in the London Times. This letter Mr. Camp sent to Mr. Lewie, a Baptist missionary at Lukanger. Lewis in turn sent a copy of it to Rev. Edward F. Merriam, assistant foreign director of the society in Boston, and it is now published for tbe fust time. Mr. Stanley was seen this afternoon. When shown tbe letter he said: Yes, its genuine and I'm glad to hear it. But it not make the matter any stronger than it was. Jameson's own letter is the most damaging evidence against him. He was blinded by his scientific desire. I would glad- ly prove Farren a liar but after Jameson's letter, how could I! When Bonny told myself and my officers about the trouble I did not believe it. Mr. Jameson was as nice a fellow as yon ever saw, but he did not see the thing frjm a human standpoint. His science led him astray. Hr. Jameson was a rich man and the thought came tbat maybe this man was blackmailing him for not paying his salary. But Jameson's letter settled it. LOKDOK, Nov. brother the Times complaining that Stanley at- tacked Jameson after visiting his home and receiving the hospitality of relatives. The writer from Jameson's diary to confirm own version of the cannibal story, aa against tbat of Assod Farren. He eays that Assad hated Jameson, and was glad of an opportunity to slander him. He states that diaries are being pre- pared for publication as speedily aa possible, and will, when published, show that the men who are now being reviled deserved a better fate. He also quotes a letter from Stanley's secretary, which, he says, was approved by Stanley in February last, testifying to the "chivalrous noble energy and high merit" of Jameson. IT MEANSJflGH RATES. AN ALLIANCE FORMED BY RAIL- WAY CAPITALISTS. Goulds Will Join the VmdernUts and TArUTs be sidcnt AdtutuT Realgnation to be Accepted. NEW Nov. 21.-It was stated thi. afternoon that an alliance had been formed between represented by George C. Magoun, of Kidder, Peabody Co., J. Gould, C. P. Uuntington and the Standard Oil party by which all the railroads owned or controlled by them individually or jointly, will be operated together practically under Gould's direction. This alliance includes Southern Pacific, Union Pacific, Missouri Pacific, Northern Pacific, Atchison, Wabaab, Kansas and Texas, Texas Pacific and many other roads. It is aloo said tbat Gould is trying to force the holders, of Bock Island either to sell their stock around its present price or to join with other in the alliance. The Burlington and Chicago A Alton, will act with the allied roadim whatever steps may hereafter be taken but there are that the mar in and bay. iThe heavy, and the Soas UOR 8ALE-A FIKST-CLAS3HPRIOHT OEASD E piano beon used three years. Ap- y uox 22, Free Press. T-TOR SALE- IN GOOD PR F tiJe, good Srcntry seller leaving far Enand Apply foJ partieulare .to W. Russell Shoai Lake, Miin. QOEBBV wife ot-Richard Baker was found in. bed-thismorning. The ol the house were held pending the result of the inquest. THELIBERAL PLATFORM. Fiee Education and Abolition of the Eng- lish State Church and House of Ixjrds. LONDON, Nov. a conference to-day of tbe National Liberal Federation a platform was adopted favoring free education for men the land the disestablishing of the Church of Scotland and its dwendowment; local 'option the formation of district and and the mending or ending of the House of Lords the immediate abolition of tba State Church of England, the House of Lords and tbe liquor laws WM advocated by Sir WHfred who characterized them a three-fold card with which the aristocrats .for generations had enslaved the English democracy. LONDON, Nov. National Liberal association has adopted a resolution favoring the payment of salaries to member: of Par- liament. THEY WANT CASH. Ever. If the Irish Don't Visit Wlnnipes; You Huve an Opportunity 'of Contributing. NKW YOBK, Nov. The following cir- cular has been issued by the delegation of the Irish parliamentary party The addresses as already delivered by Irish legates and other communications in the