Tuesday, July 28, 1885

Winnipeg Free Press

Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - July 28, 1885, Winnipeg, Manitoba VOL. XIJ. WINNIPEG-. TUESDAY, JULY 28, 1885. RATES FOR CONDENSED ADVERTISEMENTS j.f.yirKSSKiNAI., ('Aims irliVo null without 10 per wnrd pcrinonlh. No ('aril tnsoi'tod fur thaa month. CJSDKKSKI) ADVKILTIHKMKNTS cii thin niKO SHimtloiM Vr.cn.nt, Situnllnni) VVft-ited, KOI- Sivln, To J.i-t, Personal, Lost find Insertion each adcliilaiiul two cenla 30 or unrtcr for I'.icli is period tiian one Wo, atidi- word onuc-.v.l: 30 woriU or under one SI.il, word 5 cents M or nud'-T auhsi-qucnt w.ick, 51.00, iM'lll'niU word :i cfllta. Conduntsrd ad- onwiitsnulinMirtol everyday, 30 words :-.l 2 cont-H. No i'fi.jHt for lew than k> .NO. VACANT. C001C.BY THE 3KD OF references rcnulrnl. Ap- untl uftor 7 p in., to J. Assiniboino atrcot. 28-30. U. MeAithur, No'. Apply to D. A. Hopper. 27-29. SITUATIONS WANTED. OLWUK SHORT- hand moilcrate, Rood fast (food to steudy. JJUKSWIAN. 3" wood 4 -Al-urlbt eus. GOOD RE- yeurj1 expur.enco-in Understands steam powur. ?10- Addre8B, ucUovl, ,7 LEGAL, I'K.MIMiC, MAX.. IV. J. Attorney, .Sulicitor, ice. FOUND. GKO V. MUNl'.OK, BAKUls'l'ICU, tornoy. etc. Temporary Oniuo, nn [loor Dnndoo M (l.'.MICKON, liAUlt'-ST- tst.o. Furrtist'ii A. Alat-uonald. J. JJ. (Iiinn'ioM. I) fc ItoOOIJj. BAUltlSTiSl'.B, otcr. Ntv.v lira- 1C. OorSunM. .V. Mcf'oli. UOI'.DON. HKCON1) CKOSSIN'G, B. O.. Solu-ilor, (.'omniiHsiimcr foi- Ukinp atlldavits for usu in Manitoba. i SUKKW3 CAHliKUT, HA.'.'.KKTHUS A. Atornoyn, yolioltora. Hay Mum at., Wlnnlpw. Manitoba. O. A. F. Andrews, Ohai. 1C Carbnrt.___________________________ VfUSSUX (LljLA'N, HAUHIdTKI'.S, A'l- 111 iurnoys. Solicitors, etc. Bli'i-k. Mhin Winnipeg. Man. J. 11. Allan._________._____________ JI.TON tc. SI1TON, fiAKRiSTSKS. AT' O torneys, etc., oto. OlUce cornur iivoaiio fourth oLroct, Braiidoli. A. b. SKton, B.A.; Clilfoi-d btitoa. 13.A.___________ 1IOWKIA, A KCHIBAL1 H. M. Hownll. (saaa Caniphell. Oilioi ___ Old Post Ofllsc, Main Btrnut. HOUGH Hober -irjht- _ J. ataiiiuv UanK'i. Sooond door north JK UNSOK. ALLAN MACBK'L'li, BAR- riatars, Attorneys, a, M-.iliityro's Main Struct, Win J. Ii. 15. Munson. G. VV, Allan. OUAW- KUBRHTSON. CAMl'UKLli BurrwiarB. ftu. Biook, Main St., VViiinipoK. IT. Boverlo- Kobyrtaon, Cnltn II. Ho-vnco H.A. loy K. IKINS, CUliVICK HAMILTON, BAU A. oto. Office over Iinporial Bank Kftln striiot, Winnipeg. J. A. M. Aikina, W ft. Ordvev, C. K. Tlauilltoii, 1J. McCarthy, G M. Mills, A. W. 11. Ixing. MACUONAU) TL'i'l'KK. tcrs, Attorncya, 5c DuxU'.r Hurrialei-9. yoli.jttor'j, etc. rhu Mercliiuitti'jlank of Canitd i. J. 11 McArthur, HiiKh J. llac.donriUl, J. Stcwurt Tupper, II. J.lJexter. MAIN STRK1CT. A SMALL i- Valise, containing some Indies olotlilni; l no owner can have tho name on applying to tl.u nntiers Knea and paymK for tbb udf orllso- incnt. T. Jobin, Main Street. 2a. STILL AT I'olicemen Fail JievcrV As to Cateli Mc- The OlBt Col. Uoneet BOARD AKTi ROOMS. VEW VACA.NC1BS KOR TAJJUC lioardci-s at 57 St. Mary -Street. 23 2S. i 1KNTLKMAN AND WIFJi; Bonrd with a i-cspoctaMa family Lrul location. Address Bex 1201. mo KIDNT.-A I'LKASANT POIINTSHBD A. Hooin, with partial Board, suitable for two Reatlomcn. Apply M Lily St. 15tf u, or 529 Main St.' TIIIK THERE IS NOW one vacant suite of rooms in this bnild- mK. 1'urtius who wore unable before to obtain apartments can havs them by applying at onco to A. a. HalloweU, Secretary, Manitoba iMaA ny.. O. Drawer 123S, or at liis ofllce. Koom No 4. top flat, Manitoba MortBago Coy. Bniid- Two nice Brick Houses on Oarry street also to lot. STORES AND OFFICES TO RENT. )AIIT OFFICE TO IKT ON GROUND Floor, business part Main street, with use or desk, lotter pruss, Kcntlowto a suit- able Tenant. 311 Apply stating business to box DO YOU WANT TO KENT A STORK or in tho Daily Free Pro3H. 30 wordsi only 50 cents lat insertion and 25 cents additional ins. MEDiCAL. un.n 11. M.D., OFFICK 715 MAIN t! St. KesUlonos 71 Garry St. Tuloiiho nonnpctionfl. OLAKIC 5: HltOTCHIK iioinajopatiii.Htd, have to "Tlio corner of Dcualil tinil Klline fits., north of SlcKenzie's Hottl, and opposite tinox Churuh. 