Thursday, April 22, 1937

Roblin Review And Togo News

Location: Roblin, Manitoba

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Roblin Review And Togo News on Thursday, April 22, 1937

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FORUM for Roblin was the guest at the Sunday in the Mani toba Social Credtt League Headquar His visit brought him closer to the hearts of the people ol Greater by his very open and frank expression of in the audience his experience ax a public servant and Hav ing served the best part of his life in public serving his follow men and gave him the greatest reward anyone could secure and happiness to He asserted that one should have the right ideal in learn to un derstand the other persons viewpoint to carry forward and interpret the wishes of those he was the aim of his service in the Rogers explained very ably the position of the five Social Credit mem bers in the their position being to hold the while ths or ganization of the Province was being built up and to introduce into ths debates ss much as the So cial Credit giving the new wide He dealt with much of the legisla tion brought down in the present and their attitude in support ing progressive within the limitations of an orthodox govern The speaker stressed very forcibly the that ths present set up was a political game controlled by strings from that hidden finance impeding the progress of any real democratic Rogers contrasted the great ceremony and ritual and the importance attached to the opening exercises of the comparing the de plorable conditions that existed es pecially in the which ap pearel to be only sacondary ation to the present economic and financial which allowed people to starve in the midst 01 In my constituency of Rogers went on to there are people who produce and and who deny themselves many of these basic necessitities in order to pay debts and keep a roof over their or buy a few cheap articles of clothing to keep them and their children from In Rogers thanked the members of Winnipeg for their en thusiastic and promised to be a regular attendant at the Forum during his stay in Full of fire and vitality Rogers is known in the Manitoba Legislature as the stormy petrel of the Social Credit Social Credit advo cates sincerely hope he is the fore runner of the impending storm that will batter the old financial wreck to QUALITY OF NORTHERN GROWN WHEAT DISCUSSED BEFORE GRAIN INQUIRY wi itiviam or low grown in norineni a propotoi iur exclusion of viarnct variety rrotn riormeru wneat grades ana various vitw on mcmous were pib service o tie i royal gram ac tumuruon Mcwaiia ot tne university ui muciia inauc criticism ui norinfcrngrown wneat and asxed ex ciusion of uarnei from tne QI i ne grain section OT trie tu monvon Onamoer or commerce wan given permission to a bnei dealing with Ur McCallas statements ana exclusion or tjarnet would tenu toward greater uniformity within tn Northern wheat said tvic in emphasizing uniformity wa essential to Canada s export business Ur McOailas plan would bar from 3 and 4 Northern as well as 1 and 2 Northern as at It would add 3 and grades to the present 1 and 2 Garnet The general quality of all varieties of wheat grown in the woooeu of the Northern areas was that produced in the southern are Mcoana If extension or wheat growing in the northern areas then the general quai ity of Canadian wheat would he Northern grown said Me lacked sufficient protein and protein was a vital factor in making bread of strong As most of Northern Alberta wheat was ex ported through a weaker quality of Canadian grain was shipp j ed through the Pacific Vancou ver 3 Northern wheat was ai times a glut on the he de Frank head of the Department of soils at the University of Alberta since it was organized in declared climatic conditions aff ected the types and grades of wheat grown in the The best wheat in Alberta was grown in the south were rainfall was a he pointed Several farmers were heard during the with most of them urg ing continuance of the open market method of disposing of Angus McDonald of one of the farmers urging continuance of the open proposed a guaranteed price commensurate with cost of pro duction plus a reasonable margin of who retired from his Bon Accord farm 18 months supported wheat board market ing with an initial and interim pay ments to When the grain section of the Ed monton Chamber of Commerce ans wered McCallas recommenda it was proposed Garnet variety be eliminated from 3 Northern but admitted to 4 and other Nor thern 3 Garnet wouid be made a new grade and add ed to 1 and 2 The northern areas were good farm ing it Emphasising the high productivity of the Northern and central the breif said low yield and high protein content of good quality may and ap parently do gohand in hand but high yield and satisfactory financial re to hand In hand if the quality is not of the The read by in cluded the remark that McCalla was budding up his case as strong as Justice Turgeon re this imputed bad raith to McCalla and Settle said such imputation was not Mc Calla himself denied up case but had given the facts as he had found commission called it an un fortunate Alfred Alberta expert on freight rates and traffic said present frenght rate large ly because of the mountain differen worked against Alberta and put an extra burden on the Hardly less an old wivos tale than the monopoly charges so frequently is the oft repeated charge that the oil business is gouging or plann ing to gouge the public for prices of its The best evidence that there never has been justification for this charge is the fact that in spite of many years of being the industry is still doing business with prices lower than Prices have fluctuated with chang ing conditions of supply and demand and economic At times there have been good profits In recent times with a good many of the established companies they have been too low to provide anything like a reasonable return on capital and for service rendered One of the larg est earned only per cent in 1935 and part of that came from prices charged for An 1899 sales ticket shows that the almost useless byproduct gas oline was selling at approximately the same price that is obtained for the 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Valley of Jasper National Alberta Mr Sommerville brings to Jiis new position extensive hotel experience in Egypt and on this He was formerly Assistant Manager of the Chateau Jasper Park Lodge will open on June

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