Thursday, April 15, 1937

Roblin Review And Togo News

Location: Roblin, Manitoba

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Text Content of Page 1 of Roblin Review And Togo News on Thursday, April 15, 1937

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authorised to complete agree ment of to Fred Calver for SE 10 to be ISO That Gooselaw be given for That NW t2f27 be leased to Wal ter for year 1937 for That given That Reeve and SecretaryTreasur er be authorised to complete agree mine of with Williamson for SE Terms to be Chick That Williams be given relief for month of That following hay permits be given David Chaae NW and NE Norman Johneton SW Jas Ready NE to 2Sc per Sch i That accepted in payment of tames on That following accounts be paid Reyal Bank of Canada on guaranteed lean Admaa oV on prin ciple Interest tax title NW 726 27 Shubin medical services Nernberg livery Hicks Village of lights Cooper relief Sha blok Geryluke Nowosad relief Holoyko Jas Ready relief Edel Boaver Lumbar fuel relief Fedorchuk stationery medical relief Yakaboski care of Gattrell fuel for Williams livery medicine Manitob Telephone System rentals relief Edel relief Bailkoski HenneM medical services Nick planks Khreibers relief Brott Trowoski rent etamps That money paid by Barber for church on NE 92626 amoun ting to That meeting ITS AN IDEA Saskatchewan government is about to impose higher taxes on the chain and mail order stores to enable budget to if our Manitoba solons would do something like it would help build up our villages and comunities as these draw very largey from out of town and they do not pay one cent of the local Res ten WOODS PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON Dunlop in Orachs Office PHONE 0 KERR DENTIST t te 12 and 1 ta by Appointment Office in Newton Block T 8TAMDI8H Funeral Service and Embahuer PHONE M EOBLXN Rowley DUNLOP MAIN SPECIAL Phillip Norris Fine cut Tobacco with pocket pouch Tobacco 15c Jackey Cigarette Tobacco 2 pkgs Mug Shaving Soap 5c ICE CREAM ORANGES GRAPEFRUIT FRESH STOCK OF CONFECTIONERY MEALS AT ALL HOURS SHELL RIVER MINUTES of Shell River council meet ing held on the 6th day of April with Councillors No osad mnd Evans present and Reeve Rogers in the That minutes of last meeting as read be a bylaw bo read a first second and third numbered and finally passed to sell the SW 32S29 to Webb for the consideration of paying taxes to the amount of a year for three The taxes to continue at that amount for the The pur chaser to pay costs of obtaining title at the end of three That a bylaw be read a sec ond and third numbered and finally passed to assign the tax sale certificate on the NW 242829a to Doroth That the agree ment between Sheil River Municipal ity and Glen Finch on the NW 3228 29 be a bylaw be read a second and third numbered and finally passed to sell tht NW 322829 to Fedorak for the sum of to be paid in Taxes tor a and taxes each year at 5 per cent until a bylaw to asstgn tax sale re SVV 42729 to Great West Life Assurance be read a second and third numbered and finally the appli cation of Christian Scnick for Old Age pension be no loads be allowed on the RobltnBenito highway over 2 tons until further That council recommend that Howell be al lowed a month on his old age the council supply seed to the needy ratepayers to the amount of 50 bushels of wheat and or 70 bushels of oats to a quarter Any ratepayer that owes on any seed account will not be allowed Five per cent to paid on receipt of the seed for cash to de fray collection That a bylaw be read a second and third numbered and finally passed to obtain a credit for on a guaranteed loan from the gov ernment on the Royal Bank of Cana da Kolo may be allowed the sum of per month for his wife and Hu cak be allowed the sum of for April and we pay 1c a tail for gophers until June 1937 Same to be counted by the Councillor who will be responsible for the place of LAST WEEK IN THE LEGISLATURE I he LcyisiaLure is becoming more a game ot cnecKtrs ana uie uovernment on I uesaay made two iasi moves ii quick succession in oruer to avoid the Wage lax Issue anu stay in I he opposition roundly condemned the government on this practice whicn they contended was not permissable even if the game were Stubos had moved a resolution to abolish the wage which Bracken amended by adding the words as soon as a majority of this House approves of sufficient reduc tion in expenditures to offset and Bracken had not yet resumed his seat when his govern ment moved a second adding the words or as soon as this House approves of an other tax to take its Under the rules of the House no further amend ment was in stating the position of the Labour Party informed the House they were not to be tricked into an impossible posit which would as if it was a straight vote on the wage tax and would vote against both amend Willis stated that the Con servative Party believed that the 2 wage tax should be abolished and the loss in revenue made up from the higher incomes through the ordinary income tax and partly by cutting or dinary Wilis ex plained that it was impossible to re cord the view point of the Conserva tive party on the twice amended mo tion before the house because the id eas of the conservative party wre con partly in the first amendment and partly in the To vote the second amendment would be in terpreted as an endorsation of the 2 which was the real issue and therefore th e Conservative Party would vote against both Since the 2 tax was said to bring in Willis stated he did not believe this amount could be ob tained by reductions in expenditures but that most of it must come from a revised income Willii severely criticised Bracken for so amending the motion in order to pre vent opposition parties from register ing their actual On the vote the government was sustained with the help of the Social Credit Party and two Indepen by a vote of 29 to The Economic Survey finally passed the but in spite of repeated no one yet knows as to what is to be surveyed or James financial critic of the Conservative warned the government that if it was to continue inactive in regard to the problem of of then the only result would be inevitable He pointed out that the various Provincial enterprises which had disappeared although 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