1-kB.AONKW. PHVHIC1AN iiSUUHKON. JL? lAto Professor of tho Principles and IVac- edicbio, Victoria Collexo, Toronto: iale nt Surtfixm Toronto Kye and Kar inary. Disoasos of the Jtye JCttr a ftpoolalty. Artificial Kyoa tnaerlud. S3 Mo- tiermot Strcot. WlnnlpuK. T li. ro till Main St. Tooth k exiractod without pain by ufl'j of Nitror.n Oxide Ban. DK. DAl-OIJtlSH, BURGKON DENTIST. Xe.w York Graduate. NitrouH Oxide for painlosy extraction. Office ovor v.'hitohead'fl Drug atore, 17J Jlutii Street, and Night. ti J. WHITE. SUKOKON' DKNTIST. ccssor to Ur. S. F. K. Itoi'I, rootna riitcevly oinifyjito City llall. Every lil'eTition to tho pruHorvarion of tho natural teeth. Artificial Uwi-th inouuleil on Gold, t (lubber i'larca. Nitrous Oxida (lay ad- IARC1K BL'MS TO LKN'l) 'ON i or Farm term? of rcpaymeiit. Rk-liiiril3, Drophy fc 6 Hlw-k. Main Hlrci-f. pnr- J.tcln- fWMl ISHESTEH KNUOVVMKNT Kund to loan. Apply to d. How'ull. HounH .fc liiuiiDboil. I'ltlVATK TO loan on Ilrst-f.lasfl improved property. Apply to IlnL'el fe David, Ustr- rlsl.cr3, Dnnaldaon's Bl-iclt. Wi'inlTiff. ARCHiTECTS, pKOUOK .RKOWNK. A, VH Uoom S, UoiiAldflon's Blonk. ,143 Muin St. OSBUHN reti'ovcct to Manitoba AK.CJIITKCT. and ]n- Avo. and HOTELS riUlK NKW DOUGLAS IIOU9K. (1r.'it c'n'ifi Tanii'y hoti-1; on fluW tlioronirJif.n'c; convenient to tlio way stiition; table; and niry upt'ciu! rotc-H ;o fiuniiuia und liourdnra. Jiun- Co.. proL'fk'loi'ri. BUSINESS CARDS. ijMiWAHIJ KKLI.Y, S'l'KAM AND IDT -t Water I'.imibina No. 93 HOI-UKI? Avcnnn, McKunzif Hotel illoc-k. Winnipeg. I'lane, rtperi lira'ions I'nrni-licil on apijliciuiun. i'. O McHKAN KXI'OKTICRS AND dwiteri in all kinds of Ornin. I-' William city vited. Advtiru-uy r ftflrit-lvcaor oui w J ruvincottor JCuro I "all. ftdn on all to ctiityontlenla la Kastcru ktfKICKS TO llKNt IN BUST PART OF liun- V-tf Op Main St. Suiiable'Vor" doctors'- yers. Apply to J. ii. McJiilligan, Esq., nctyiie Block, Muin St. WIM- BK READY IN A FKVV Large hall, oflicoa and rooms In new portion Mcjlntyro liUick, oppoeito Mcrchunts Biink. Also front oltlcoa llrst floor over Gco. Forreuter's Store. Kent low. Apply to Alex. Mulnlyre, 110 Main atroot, Wiunlpw. 23tt The Murdcrona [uitiann. SASKATCHEWAN LANUINO, July Constable Partridge and scouts have just returned, having gone up river on the north side about 40 miles. Thoy saw tracks and the placo where tho Indians had been camped, but unfortunately had crossed tlio river before the scouts ar- rived. Sargeant-Major Douglass and a party left early this morning up the south and will most probably catch tho Indians to-morrow. McKover, who was shot, has gone to Maple Creek Hos- pital. Ho is doing well. The Olst. I'OHTAOE LA PUAIKIE, July pawa Company of tho Olst Battalion ar- rived this morning and took tho M. N. Railway for homo. Tho Portage Com- pany paraded and marched up to meet Capt. Sheppard, escorting him home, ho having remained at Winnipeg until to- day. ______ The Quebec Cavalry. PORT AKTIIUB, J uly Quebec Cavalry arrived from the west at nine- thirty this morning. After brushing, up and giving their horses an airing they took dinner at the Brunswick Hotel and loft for the east at one o'clock, going all rail via the north shore. Capt. lloueet, MONTREAL, July private tele- gram has been received hero stating that Capt. Doucet, who was wounded at Fish Creek, has recovered sufficiently to re- turn to this city at an early date. Welc.ome to Col. TOKONTO, July. Denison, Police Magistrate, on taking his sent on the.bench this morning, for the first time since ilia return from the Northwest, met with a cordial reception. behalf of tho police force and oth'cors of the court extended him a warm and hearty welcome, and complimented him on tho honors achieved by the Body Guards in keeping open the line of sup- plies during tho campaign. N. G. Bigo- low on behalf of the members of the bar also extended a hearty welcome. The colonel delivered an appropriate reply. The court room was tastefully decorated for tho occasion. gation.Kerr was found lying dead in .the car. Kehno was arrested and brought hero with tho corpse. It is the general belief that tho case is one of suicide. An KxplOBiou. There was a mysterious explosion last nighfc in Vesmer's drugstore. Tho front of the building was wreaked and the atock destroyed. Killed by :i OIIANQXVIJ.I.B, July 17. Phil- lips, a railroader, was killed by his head colliding with an overhead bridge. MANITOBA N. W. T. BRANDON, July Tho EaptistChurcli was opened yesterday. Rev. Mr. Cam- eron, of Winnipeg, assisted. Three services were held, each being largely ut- tonded. The congregation start under tho mosfc favorable circumstances, and out of debt. K r-v ity al. Dr. Bucko of London, passed through on his way to Ilagina to appear on behalf of the Crown in the question of insanit about to bo brought up in tho Kiel tri FOKTAUK I, V Mr. POIITAOE llctnrii. LA PKAIEIK, mo FIRST-CLASS l scs No. 433 Main St., bird Block, lately occupied by Mr. J. MotcaUe. containing 3tcro and baacmont, and suites o( omcea on jccontl and third storeys. One the whole buildinjr preferred. Also tho desir- ablo Sloro (3 storoys and -vvarehouHet nowoc- cuplodby G. D. Wood Co. Suitable for wholesale purpofes. Poaeoaslon given Aup, 15th. Apply to G. H. Hadskie. Civic Offlcoa. PROPERTIES WANTED. HOUSE IN THE SOUTHERN part of tho city, with about seven or ciitfht rooms, facing the cast preferred, good -M.I will be tfivcn fur n neat and coinfor table place, August lat. Address with particulars. 