Thursday, December 13, 1917

Roblin Review

Location: Roblin, Manitoba

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Roblin Review on Thursday, December 13, 1917

Roblin Review (Newspaper) - December 13, 1917, Roblin, Manitoba Acres far 23 27 28 of itaprtjTfd firmt IB RJO HndUtftc further im appi 10 ROBLIN ANDREW JOHNSTON i il vantage to Call and get Prices on Flour f just arrived Agent ROBLIN VOL t n 7 M M I 1 M I I 8 I I M I I i i i 1 i i i i 1 I I i 1 I I I i 1 1 Ml I I 1 I i i I i I I fc 1 i i i i 1 I 1 i 1 i i I i I i i i I 1 i 1111 Right in the heart of the when you need a suit we hjiyu reduced the price low that every whether he needs a suit or not will buy one at those have only sixteen left and are to clear them this Saturday at Just think of it a suit for such a small price during war times when you have to pay n0 for a suit of over alls ami smock wouldnt you pat for a fine checked coth that we cannot bnv to day for at whole 11 Boys Suits Sizes 6 to 10 years special Sat nrday bargain Mens Overcoats with Persian Lamb Collar Mens Uunderwear Prices are high and merchand ise scarce that in why we have de cided to clean up our entire stock of woolen underwear at less than wholesale Mens Woolen me dium 75 a spec ial for Saturday Military Flancll 1 he Roblin Trading Co Where Your Dollar Does Its Duty Special bargains for the Ladies Rembember these are great bargains Grey suitable for u for per yd 0 25 No mure than 8 vil ID M customer Dress i e Ii5c i clearance sale Saturday 2 yds 0 25 Lad Folt House Slip pers 175 These felt dippers urn hard to get ttt any Hair Nets without darl hrovvn 0 In 10DO Lleo fitami 10c a 5 yds I Childniis reg ial for garment 0 Ludies Fancy beiu tiful crepe le George rej Saturday spec 0 1U Shirt Ladies and Mens Overshoes 25 pair Ladies one buckle Overshoes at a Mens 15 pair left Itegular to Saturday a pair APPLES Only a few boxes Get a box for Christmas while we have them a box of 501 b net urocenes Buy your winter sup plies now while the prices are reasonable I Yu i i iwi i i n u I i ir i isr i i iv 2 ih for u o MiS lo M lea i i price a a ii i arc il i Saii in l liny M ll ill I Sail to I worth wlnii aie iiiil hard to le got al thai price iiriard BlicL Tea in ill 5 Jh Im KM is goliiL we tI it 14 Highest Prices Paid for Dressed Poultry eeing tor women at Klhitison told of i he wonderful work the church iu behalf of i i in riLjljt paths nnd also ulter needed of warning to iho services continue j until A morning vice will bo hold on Sunday 11 At some of the ser v nf he ml ifully colored lantern Ililies are A v social and dance iielil at i hihome of Johns nu A of young people at i nnd t he sum of was for the Red iiia credit is duo Joseph for the ahle manner he handled the sale of nnloulod a car of for his hig sale which ari Dec 15th and lasts 15 ROBLIN RED CROSS SOCIETY The have received i he following Mr Mr Knight Miss Edna t Proceeds of dance iid social at Douse fancy numher of cushion 72 Report of Boyj and Girli Clib n Stationery 2 X lYinting List 15 00 I Yiniing Prizu 2 00 out iu Prises 254 00 tt X HKCKIITS i Association ions 1 of lioaril Makaroff 23 00 51 00 09 00 127 00 273 oa II MM MI M iii i i Mi A PENNY SAVED IS A PENNY EARNED Robiin Locals i 1 THE ECONOMY GENERAL STORE Now display their Huge Stock of i General Merchandise It is most complete aind well assorted in every department Mens Suits The hititi prices for future delivery is so marked that it is real icouernv to j 111 chase a suit or overcoat Stanfields Underwear The army and navy are wearing them They are the on land or sea and are all Next year we cannot tell they be and can only advise laying in your inpply Boots and Shoes We boat of knowing pretty much of everything about the Uuotand Shoe bus iness thai is irth a hubby of it and naturally have a large and well Vou know all about prices Fuitljtr it tuiiy be long enough before our stock is again as complete as it is today Get Your Feet in Now The Economy General Store SAM Proprietor i nr I rip to the i i in new pn another pac anl act J Muuic ft ill he helil I week in The Sunday School children ciiHecliiig mimes for auoth ii Red jross I e in your j Mr iMaulc Baker is huilding n j and no less hrisie otits construction IB lniuly and wo are ieginniny The fowl supper and salts of fiiii of the cliiirch Hiir realised clear of ex sum This the hulance Municipal ii M i Kiver 11 tllii I nearly altof the Llie Vvill hold given a on llldUran fund I nmlockisselling raffling at each and one Miiuiioii out of the 150 tickets in CM id gone and tlu unlucky j I niou ami hoysj i1 mt on a very risky BO ui i up for i he tickets or you c VVi I I I h I 1 i ui liio ii i ior 11 i i preach mall hut appreei ion on thosiih the EH i ii ilto Happiness MrAr lui r iitialil unfortunate iiiii the service A he conifj to with trur scotch tenacity 1V with We more notice t t ime he as i not like to miss I H i 1 IIH A i ll h huiilt s t I I 1 i AV Shareholders and ion particularly Diree of Creamery Co to HI tend a moet i chool Jiouse tui 15 h G pm if il have u Crouch on ltur it llunu wu want iiir it train i rowers nri I H fres ij Two Dollar Wheat and Cheap Land r I i Jitfl i i J i r t j t i Vc ii j t a i j T f in firocKsij of being Ui nrnl xettlcrn n or n Apply once be THE 311 in I IUJKI VANCOUVER

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