newspapers. have, it Is hoped, made the American public some- what familiar with ti.e circumstances of the Irish struggle at the present boor. The Irish people are now lace to fica with a determined and powerful at- tempt organixed by Balfour and a number of Tory and L'beral Unionists capitalists in England and landlord syndicatesin Pnglandand Ireland tostarvc oiitth- Irish organizations and evict the tenants by simultaneously Increasing the vigor of coercion and the number of evictions. So resolute and merci- less is the combination that every moment when, ai cording to the (tavernment Itself, large portions of Ireland are menaced with severe distress, wholesale evictions are carried out. The, chief purpose of the mission of tbe Irish deli gatea to America is to coun- teract this last dxspera'e assault by an appeal to tbe generosity of tbe American people lor moral and financial support. Tbeamouut of and Interest already manifested in their cause has exceeded their most sanguine eipebtations. The very txtent of this response has, however, increased thc be angry at the Ion Vanderlnltc may of their traffic prominent army officer, mind what M alluded who to had IOR SALE-ACARLOAD OF CHOICE WJSSCERN mares, soli C.olore, bay. and 2 Can bn seen any on baturdaj, at Connel Burhe's sUhles. ______________ F DRUG AND STATIONERY .BU-ilNBSS FOR sale. In best casli town m the M or h west.! Arlrfrmn Chemist. btock pew and well selected. Free Pie.6 Office. Address Chemist, FOR PRKTTIEST AND best rs this country from Mock- birds, Parrots thai BngliA _ ....1 at., Ann.v Lo 11. Sky Larks, Goldfinch and City Hall. App.y W H. liirk, OCR1P -FOR PRE13MPTIOS PAYMBSrB, LEASE b lauds goven.mcnt parohases. About Sr cent can be en by u.ingr scrip, circa- lars and full particular. ualor, Hauimond it Nanton, 381 Main St, Winnipeg. ______________ FOB BENT OK H1BK. tTOUSETO BBNT-OHAS. E. KEKB, iff! MAIN H. st. ______.______----------- J. h street. mO LET.-A COMFORTABLE 8 ROOM BRICK 1 Hou-e witho liar >v d good stable. App.y to R. U. llayward, 348 Main St. ____________ FOR THE x. w. si. P. "f K htiy oi :-.'nv kind supplied on short of }i and steamship tickets points .it lov.'f-t r res. Apply to Alex- V. iv :unl Ticket Au'ent, aijd :tinL- S'. Sv M. P. force, 707 Main St. GOOD UPRIGHT PIANO (HEINTi- m n) marly App'y at 4M7 Willlau, street or at Joseph leva St Co., Maio LOST Oil FOUNO. DUFKIKLDS FEKD K-vsy ittd Alexander nr skin robe unlined. Co. will be TIUIEF, OLD HEIFER, B 1 fi e, ivh'.lt; mark iilonir hick, horns c'it in froM. Fimlfr wilt be suit In re A F. Craiir. dairyman, cue, <v..Sf Anyone found retaining barue i notice win be BOARD AND ROOMS. MAIN TO Miin and SloBerniott HOUSE TO LET IN KELLY'S TEBK.ACK, 376 Notre DOHM St. Apply Kelly- Bros. 4 Co.. 389 Main st "General Miles' prekirlental boom" started at a banquet in San Francisco last rammer: is predicting a gen.ral Indian war and virtuall) asks that the command of the entire army may be turned over to him. wants to create a scare and pose as the saviour of the country. In fact he is almost in the at- titude of a political Messiah, such as the Indians-ihemselvts are looking fur. I have no doubt in the world he is honest in his candidacy. HB has ahrewdly enlisted favor of nearly every newi-paper in California, and has by his agreeable uianneis and expend- Hure of hia means niar.ftjf dtonafc himself ery popular in a certain way in the west. He la one of the. mint ambitions men in the army and he is pulling his wires abrewdly." OMAHA, Neb., Nov. to the World Herald from Pine Ridge report every- thing quiet at the agency. The. settlers in that vicinity have recovtred from their alarm and no serious trouble is now anticipated. General Brooke to day ordered all the ammunition for the guns stored at" Fort Knbineon to be sent to Pine Ridge. He also sent word ta all friendly Indians to return to tbe agency. They are coming as fast as word can reach them and all aro expected by to- mi.rrow. When the (rienflly and bad Indians are separated the Indian