0. 1C. Frt'c Press office. ARTICLES FOR SALE, Il AN A 1 PIANO, CHEAP, AT Water Street. Ifitf TAHLICS AXJ) turo for aiile. B V.'AKKHOUSK FURNI- Apply LI. Shorey Co. UGB1ES AND TWO SKATKD OPBN and covered carriages. American make, or sale cheap. Smith, Bt Apply at tho Stables, OUGAN AT A B ARO AT NT.-1 FIRST- Clasa lioherty.Organ, nearly five full sets of reuds, together with extra htindsooie cuso, at Si MclJormoit Slreet, L'all udge for yourself. SHaugH, CANADIAN. One More Incubus FJnced on the Northwest. The Central 1'rison Oonimeiiced. ItlyatcrloiiH Ilcatli of a IHInnvapolls ill an Iu ett Act Jte- conutla Klein. THE CAL'JTAJL. The Climax. OTTAWA, July is rumored this evening that Jeremiah Travis has been appointed stipendiary magistrate for the Northwest Territories and member of tho Northwest Council. TOKOMTO. July 27. Robert Watson, M. P., will arrive home to-morrow. Ho has. received a cordial invitation to be present at the banquet to tho volunteers and teamsters- to-mor- row night. The ladies will make the banquet a great success. Civic Holiday. Mayor Young has proclaimed the 13t of August a Civic holiday. Oddfellows'. (llrutKl .Ltiilgo. Tho Oddfellows are making every pri paration to entertain the visiting dele gates to the Grand Lodge. JAW. CABLE NEWS. The Anglo American Trade i'iii Again. Amicable .Relations Between France and China. Keiiri'KNitm or Socialism In Ucrmat fc'atnl Kxploeiou in a French 9Hno. al MOOSE JAW, July General Middle tho O n n doIenoe. July city council FTOR STOCK. F1XVUKKS, and four yenrw' of Makery and Con- fectionery, dwelling, store, good brick oven Itcnt Low. Terms cash. Lock Box W., Calgary, N.W.T. Address, 20-2U. HOUSES TO RENT. TIO IIEAUTIKULLY S1TU- atccl CotLaKO in tlio prove at tho foot of Rupert Street, fronting en the IIcd Kivcr. SIO nor month. Apply W. Cold wall, foot of Market Street, east. BKIOK nOUSKS TO HUNT.-7 ROOMS and snnuiior kitchen, soft water tank in kitchen: ccllara dfaineil to main scw- cr: Vonutian inaido blinds nnd all modern con- venioncea, on HarKi-avo St. For particulars iipply to J. B. McKlliipan, Esq., Uannatyiie Block, Main St. to-night pass 3d a reaolutioji of and sympathy in connection with Gfraiit'a death. Hoys Wrowucdt Two boya have -been drowned here, Cieo. Durling and Bertie Johnson, the latter aged 9. 1 ntaily Jlus't. John Goodman, an Ontario County farmer, jumped from tho Canadian Paci- fic Express at Burketown, and was in- jured so badly that ho died shortly after- wards. Tlio Central I1 risen .Enquiry. Tho Commissioners on Central Prison management heard evidence to-day OH the first charge of diseased salt be- .hig served to the prisoners. Dr. Aikena, prison surgeon, gave evidence that ho re- ported the meat unlit for use, and did not think diseased meat was served out after ho made his report. In regard to convict Linder, ivho died from typhoid fever, he could nwt make affidavit that the fever was caused by the food, but that was his ton arrived from tho west this mortiin on a special tra.in, and while tliey wor changing engines, preparatory to pro ceeding to Regina, ho descended fror the car and several of our promiiien citfeens had tho honor of an introductio by Major Richards, of tho Supply Do partment here. Not eo-Clieup a llliie. The two young men, Decker and Glua son, have been found guilty of riding o false passes, and sentenced to on month's hard labor at Regina, 'audliav been taken there. Indecent AiMMaillt. A ease of indecent assault has beei brought by Mrs. Jerry against Mr Fahoy, of Caron. Tho case was tried before J. P. Alexander an Mayor Bagno. T.. C. Johnstone of Regina, appeared for tho prosecution and J. G. Gordon, of this placo for th defendant. Mr. was remandoi for trial and held under bail of one thou sand dollars to appear at Regina. Tlio Hupply Capt. Hudson, supply officer at Clarke' Crossing, arrived to-day, and loft on to night's train for Winnipeg. Major Rick ards and Sergeant Richardson, of th supply department here, have clearoc everything up and left by to-night-H train for Qu'Appelle. Another Capture. It is quietly whispered hero to-nigh that a member of the Halifax battalion, which was recently stationed here, ha. returned and carried olT one of our ent but fair maidens. in earnest this From the Ilnrald. Haying- commenced 'BIO TWO HANDSOME fl. villas on corner of River Avenue and n trance to A. W. HOHB' housu in Fort suitable tenants tlio proprietors are pre- pnred to make satisfactory improvements to lie property. Also Uvo houses on Kennedy St., opposite tho Court House, to let. Apply hrummoad Bros. Moflutt, Dundee Illock. 2fitf INSURANCE. AM) FJtOM NOW until iljc l'-t ttf Septcinbcr, are pro- narftcl tijsnjuily Flowers for table docom tioi'.i in or fjuiall LurK" scl" Action of (lowtM-rt, wreaths, bouquets, uUvnya on hand at reasonable prices T humiisiin 77 MeWillimn Sf... Weat.. PROPERTIES FOR SALE. EfOll 8ALK240 ACUK8 SPliKNDIl) LA.ND for mixed far minx, -i miles from Star- H'.inion. LT Ilivtr Hdllc, and plenty of 'vooil. Only A splendid Jninua Scott. 