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Roblin Review (Newspaper) - July 3, 1952, Roblin, Manitoba VOLUME FORTY JULY 1952 Religion Day by Day CAKLYLK Of Scripture Judges To get to the background ot our lesson we to under stand that some men ot the tribe of Benjamin bad been guilty of a very foul Their men stood by ax was the custom of Eastern and the rest of the tribes of Israel rose up and went to war with and in indiscrimatc vengeance nearly wiped out the whole Then they saw it had been a It was go ing to be tragical thing that there should be one tribe miss Ing before It was made more tragical by a reckless oath state of The people of Israel said In effect This was a Juct we wort admit that it was anything We wont say that it was wrong we will Insist stubbornly that It was and to make that stick well brand all those who didnt take part in it as pacifists and and make our self jus tification known to all men by punishing them as What we did has pulled down ut ter misery upon and has set the nation back for a generation In its and the results are very and unless we find some way of getting out from It is going to be just too We wont admit we were but well break our necks trying to undo what we have But thats an ancient story Why bother the modern people of Roblin with it These preach ers always seem to be thinking they had taken while their ears j In the But were that iney would not alAfter the first world war the low the f Benjamin to inj Germans would not admit un ter marry wlUi the other I der any circumstances that Bo they look around lor a way j their bloody onslaught upon hu I have spoken before of the manlly had been They Turkish wUh in Korea rather cotnicul way they took of avoiding their outli nut to let their daughters into the tribe of Benjamin But today we see the grim and utterly unreas ogable action they tooktoward the men of Jabesh It is rather a wacky peace of First It is very clear that the rest of Israel saw clear ly that the thing they had done WM a disastrous error and had brought misfortune unpon 80 they sat down and said Was there any group among us who didnt nave a hand In this thing there were the folk of Jasbesh All all the menxrf unmarried women to the had remorse for the results of the but no repentance for the sin of And the Allied pow er a would not admit wrong In the rather fantastic provisions ot the peace treaty but they were ready to see that it wasnt going to work out and they want ed to advoid the consequences of So the Germans made the Jews their men of Jabesh Gil their scapecoats and the other powers retired gracefully behind a smoke screen of isola tionism and the Bolshevik bogey and nobody admitted sin and no body repented before God and where true repentance might have saved the un poatponed an kaeletat stories of the Bible have a nasty habit of turning out to be so will it be with us this men of Benjamin for Which amounted to saying This war thfe war upon Bentime Is the peace to become jamin was a crazy blunder the an orgy of self justification be only people who had too much fore or a revival of re sense to have a hand in It were the people of Jasbeah GHcad so well go and wipe them off the map because they werent as big as fools as the rest of Now how can you explain a think like that The only ex planation I can suggest is that we have here an example of re morse with out That is when we are sorry for the consequences of our actions but are not willing to come be fore God and say that our act ions were sinful and we are sor ry for We do not get into that complex and miserable pentance before Against Thee only have I sinned and have done this evil in Thy How many nations and how many communities and churches and how many indiv idual souls are going to say that to God We had no sin and we havi not we are pure and the enemy alone is evil In Gods How many will say that to themselves and their fellow men Is It to be the haunt Ing misery of remorse or the salvation of repentance that is to go with us into the days of peace Margaret Jean Fisher Weds William Eckert Tummel United Church was the scene of a double ring cere mony on June 28 at 4 when Margaret youngest daugh ter of and of became the bride of Eckert son of Eckert and the late Eck The ceremony was performed by Oarlyle Fisher presided at the or gan and Miss Betty Robin was The bride wore a gown of white net and lace over satin with fitt ed featuring a capr ef fect of heavy lace and a ttafer tip She carried a turn of white lace arranged with whttr gardenia and pink Miss Shirley stater of the was groom was attended by Mucraf Ushers were flartnrv Fisher and Garfleld Following a reception at thr brides and ert left for Clear They will reside on the grooms tain the Tummel Knox United Church Of SnydalSmith Wedding The toBgh Turkish Midlers wfce fern part ef the 15aatioa forces In Korea have won adaUraHesi men all along the Experts in handtohand they have time aad again fought their way out of eftea savtac whole divisions from dangerous Above is the legtaseatal Flag of the the leading regiment of the 519tmaa Turkish United Nation Hear Dem Bells toy Scoots Boy Scouts parents must have been startled Wednesday night of last week after the scout meet Ing when their sons returned one with a finger band the other with a full hand or the arm Inguage For sure some have thought there had been an explosion at the re We no one The fact is at their last the scouts had the hon or and pleasure of the visit of Otke who demonstrated the basic principles of First From a simple finger cut to a limb the main acci dents that may occur to a Boy Scout were Tansy theboys were shown bow to make a bandage hand arm or how to treat a how to maka a what should be done in the case of of a The doctor also gave the group prac tical to which he did not fail to add good ad Prudence when In first he added Do not try to learo things that belong to high med but simple and practical emergency that you might have to do till you can get the help of ot the The are math in debted to OOtt for bis kind TUit and took forward wtth an Kiship if KraMji Visils liklii The Norrls made his annual visitation to Christ on St Peters June 29 and ad ministered the Sacrament of Confirmation to Nora Joan Pearson and Nadine Evelyn After the service a reception was held for the Bishop presided