police will be ten J'o Wounded Kee, Kowater, Mtdi- cioe Bouc, White Clay and other to stop the dancing. If they fail, then the troops will be called on. Red Clund came into Pine Ridge to-day to jnin tbe feast of wel- to the recently returned Wi'd West Indians. He denies tbat' joinid in the dancs at Wuuuded Knee, cr that he it bis countenance. On the con- trary, he claims he trierl to induce the A ACCIDENT. A on Stove The sad death of a little boy, under, pecul- iar circumstances, U reported by theDeloraine this week. Tfce boy's name is Charles C. Sanders, and hia mother ia a widow living with her family her Mr W. Goldiug, on 221-23, of Deloraine. The accident happened on Monday, thelTsh, about 3 o'clock, and all IhatUdefinitely. known of the matter is that who aged about nine years, along I with his brother, who is a year or so older, looking after jiis uncle's cattle, and called into Mr. Dandu'i biuse, where they met another boy, a son of the one else bemffit home. After a short time young Dundo and the eldest Sanders went ont after the cattle, leaving Charles Sandtrs ia the boose, where a fire in tbe The returned to the house in about half an hour or so, and found the little fellow lying on the floor in the front of the dead. Tbo ran to Mr. Golding and Mr. Dando, who were cutting wood m tbe bush about half a mile away, wad returned with them. On examining the body gash as if made by shot or bullet from a gun or re- was seen just belowJhe eatv and frum this bad wound bled to caused poor little death. How the chap wound Farnell and the Irish. LONDON, Nov. Star warns the Fall Mall Gazette against persisting in its bitter opposition to the continuance of Mr. Pirnell as leader of the Irish National and that the course followed by is likely to bring reprisals from Ireland which will end in an irreparable breach between the now reconciled and harmonious Nationalists. The Saturday Beview expresses surprise at the tactics of the Unionist papers in seekn g Parnell's political head, which course has naturally led to a reaction in Parnell's favor. Michael Davitt, in an address at Southport to-day, said that a cloud rested on the Irish cause at present, but with God's help and that of the Honest Liberals.of England the cause would still prevail. Let the Tories attempt to gain a point by an election surprise and they would soon be undeceived. Karl Compton and Mr. Henry J. Wilson, Liberal members of parliament, speaking to- night at Sheffield both expressed the opinion that it was advisable for Pamell to resign. contract with the Union Pacific, and may re- fuse to join. If tbe Vandcrbilts and the roadi controlled by Draxel, Morgan at Co. can be brought in, a meeting of tbe bankers and rail- road presidents: of all the roads in the country will be called, a new association formed, and then an immediate and material advance in railroad rates will at once be ordered. In an interview to-day Jay Gould wasques- tioned with reference to tbe reports that he bad got control of tbe Atcbuon, Topeka t Santa railway. He said that this report was erroneous, although he admitted that be owned a considerable portion of Atcnisom stock. He said that the Missouri Pacific and Atchison roads had entered into an agreement with reference to the future business policy of the two roads. They have agreed tbat neither one shall build any competing roads into the territory of the other without the full under- standing and sanction of the other. With reference to rate on transcontinental Gould expressed confidence that the agree- ment between tbe presidents would be re- newed and strictly maintained within a short time. Under the new situation of things nearly all the roads interested favor a restora- tion of rates. It only remains for the bank- ers to call the presidents together authori- tatively. Vanderbilt people admit that Gould has jot con -ol of tbe Union Pacific. One oi the parties named as director, said The will scon be reorganised, John D. Rockefeller working with Gould has brought the