7 yui-eu Streut, Kaft. I.itul. (lour IO DRY fi-.jiu (iity pt-r J times t'cott. itenl Kstutc reel. Kttst. Af-'KA' C1JKAJ' LOIV. XKAU THK U ii. for s-'ule fit to H. A. Co.. C-cuienta 4% Main ntn-ci. KXTKA HAY ftnm lie: i ity hull, nnh r Ihaii luirtl p.m. JjuiiKH Scott, Lccnt. 7 .St., Kast. KAURIS. proMMl. close :o Siiition. .K on the issitiihoJiie liivcr. Very Scott, 7 QUL-CII I'i'v SA1.K. ACHKS l-und, near the DriviiiK ljnik. not an nciv twt-) liind, only ciiRiiput por 7 Qupon Hlri't-t. Ka.st. _ N KU-1CANT HKSIUKXCM ON' THE ati-eet. on Jliulaon's Reserve; 1 huilt; luarhli; fetabic: fimi-t-rl KI-. Tobegivc-n away for rih8i.o.fl. s. A. Kowbotham Co, rnH HUu-k. Main street. lHjIMS KOH SiLK.-IMPliOVK.n AM) in the garden cf -Manitoba. Jtock l.i'.ki.-, SuiiUiiM-n Manitoba. .iii I way iron stnu-t ion, beautiful rolling rairio, tt-ooduiul water at.uiuliuit. Schoolti t ronvtnient, S. Thompson, LrKt. 1'. IK'J AtJItJW, KOl.'X near Itru' thir, tlin very l-': in r.ukjvmion: KL'oit to unit KiiKli-h Tht! ;o leave, no rt-ayonnblo Aihli-L'Hd lima, r.onntljwuitL- O., 31an. j'ui in utiiu.-j 11 Uwn your own homo. Housi Oft Iilf- iiu-idUniunt plan. Wm. H. r to Main Hlrcct, iooraoiiOi Ontario tank. A. J4OSS choiun lands FUltIC AND M A R I N K A3SU RAK Fire riakfi taken on grain in elevators and tnrehnuscH in 1'ort Arthur and Fort William, and Marino Kiskb on carKOcs. J, F. Kuttan, Port Arthur, Ont. LIFiC, ACCIDB3NT, L Town and Country Property, 1 or 3 years at lowest current rates. Agents wanted In unrepresented distrlota; liberal jommlHSion. A. Hollo way. General Agont, Caldwell Bloek, Winnipeg, Man. NOTICES. NOTICE OF MATHR- nity Hospital has boon removed to River Bank, foot o.' Mity St., and is now roady to ro- 3uJve nationta. The attention of the Medical faculty (and also of parties living at a distance) ta especially called to tho Private Wai-da, which ire commodioua, warm and cheerful, Turme fo application to tho Matron. something of that kind. Three guards also deposed to tainted meat being served to priawiicrs for several daya in. the month referred to, and that there was an un usually largo' number of cases of diarrhoea antl dysentery in the prison hospital at that time. Before com- mencing the investigation to-day, Judge Sinclair said the commissioners had visi- ted tho prison to. givo the prisoners .an opportunity of making charges againab the Warden and out of some 50 made charges, HA31LJLTO3. The (Hovcrnor-Genei'al. STOCK. FOR SALE. FtOll SALK.-aKVKUAL TJCAMS OF Heavy Draft Horses in lino condition, for pHt'ticttitirH apply to H. Pearson. Superinten- dent. Manitoba Cartage and Warehousing Co. 25-31. tiAHMKUS OR OTI1KR3 WHO MAY Jjive HOKS to consume their inferior Bcairucnii obtain tlio same in car loU at short nni.icre ami low price from Grilllu ljork 1'aekcrR, 8UOTATIONS OF MONTREAL STOCK EXCHAKCE. Heportcd by Allowuy Ss Champion, Hankers nun Jirokaia, iMnin St., Winnipeg. July Sterling cxcbanRe, GO rtnya, <fO; Sterling tlcumnd, I87i; New York CNchanKf 1-HUIis; Hdnk of Montreal, Mer- Iniin'rial Hiir.lt. 1221: Federal Hunk, OH: Hniilc'of Ouimneree, VUH; Dominion Bank, Can. Pac. Kuilway, Ju; Ontario Hank 10SV. Storlinj; exch'tnKC quotations aro Now Yor'k posted rates. New Montreal rate between banks, Allothcra aro selling rates. Aotlccs of Births, JlarriaKes autf i'lFTV OJCMTH cadi. MARRIAGE. AlAliSH-PATTEKSOX.-On tlio Hill, Dirtlo, nn tho 15I.li lint., by Itev. VV. llodnel.t, Mr. G. W. of Henlab, to Mita C. Pat- tnrson, of Ilirtle. A many of tho fashionable young Indies now on their way to Mount Desert aro accomplished banju playura. Tho long-contemplated restriction of production in thu Fall River (Mass.) cotton mills will take cflect immediately. William Gresh, of Little V.illoy, Pa., eighteen, pin oft' with Mamie Work, ajjeti fourteen, and they wero marrioil in I'hiladelphia. Uinoty pet' cent. of the lioga in the foot hills of Merced, Mariposa, Tou- lunimo and Stanislaus counties, Cal., have died of hog cholera. Johan Kangman, his wife and 3-year- ild, havo died in Baltimore from trichi- iasls, and a daughter ia lying in a dan- porous condition. HAMILTON, July 27. Tho Marquis of Li'.nsdowno will bo the of Hon. D. Mclnnes at Dundurn for two days early in August, and the eaatle is now being prepared for llio reception of the dis- tinguished guesfc. MONTREAL, July 27. Considino, who inflicted the injuries, of which Constable Malqiie died, has been arrested. Tliui'ly II Ms Worsliip the Mayor to-tlay paid to tho deceased Scrgt. father, being the proceeds of the entrance wf ten cents to the exhibition grounds on Saturday. A'KTHUK. week amongst the farmers in this vicinity