over by the CHANGE IN TIME FOR CHURCH SERVICES During the months of July and the United Churches of the Roblin pastoral charge will jo on summer Beginn ing July 6 the hours of service will be Tummel Rob lin Bield and Deep dale i Roblin Sunday School will meet at the same hour as the church and Parker will be on holidays during the first three weeks in On July 8 the ser vice will be taken by who will report on the meeting of the Manitoba On July 13 and the services will be conducted by John tifflpatton for another At the next meeting the Scouts will review signalling and the semaphore There win also be a guest a former to give the scouU the profit of his About a month or so ago Carlot Lovas brought one of the famous mystery bells to the They had found it in their pasture at their farm just north of Jack Pish incldently has been at the Review office and has evoked quite a few inquiries from cus It is In good condition with original knocker and wire with a bit of brasso and muscular motion could be made to shine as in days of yore We reprint an article from the Free Press Prairie commenting on the bells then another article of letters receiv ed about same and finally a clarification of the mystery out of the Rossburn Issue of April The article appeared In the latter paper due to the fact that bells of Ms type had been found at A week or two ago your Edi tor noticed a bell of the same design at the home of Percy so ten to one there are quite a few of them in our com e MYSTERY OF THE BELLS Free Press Prairie Farmer For 27 years a fur buyer from across the inter national boundary from the Northwestern town of Fort has been trying to find out the origin of a small bronze bell he found on Rainy Stoffels says he found the bell In 1925 while on a hunting It bears the date 1878 and Inscription Saigne Legier on one side Fondeur on the Seven small rose ttes adorn the The bell is clear toned and measures four Inches across the base and 3 12 Inches from top to It has a handle shaped In the form of a rectangle as though it was designed for a heavy Stoffels learned recently that similar bells have turned up in the Duluth area of Minnesota and as far away as Other bells have been found at Two and along the shore of Lake One was found hanging from a tree top In Eastern The theory hac been advanced that the bells were hung in the forest by some forgotten religi ous order to remind traveller that Ood Is always Another possibility is that the bells were carried west by Wench lumberjacks several generations ago as good luck Stoffels discounts the latter theory because he found the bell in an area that hadnt been WHO RANG THOSE BELLS At 7 June Knox Unit ed Church was the scene a wedding when Carol younger daughter of and Maynard became the bride of Kristinn Karl Sny son of of and the late John The ceremony was performed by Carlyle with Miss Aurelia Andres as organ and Jack Snydal as The bride wore a gown of white satin with lily sleeves aad veil by a coronet and carried red Miss Patricia stater of the acted as She wore a gown of mauve net over satin with finger and carried white Down i After a reception at orial and left for a trip to Clear Deepdale Entertain Grandmothers and Clifford Ayer motored to Brandon Tuesday returning home left on Sun BTlis April twodays 23 was a surprise to The same type of bell was found last fall by my husband while gett ing the The bell was the same same same writ Ing on the same number of rosettes and on the opposite side to the writing was an em blem resembling a maple As we live in NorthWest Al berta at St we wondered If this bell could be the first one found In that We think It was brought by Indians or settlers who put them on their horse or dog Adrien St Alberta Sir In regard to thestory Mys tery of the Bells April The bell found by Stof fels Is a Swiss cow bell Import ed to this country by mall order bouse of Sears Roebuck thirty years BELL MYSTERY SOLVED IN Rossburn Origin of socalled mystery bells found by many rural residents of the border area and the same as owned by Hugh Armstrong of Vista Is no longer a The small brass bells dated 1878 and bearing the the word saignelegier have been arous ing considerable speculation re cently Theories concerning their origin had them hung In tree tops by forgotten religious order being accepted by the Indians from early day fur traders or being brought here by French Canadian Nick a citizen of wrote the daily Journal of International Falls that a picture and description of the bells is contained In a 1902 edition of a Sears Roebuck ca The mystery bells are listed as Swiss Cow bells In the mall order according to They sold for prices ranging from 33 cents to and bad a wide Besides being found in the woods and farm lands in this the 4H Boys Club camp at Brandon The monthly meeting of the lo cal group was held June 25 at the home of Rink with 15 members and four visitors At the close of the busi ness section of the on behalf of the members present ed Bailes with a pin as a parting Mc on behalf of the Ladles of which Bailes has al so been an active and valued presented her with two pretty cups and Highlight of the afternoon was the entertaining of the thers Each was gives a Gardner the oldest Fred Ward as were presented with lovelfi bos Gardner received flowers in recognition of having the most also the most lira grand mothers A vin Nastrom was the The afternoons enjoyment clos ed with a lovely lunch semtfVy the INVITATION and Elmer Parr re quest the pleasure of ftUMfc and relatives at the wedding of ivy May Isabel of to Maurice Hott of In the1 Grandvlew United at 3 oclock in the afternoonof Reception will be held In the Pleasant Valley Hall commen cing at A hu Irm tie tut ton vicinity several are still in use for livestock borderrites re ported picking them up in Lou isiana and lot a of ikii H Itti aU ftrm Im 1 HAD a in vestment in sBf farm and I had to protect For oaf thwf the barn needed a lot of I found 1 could get a Farm Improvement Loan that would cover all chc repairs at terms I could So the barns fixed and my machinery and crops are 1 actually wd money by repairing the ban fight FARM IMPROVEMENT LOANS can also be used let New nutdiiatry tad etjuisMoatj New foundation or breeding Farm drainage odw THE ROYAL BANK OF CANADA Roblin

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