change about and Russell Save, Jay Gould, H. B. Hyde and Alex. OCT. will tike the place of four of the present members. The resignation of president Adams will be received and he will probably succeeded by Sidney Dillon who is now one of the dir- ectors. The same authority states that Frederick L. Ames agreed tbe sug- gested by Rockefeller and Gould. Be refuted to speak about the future of tbe road in regard tp the northwest.trafBa agreement. SIX BANKS DISSOLVED. txten dlrocul not known, but the uncle of the boy mat there were revolv.r cartridges where tl and he can think of could get thrm, to account for the 0 IlEM-A NICE WARM COTTAGE, FOUR rooms. No SSS SeJkira street west- to Flora st ______________ TO LET LARGE BRICK VBNEgkED HOUSE ON Kennedy street, lately occupied by A. Col- quhoun, Apply to O. A. Muttlebury, ooraer Main and McDermott Eta. ._________ rllO RENT-IN IMPERIAL BANK BLOCK, I warm, comfortable offio-s and onambers, pa nted a..d Ixntod by hot water. Two br-er orns suitable tot senate room- water service in Ihe buifcling. -Apply Carruthers Brock. .i-ain stieet. <l-Lucer8 to desiet. No credence the cba placed in his assertions as acter of the wily old Chejeuine leader is too well known, and hie recufd during the Sitting Bull war is too bad. LasIS nicht the dance Nuwater was by eral white man, whom tbe Indians did cot offer to harm. It now thought tbe dancing will be stopped without bloodnhfcd. Count Sentenced for BEULIN, Nov. Kleiit been sentenced tOj6f teen months' imprisonment for a-sanlting the keeper of a natauraitt who re- fused to admit liim with a lady. wound, but h is possible the boy might have placed a cartridge on the stow, the bullet from which had struck and killed him. The boy's father died some years ago from the effects of being lost on the prairie m a snow storm. FOOTBALL NOTES. A Junior Matrn The Meds and Gradu This yesterday afternoon the juniors of the collegiate department and standard VIII o' the Carlton school tried conclusions on the Association field. At the end of an hour's good play the collegiate boys had scored four goa'.s and the Carltons had failed to pass the ball once between the uprights. The Carlton boys were withoot one or two of their best players and next time they may make the col- legiate the vanquinhed. The match thin afternoon is to be played between tbe Alumni and the Medicals on the orounrts near tbe Coogiegatjonal church, at thr.0 o'clock. After this all the matches be played on this ground, which is fully eqni p d with goals. Mr. Duncan Campbell returned to tbe cily this week and will take charge of the aeera taryship of the association. All the clnl thai have anything to do with the association will note thu change. uy m Vlijtala Town. GLASGOW, Va., Nov. cablegram re- ceived here this morning by Gen. FiUhugb Lee, president of the Rockbridge company, from London, announces that the first pay- ment baa been made to the British American Trust company, ot London, of which to give a syndicate made up of prom- inent Englishmen an interest in the capital stock of the company which controls the town of Glasgow. The arrangement ig similar to that made by the Middlesboroughtown com- pany, of Kentucky, with a syndicate, some of the members of which are also interested m Glasgow. Tbere was atone time some doubt about tbe payment of the money on account of the panicky condition of the money maiket in England. Closing Quotations in London. LONDON, Nov. stock market was strong at the clrwe. Closing pnees as com- pured with the 12 30 p.m. quotations showed an advance of J for consols for money, nn advance of 7-16 for consols for Paccount, an advance of 2 for Canadian Pacific, an ad- vance of 4 for Eric, an advance of i for Erie seconds on consols, no change for Illinois Central, an advance of 3 fnr St. Paul common, no change for New YDrk Central, an advance of 4 for Pennsylvania, a decline of i for Reading.