a number of whom wero in town tho past day or two having repairs made to their mowers, and getting things roady. Al appear to be satistied with the prospec for good hay and plenty of it. Work about the lumber yards on the bank of the river has boon very lively thia week, 'and a large number of men are engaged unloading from tho barges that string along in front of tho yards. The work of constitution is progressing steadily on the asylum sewer, having been commenced at tlio river end. Ditch digging has been going on for some time, and tile men on the work have got pretty well away from tho river by this time. Pipe laying commenced on Wed- nesday morning, but has been carried on with great difficulty. The trench is about eighteen feet deep at tho river bank, and has of course been boarded on both sides. But the dimoulty in lodging the pipes is wator with which the There aro numerous on account of the trench ia flooded. springs along the Hats by the river, that send in continual streams of water upon tlio work, which consequently re- tards operations and renders the work extremely The slough at the railway bridge, through which the sewer runs, has been drained to admit of easier work there. In two "or three days it la expected the worst part of the pipe laying will be completed when the high ground will bo reached and smooth sailing will be in order. It is intended to construct manholes at intervals, probably at every street by which tho main passes, its course being directly west from the river up DuCbrin street- till within a few hundred yards of tho asylum, when it turns south- west to the buildings. Tho work, which is supervised by Mr. Waugh, of Winni- peg; as Government inspect' r, is being pushed along as rapidly as possible by Mr. Saul, the contractor. Prisoners 'OUT 27.- -It is reported that throe prisoners escaped from Sherid' Clarko.of this town, while passing through the Sault locks. Tho sheriff left hero Thursday with six prisoners for Ontario prisons. Luke News. Arrivals Athabasca, from Owen Sound; St. Magnus, from Montreal, with rails for Regina; steamers Chamber- lain and Siberia, with two. consorts from Cleveland with coal; Campana, from Col- lingwood, cleared forDuluth. ST. THO3IAS. The Ncott Act It< rouiit. ST. THOMAS, July Judgo Hughes gave judgement to-day in tho recount case, declaring the Scott Act carried by thirteen, and saddling all costs on the petitioners. A farmer Killed. Goorgo Allison, a farmer, was killed by a passing train. The body waa terribly mancled. Dc.ntli of n JXinneanollH Ulan. QUEIIKU, July 27. llobt.Kctr, of Min- neapolis, was arrested to-day on tho In- tercolonial express train going east by Detective ICehoo, of Chicago, iverr was iislcud to grant a few minutes' conversa- tion, and the two entered the postal car. Kohoe rushed out of the car immediately afl-jrwards, exclaiming that Kerr. had attempted to shoot, him. Upon investi- AFGHANISTAN. Another Story Regarding IJns- Ballslmry snlil to Have JtMd vert a Kehun'froin LONDON, July progress is being made in negotiations between Eng- land and Russia touching the 'Afghan boundary dispute. The XulGcar question is still undecided. Neither Government seems disposed to yield its claims. BKUSSKLS, .Tuiy yield Nord says: define the broad lines in settle the details on the Russia intends to ask a frontier the Af- ghan side, of which 13 topographically closed and-easily defended, but will insist upon a well defined Russian side to pre- Afghan incursion. The best method would bo to London am spot, in order to remove a misunderstand- ing where the same name is given to dif- ferent localities. ST. PKTKRSBUKCH, July St. Gazette states semi-oflicially that the Marquis of Salisbury on tho 22nd requested DeGiers, the Russian Minister to withdraw the claims of Russia to the disputed territory east of Zulficar Pass, and that DeGiers refused, point- blank. SIMLA, July British mission to tho Gilgit country, under Col. Lock- hart, has arrived at Aster. Abdurrah- man, tho Arnear of Afghanistan, upon receiving the firman conferring upon him the grand cross of tho Star of India, or- dered a salute of 101 guns to be fired. The city of Cabal was illuminated for three nights. Copies of tha firman were placarded everywhere. The firman was posted throughout Afghanistan. Pat Donun has written a wild, frenzied epistle to the New York Sun on the hot on the advantages of rolling in a blanket at Devil's Lake to keep out the persistent frost. KRIS AH1 The Kudlciil JHeetiiiE Postponed. LONDON-, July surprise has been caused by the sudden abandon- ment of the radical meeting which had been arranged by Sir Charles Dilke, and at which he was to bo tho principal speaker. At the last moment Sir Charles excused himself, saying he was utterly prostrated in consequence 'of the mental strain of the past four weeks. Weather. A