Thursday, May 13, 1937

Roblin Review And Togo News

Location: Roblin, Manitoba

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Roblin Review And Togo News on Thursday, May 13, 1937

Roblin Review And Togo News (Newspaper) - May 13, 1937, Roblin, Manitoba THE ROBLIN At The Massey Harris Warehouse SALE 2 Hand Cotkchutt Waking 1 M Uft John Roblin 3 vutiiVClL CARO OF THANKS I wtsfc to my sincere s friends who voted for in Harold Ksast Ji you If you want to or the Review TRAVELLING ART EXHIBITION MISS ALICE CHARGE roqueted lo attend and tec the Traveling Art Exhibition SCHOOL AUDITORIUM ROBLIN FRIDAY SATURDAY MAY 1115 PUBLIC MEETING EVENING AT S Thai tins iViasUJ sir be ti o wvih ins pncti io FRIDAY AFTERNOON AND SATURDAY ROBLIN SCHOOL FROM IS OPEN FOR PUPILS OF RURAL An opportunity of a lifeiime No Admission DC nt Miss Western Chain Stores WEEK END FOOD SPECIALS Choice Pink g Limit 4 tins to a customer 1 Ib tin Cowans Perfection S Limit 2 tins to a customer 1 Ib tin g Robin Hood Quick Cooking 29 1 with china 55 pWg g Lesaek reHei Erfe Bank of McNeiil tax NE 32527 NW Ncvrton Srydon samps t dv 2t par moiisuitt pel CASJI ivtth HiNC ECUS FOR Tiim Bafron v 50c Ap Smith HOTEL FOR upstairs 14 consists of dining one sample sitting od FarInformation to Yee or preferably call in m13p dAf TkflTVYT SALMON Manitoba Pure JOC Campbells tomato A Ik iC tins crushed 9RC 1 2 tins Libbys torn 1 rjC CHICKEN HADDIE Lily 12 oz A 1 No 1 TOMATO JUICE Hf Cream Sodas rC bag CORNED BEEF hat taxes on That Reeve Treasurer ae authorised ctmpiete agreement of sale with Wm 19 Be ick be given credit ior on SW be ieascti to Andrews and P Cam sron or Jiic ii37 for the Reeve an SecretaryTreasurer be authorized to complete agreement of sale with Hai ry Nowosas for NE pnc ba the Reeve anu SetictaryTteasurtr are authorized co d sale with Mil ton Carlson for NVV price ts lots in Bieic by the Municipality be sold to with the exeception of lots 10 and for the sum of and that lots 5 and 6 be left to G Loveil for 3 aardcn for 1937 SE 202827 be leased to Steve Trowosky for one third crop shnre for the years That a new road maintainer be purchased for Ward the follow inu accounts be paid Shreibers relief Mar i 11 oD shall j relief Edcl relief Eii relief Douse Fedorchuk relief Williams relief Ready relief Ed Reed G A Cooper relief Mrs Shablock relief Geryluk Ferorchuk Medicines medical serives Nernberg E KirkpatricU care of Gatrell brdge timber bridge timber bridge timber UNITED CHURCH U Church Lasting Fricnoihip Enter the Open Pray Tummel 11 Roblin At terns u S s Cromariy r May ivin Subject God Misses i Pctico b sing at ths evening s Store HIDAY AND SATURDAY GROCERY SPECIALS FOR One D Great Piairs pawcr o Office m5P COFFEE TAVLORS HARDWARE LB CHEESE 63c 13c PRUNES 2 Iba 2 Ibs 25c Corn Starch 2lbs Yeast Cakes TEA yooti Ol quality LB Blue Hibbon Red Rose 43C LB All Brands 13 PAINT SAL 6th Jo MAY Onl You can save yourself some nice money on the following PRODUCTS SemiLustre Satin Enamel Linx Clear Varnish Enameloid for enterior MarNot Floor Enamel House Paints Barn Paint A Coronation Tumbler with each Dollars worth of choce quality O 2 tins 25 Coirntry Hist per tin lOc tin Vic Unions nuxwcitin 43 ID JUICE Green Ginnt kiJ oz i n 9C Fruits Vegetables ORANGES 25c Snd 39c BANANAS 2 Ibs TOMATOES 1 Ib 18c 5 Ibs DUTCH Ib MULTIPLIERS 2 Ib TIMOTHY SEED Ib 6c ARD OR SHORTENING limit VK 29C BANANAS Bananas 3 29c fancy 3 Ibs 25c 25c LETTUCE firm heads 2 for Ib 15c Ib 12c Coronation Gifts Canned Vegetable Combination 2 AylmcrGoiden Bantam Corn 2 tins 69 2 Libbys Pork and Beans 16 The 6 for Extra Specials For Thrifty Shoppers CHILDRENS PRINT sizes 2 to 6 CHILDS ANKLE sizes 5 to pair BOYS HAWLEY TROPPER each MENS CHAMBRAY WORK all each MtN iVtearryacompletfliHeof BULOVA WATCHES Tumblers 10c Brooches 10c Knives 25c Spoons 00c90c FLAGS 5c 10c 215c HEMING VVATCHMAKER JEWELER lefts Fashion Shoppe Malcolm Clearance Sale of Spring Merchandise Commencing May 13th TAILORED SWAGGER THREE JNEHTRD TO ONEQUARTER COATS MUST BE CLEARED TO MAKE FOR NEW Stagger anJ i wno be tauored r to tonatr have 7t low in the smart Sixes to SALE PRICE to COAIS Snappy and drfii3y price for the Never tee utterly hiflh with fUred and gored boxy or PRICE RA1NCAPES You can be to any tsme one of Gum Rubber Drixzie KrmWie sieners Gay colors fer Length 47 AT HALF PRICE GAl1 Before you know youll haye on one or these outswndinB Whether you want one Piain or Boiero or we have and sucrf an oi soil colors as well as navy and 14 to riegular SALt PRICE FEiAL ytu can have a summer dress that is reaiiy ano Let the temperature as hBh as it a cool appear ance you are vveanng this pretty Ail dainty floral prints in soft pastel Short purfed and tailored Sizes 14 to ivilli glorified Boily by and from new Iliiit1 tin uparions huiltin a I i s il Inislcl const ruction I it flucl Slfel iv ill every tin Jlli wider flat nw room all full lnat and and Fisher AoIJnift of Chevrolet by Fisher in the Invert ririrc And no other car priced BO low thcf other matchless advantages ifiullcad Kcunoniy engine KneeAction Llidiiisi vide tin Models and PcriVrUd Hvdiuli You get lie most for votir nifitity wlsen vuii choose a ns ow payinenta on the General Motyi THERES NO DELAY WHEN YOU OKDER A NEW CHEVROLET TICTOC WASH FROCKS Crisp clean patterned tubfast prints in that new finely corded cotton known as Styles and colors as gay as You simply cant afford to be without fteverat of these Excellent range of to 44 transportation CROSS Dealer J MUCH ROOMifH INTERIORS

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