___________________ Ihe Serpent's Nov. three, survivors of theH.M.S.Serpent have arrived at Plymouth. Burton, one of the men, said tbat he believed the quenched the fires as volum-s of dust and ashen were thrown un. covering the crew. The officers of tbe H.M S. Tjne are convinced, however, from the Bade by the men during the voyage and from tbe mutilated condition of a number of _______illes of tbe -delegates. Tbey now find it will be impossible lor them to visit all tbe localities from which are being received. Tbey know, howeve', from addreised to tbem that evmtowns whirh.cannot be vMted, are anxious to oontribnt- their share towards lun.-s of tbe Irish national paity. It ia therefor o suggested tbat in all such towns subecrtp- be started. These subscriptions can be gtt in motion by branches of tbe National League and other Irish societies nnd or by CORK, Nov. seamen and firemen on tbe packet vessels Glanmire and Cormo- rant, have been sentenced to one month's iro- pruooment for breakinrtheirarticles of agree- ment and joining a strike. Pasteur Some Lymph. Nov. 21.-In response to a message of congratulation from Prof. Pasteur, Dr. Koch has sent the eminent Jrrencn nacteriolo- giat, a specimen of the lymph used in treating tuberculosis. ____ K. of Convention Ended. PENVJEB, Col., Nov. Kniplits of Labor Convention continued yesterday's ses sien until nearly mHnighu. There pro- longed wrangling, first over the report of the committee on political action and then over the place of holding tbe next meeting. Three cities were restarted by the committee New York, Toledo and Milwaukee. It was decided to (elect the place by a mailed vote three days before tbe next meeting. Tbe assembly then adjourned. Indicted for Mjuulanghtar. Nov. grand-jury investi- gation of tbe Toga steamboat disaster ban re- sulted in the finding of twenty -four indict- for mam-laughter against J. C. Bright, of Buffalo, president of the Genesee Oil Co., which shipped the naptba, and W. R Bright, of Philadelphia, vice-president of the com- pany. Owing to the absence'of Judge Tr'.ey the indictments cannot be returned till day. HIGHER MARKETS. Wheat Kcmrly Owtn, Others In Sympathy. CHICAGO, Nor. Wheat closed higher. The market was streorthened by a brighter fiuau :ial outlook. Then WM heavy buying for birth short and long acccwat and some by a hotue which has extensive English connections. Receipts, 192 canh Corn WM strong on very light receipts. The market closed a cent higher. 174 otn. Trading in oats, was only fair prices opened easy, but worked up with wheat and closed a cent higher.' Receipts, 166 ears. Higher prices lor bops resulted in better prices lor provisions. Pork advanced W OMlU, lard lOc. to 12Jc, and ribs We. to IBc. Cloaing NOT.. 'Jlo Dec., May, t Sic; Dec., May, I Nov., 42Jc; Deo 42Jc May, Pork-Dec.! May. Lard-Dec., Jan., May, Ribe-Dec., j Jan., 16.56 Th Wealthy DtetUlor Doad. LOOIBVIUB, Nov. Beckerti, one of the wealthiest and uowo distil- lers in Kentnckey, dropped disease here this morning, Sbn Udy Goaiva must- haw had exotplianany sine, it eaaotatily. Hatr casjw (nto not' sw Isianly. .It only an inqoen veruwt; f-i... it.-ink, was that toe child came to his death ttcnt ei- ptoHMlo the tb. Bite. posore aiid starvation. I sttken tajfture. Men Am Ont. Inelr Doers. PHILADELPHIA, Nov. The dean of the Barker Bros. A Co. banking bone were open- ed again this morning of coarse no banking tnuinewi transacted. All ins members of the firm were buiy atraifbMsunr out their tangled and d-clined to be interviewed. A powerful syndic ite has been formed to relieve the Xmnnct CtimnaBjrof Pennsylvania and the Inviwtment .Company of Pbildelphia, and beee nib- scribed to meet the ouutMdinsT of the company. The of b-ith c j advanced per share this morning. Is cored by eaipc OlbbcH lantbaobeOam. Sold b} drefrii'ts Prleelfe "Haw rlelioiaiis b ths iviiwnr Ol a Wm. at ovr's and his sm4uMnt pnerihle exception. l< titter pirtr nastkeoatarrk, vm MM loen tt< Or. caUrrhraKdy tea sore eu for late affliction. y mM. caeAlM, olcansiat; and tW evntCMef. IMP laoeraMt cast.

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