fearful wave of heat now extends over tho whole United Kingdom. In London tho ell'ects of the lung spell of torrid weather are appalling. Every one is more or leas all'ected. Children are dying by tho hundreds. Scores, of men aro prostrated by sunstroke each day, and the roadways are often blocked by horses suddenly falling dead. A new terror is added by the presence of hy- drophobia. Tho streets aro absolutely unsafe owing to the number of mad dogs running at Large, and many persons who lever carried weapons before are now Buying revolvers. Crnzeilby Heat. A fireman on the steamer Westphalia, which arrived at Plymouth the Voyage rushed out of the engine room, jumped into tho sea, and was Irowaed. It is believed the intense heat made him insane. Tlio money Market. The general expectation among the batiks and discount houses that there will be an increase in the bank rate on Thurs- day causes dearer money. The first issue of tho extra treasury bills to the amount of will bo made on "Angusl 5th, being part of tho sanc- tioned under the budget to meet the de- ficit. Tho second issue of tho Esyptian loan and the diminution of the surplus cash in tha Bank of England through drains to the Continent, and provincial drafts under harvest accounts cause a rise in rates. Anslo-American Trmle, Col. Frederick Stanley, Secretary of State fortha Colonies, practically prom- ised to revive the negotiations which were abandoned by Lord Derby, his predeces- sor, for a commercial treaty between the United States and the British Colonies in the West Indies. Col. Stanley declined to make any official promise to this effect to. a deputation headed by Charles Ten- nan t, M. P., which called upon him yes- terday and urged him to take.steps to se- cure such a treaty, but in private con- versation after the formal confereKco, the new colonial secretary practically committed himself to a resumption of negotiations with the Washington Gov- ernment. The deputation pointed out that America was willing to accept West India produce upon favorable terms; that America and Kngland were the only markets these colonies had, and that they would bo reduced to starvation unless allowed to trade with Anierioa. The floors. Mr. W. E. Forster.mado an important speech in the Commons this morning on :he South African matter. It were One soldier was killed nr several soldiers and policemen wi: wounded. Many arrests havo been of civilians who sided with the soldier GKUMASY. n or Socialism. BBULIK, July Tho Governmeji hao ordered an investigation into the ci cumstances of tho Socialistic riot i Fnmkfort-on-the-Main, with a view, it reported, of declaring the city in a stat of uiege. Such a declaration would pla< the town so absolutely under iron ru. that the Government believes it could en tircJy suppress Socialism there. Hinidaj JLnkor. It iu.reported that the Governinen has decided to make an exhaustive ii quiry into the whole subject of Sunda labor. ThB Brunswick Grown. LONDON, July Prince Henry VII of Reuos, German Ambussadorof Vienna who has been urged as the best availabl candidate in tho German imperial inter est for the throne of the Grand Duchy o Brunswick, has had his candidacy ap proved by Emperor William. The die of Duchy will therefore be instructed t to offer the Prince the Brunswick orow at the October assembly. Tho wife t tho Prince is a cousin of tho Eumcror. AMERICAN." Train Men Seven Colored Killed in The VeiiczaeiiiH and Mexican United. Settlement of the Indian Territory TronMeu-A uonlile Jllnrilcr. BOSTON. linden Ciller. BOSTON, Miles., July Mat Salisbury, a half owner of Buffalo Bill' "Wild West" show, was this aftomooi made a chief of tho Un-lia-pa-pa tribe, o which Sitting Bull ia chief. The cere monies were conducted by Sitting Bull and were impressiro id by and solemn. Mr ;g was de- signed to prevent the Government giving way to lha requests of the Boer delegate icre that it will takfl hia countrymen un- der British protection, and leave their management to the Colonial Govern- nent. The liords ami tlio Medical Bill. LONDON, July Houso of Lords ast evening, after an animated passage- it-arms between Earl Granville and the iarl of Miltown, in regard tu precedence n moving the second reading of the Hedical Bill, voted in favor of Earl Mil- ;own.' The Liberals aro indignant, bo- ioving tho Lords intend to shelve the [iiestion. forte and Tripoli. The Porte is making unusual prepar- ation for tho defence of Tripoli. The garrison has been increased by men, eavy Krunp guns are being mounted in ho fortress, and have )een laid in tlio fort. Tlio Oiuilnal "ill. Mr. Samuel Morley presented to-day t a meeting of the members of Parlia- nent who are pledged to remain in Lon- on to support the Criminal Bill. A pecial effort will be made to secure tho. doption of tho clauses which raise the ge limit to 10 yaaru, and- permit oarching of houses for girls under welve by their guardians. inf-fineNM in t.hu Commons. In the House of Commons, last even-' ng, tho vote of the army estimates com- ng up, Mr. Smith, Secretary for War, nnounced the Government's decision to rant funds for volunteer defense of the 'yne. Mersey, Clyde end Seven Rivers. lr. 0'Kelly complained of the absence f defences at Irish commercial ports, 'he Government promised to take the latter into careful consideration. At request of Mr, Forster, the Govern- ment promised to revert to the half- rown duty on colonial bonds, in place of 10 budget proposal of a ton shillings1 uty, remains en foreign ouds. Salisbury is the only white man over mado a chief of this tribe. He was givei tho name of Wali-secli-sha-a-ton-sha which ia the-Indian for "Little White Chief." FOBT KU3VO. A WICHITA, Kans., July Eagle Special from Fort Reno says has been received of a bloody affray ai the ranch of R. V. Alexander, 30 miles southwest of Reno in tho Chickasaw nation. M. L. Lee and son, carpenters, wero at .work for Alexander on Saturday, when Bill Howe, an enemy of the happened along and renewed an old quar- rel. Howe shot the senior Lee twice, killing him, then ho turned and shol dead young Lee; tho son. Tho murder- er fled south for Texas. Tlte Indian Mettiemeut. There is a feeling of universal satJefac tiou among the Indiana at the action oi the President in appointing a new agent poi from the army to take charge of their affairs, and his proclamaticn ordering the removal of tho cattlemen has practically settled the discontent that heretofore existed. Capt. Leo, the new agent, is expected here to-morrow, from Crisfield, Kans: Gen. Miles is at B'ort Supply, and will go from there to points in South- western Kansas, whero troops are sta- tioned. Gen, Sheridan will remain hero until the receipt of the President's pro- clamation officially, and, after giving such instructions under it as may necessary, return to Washington. ATJLAWTA. evcn WearcieB Killed. ATLANTA. GA., July Swannoe, on the Richmond Danville R. R., a ditch train ran over a cow, throwing one car from tho track. In the car were 15 negro train hands and six bars of iron. The car turned on its side, and f.he iron fell upon the negroes, killing seven and wounding three more. The track has been cleared. MEXICO. A IMsturbmicc. CITY oi' MEXICO, via Galveaton, July 27. There is a report hero of a revolu- tionary disturbance at Tuupan, but tlio Government does not consider the at all serious. It is thought tho only ob- ject of the outbreak is to plunder the custom house in that ton'n of a few thou- sand dollars. The Hltnnttion AmproviDfTc. The business situation is gradually Im- proving. The banks continue to meet all demands, FISAKCK. 'ranee and Clilun. 'PARIS, July Grevy re- eivud the Chinese A.mbas3ador to-day ith military honors. Tho Ambassador saured M. Grevy that it was tile rirm eairo of tho Emperor to bo at peace with ranee. replied to Ambassador Jnng'Ching that France rejoiced over 10 restoration of friendship, which was advantage to both countries. Ictor EiiiBO'n JUominientM. The Figaro states that tho executors of 'ietor Hugo propose to erect a statue of its poet at Bosancon, his the Pantheon a tomb worthy of tho lustrious dead. In n, A explosion occurred in one of tho col- erics at St. Etiesone to day. A number miners wero imprisoned. So far glib dead bodies have been recovered. antuee by Ji'lro. An extensive conflagration occurred ere to-day, which destroyed live blocks buildings. The loss will probably inch five million franes. Sereral fire- en wero injured by falling walls. ho Tomlnin Frontier. The commission to delimit the frontier etween Tonquin and China will consist two civil officers, one naval and one ilitary ollicer, and the plenipotentiary iuister. he J'ananm Canul, M. De Lesseps, in 'his report on the anama Canal Company, mentions that ie canal will bo completed in 1888. He efends the company from the attacks ade upon it, and says they are simply renewal of the attacks made during' tho ercing of the Suez Canal. The Colon- anama revolt has not affected the share-, olders. Two new contractors have un- ertaken to complete the work for franca. The total cost 'of pierc- g will be francs, to which iust be added interest on capital, etc. AUSSTJMA. Scrlons Fight. VIENNA, July Emeute be- ween soldiers and police occurred to-day i a casino in the Favoriten Quarter, uring which sworda and revolvers take re of it, and ho has now to begin al- osfc anew. He was not only Grant's lysieiaix, but a warm and devoted end. The physicians have so far re- ived most of which was made Mack ay. iERICAN TRADE. on Secre- nlulli tary uicricaii IjiftotlM In Cntrnrtlaii Ilot- "UlHcloiiH meddling." Dululli despatch: Tho circular of tho reasury Department, ismied on tho 24lh St., referring to the fainoua circular Ko. 102'' of July 2nd, and revoking ch portions of that manifesto an ro- indcd Article 844 (if the Customs regu- tions of 1884, and amending such arti- e in such manner as to rentrict the ansportation therein referred, to Ameri- n vessels, created but little interest, as here havo ceased to concern them- Ives about tho freaks of Secretary Man- ng in his attempts to rcgulato com- erce in tho interest of American boats id railways, On its face tho circular ems to restrict tho carrying of freight r transhipment through Cnnada and ee re-entry into the United. State to merican vessels; but such is nut the m- rpretatiou given it at tho Cuntoin ouse. Collector Smith is of the opinion at it refers simply to tho tho papers necessarily made ut to accompany such shipments, and in the case of American aunfactured articles delivered by them Canadian ports for transhipmuiit by il can go' through on- ear lot mauiCeaU, was tho case befofa "120" pro- ulgated, while the Canadian vowels ill bo obliged to make osit ccirtificatcs at their cargo of flour orother mcrchan- lae is of American manufacture and will i obliged to identify the same at its jint of re-entry in tho United States, for Beatrice. She had of tin T. Iloee, tlw aifcnl of tho pnarli) ami dumom'm ronct, it.id no and other Canadian steamore, when [did not have to spend much money. 'the Knuwaln a Vlr- tory--Italic r to Krnt CAiiiO, July Abdullah hue Rsnuhiwl tho leadership of l.Uu of tho lale Mahdi. LOMKIN, July 27.--Mr. lUbort liourku, Undur Foreign Kcrrotary, an- nounced in thu liuuxu of ('ommona thin afternoon that, the had cciveii news ciMilirminn the- thai: the gan-inon at Kanmila hail i-epufood Kl Mnlidi's army, Ifiiiing H ijroai number of the enemy und .capturing nearly nil their cattle. Air. I'.imrko odil- 01! that tlie (I'lveninieHt win .umking ar- to relieve th garrison. This sUituuient with ohcern. re.ceived Tho lii-itisl) (Vovernmcnt, distruoting the result of the to Aloula for Ihu relief of Kiuwnl.i, un con- dition of a subsidy of and donation of arms, has negotia- tions n-ilh Italy fur an iiilvniH-i! on Kog- early in autumn. lUly the overtures lavortbly, but ICnglisl1. co-operation in the expedition, if-uiiduL- taken. Major Cliermnido tclcgrnphs (Uat a iipy Oaman iJiinna recdvetl infur- nmtiun that El Mahdi full ill nn and died on Jone 22. Tbuspy rcptirU Hint OjinanDigma lion licld a religioun Burvico of public over the death. Wo turn next to the answer U> tha juosthm whiU. is Uin boariiij; of tha de- pc.lcipmoiit thoi.py on tho piuclioa! part of ethics? Man'K In nature, 04 torniinuil by thi'ory, in vury ditt'ur- enl from that itiilieutcdin llio older idiiui of men; just UH the nature in <A'hich inftii linils hiinsulf not nature Lliat existed in the cnncuptioiiK of The new ccuiceptiun of man and morals again approaches, iu many re- spects, that which was implied in tha ethics nl clasniuil antiquity. Man no longer outside of niiLuro, but with- in it, aS line of ito intoural iwrts. JJo ia JMibjtiot to the same lawu uf life as tho animals. in him, like all round him, is a product of imluriil, regular velopnient. Kven his moral jiarl ii not Bouietfiing which bus boom out of his own nature, molding itmjlf to the condition tit hid To ethiuist who thiji viow, moialk, will apponr an afl'air of humanity aivd for humanity on uwth; and will give tho (niinjircliiMisivu con- struction of tins saying of Clirint, tho man in not made fur Sabljailu hut tho Sub. bulh for nmn. Wo cannol purcuive that thin view iiivi.lvcn any do- structive tendencies; mid Uxire arc not. a few (UnLinfjuidlied men who avow IHJ- lief that thoreiii tio irrcooncilalile variance between ovoluiiori and religion. With thin view of liio placo void in tho ondlou chain eaunatimi, for (iio iliBjiom'tioim wiiich man I rings into I lie world aro in of it, nulhinj; else tlian a jiroduct of of liiu Tiio recognition of t.Uo factof the traiiciiiusibility tit inentAl tut well an of iihycica! charaetetistics, if not to the children to tho children's children n IrunmniKtiibility whoKe vpheiij inilnuncn in individual is not dusccfiliblc of definition can not but heighten the ft-cl- ing fif rctpoimibility, bucuuio urn thereby made awaro that tlio conae- rjueucDS of god an M-cll nn of bad conduct extend further tl.ou we had mippo Popular Monthly for J illy. The diiunsc known us chnrbon lias lull- ed liundredB of und in Louisiana. Judge .John W. Okcy, of tho supremo court of Ohio, died at OJimibus yester- day, aged fifty. A tall from was drowned. In the -Fcdural Court at Shrtiveport. La., yehtorday, Simini win appoint- Jill man in n linen JUIDIKW! the Brooklyn bridge Thuriday, and ed receiver of tho Sliroreporl UoueSon Narrow Gauge llailway. Tho Queen did not buy any

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