Wednesday, September 4, 1991

Brandon Sun

Location: Brandon, Manitoba

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Brandon Sun (Newspaper) - September 4, 1991, Brandon, Manitoba Sports Hanlpn calls it quits INSIDE WEDNESDAY MTS MBMtB 1418 MUM I 4 1 3 911 1Z S The Arts Frank Capra will be missed Printed on partially recycled Please recycle this September 1991 o 6191566 500 Daily plus GST CLOUDING OVER on Page 8 PM warns sides in postal strike Ottawa names mediator to end labor dispute PAM Sun Staff Canadian Press Prime Minister Brian Mulroney warned that the postal strike wont be allowed to drag on indefinitely as Ottawa prepared to name a mediator today to give negotiators a final chance at ending 12days of rotating When the elderly cant receive when the sick arent get ting their when they have to line up for hours in hot areas were going to make certain that doesnt go on Mulroney said Tuesday in The rotating strikes that have disrupted some business oper ations and interrupted mail service to millions continued The Canadian Union of Postal Workers said its members were off the job in more than 140 centres early including Ot Calgary and Van Labor Minister Marcel Danis said representatives of Canada Post and the union will be summoned to his office today to be briefed on the decision to name a mediator and to be told the minister expects their co The identity of the mediator was not Both sides in the postal dispute spent Tuesday morning sniping at each I have a better chance of grow ing a full head of hair by noon than we have in reaching an agreement with the Canadian Union of Postal said a balding Harold vicepresident of human resources for Canada The bargaining table can ac complish no CUPW president JeanClaude Parrot accused Canada Post of conducting a waiting game for the past 26 months so that Ottawa would impose a settlement through legislation and the Crown corpor ation would not have to bargain Mulroney Dunstan Parrot Danis strike would be discussed at a cabi net meeting Danis had warned both sides Friday that he expected substan tial progress over the He stopped short of threatening to legislateanend to the Ottawa did to end the 16day postal strike of Mulroney indicated the postal Canada Post is offering an hour on average in addition to lumpsum payments as high as to cover the time thi lapsed since expiry of the las tract July The whose me make an hour on aver seeking a wage increase tq an hour by after emphatically re jecting the companys latest offer on said issues still on the table included conversion of part time jobs into fulltime prevention of post office closures and limits on contracting out of Elsewhere The postal strike caused direct marketing firms to lay off several hundred workers late last Week and thousands more will like ly be gone within an industry spokesman said Our business is simply drying up its coming to a said John president of the Can adian Direct Marketing Associa A petition is circulating among Edmonton postal workers to try to force the union to put the latest contract offer from Canada Post to a CUPW union ex ecutive members say the petition is going nowhere and is the product of a misinformation campaign by Canada Post In an Ontario court granted a permanent injunction to Canada Post to limit pickets at three sorting The court drtterropirrns temporary injunc tion that banned all picketing at the three plants last week because of Mediator given gloomy response Sun Staff ROTATING STRIKE Brandon postal workers picket at the Douglas Street mail station as extra signs lay in the Brandon The local president of the Can adian Union of Postal Workers be lieves Ottawas appointment of a mediator will do little to break the deadlock between the union and Canada Dan Flick said third party inter vention failed to bring the two groups closer together before CUPW went on I dont perceive it helping Flick said Tuesday We had a conciliator for eight months and that didnt do any What would they expect one to do now in a short period of time The nationwide strike entered Day 11 Canada Post walked away from the negotiating table Tuesday morning after representa tives for the union rejected managements latest offer Rotating strikes across the country resumed Monday at mid Brandon was the only com munity in Manitoba with workers on the picket Flick predicted a settlement wont come If nothing budges significantly this its going to be long and Well either be all out or all forced back in through back to work Flick said there were two re placement workers delivering in Brandon but the union didnt do anything to disrupt ser BRIEFLY Filmon shuffle WINNIPEG CP Premier Gary Filmon has refused to confirm or deny a report his government is planning to shuffle or get rid of several senior civil ser I have no comment on Filmon said calling the story in the Win nipeg Free Press highly The newspaper quoted un named sources saying sev eral deputy ministers would be moved to new jobs while others would be let go in the Liberal Leader Sharon Carstairs said Filmon should clear the air for civil servants and announce any changes hes planning to Carstairs said senior bu reaucrats have been living in fear since the when Finance Minister Clayton Manness said about onethird of the provinces deputy ministers would be gone soon because they didnt slash their budgets He said later he was only De Klerk proposal South Africa AFPReuter South African President de Klerk unveiled the ruling National party proposals for a nonracial constitution Wednesday say ing his party has shed its apartheid History has given us a golden opportunity to rid our country of the antagonisms and conflicts of the to steer a new course which will include all South Africans in a just sys de Klerk The plan envisages a threetier government with two houses of with members of the first proportionally elected from all political parties while the second will consist of equal numbers of seats allocated to nine regions in South The plan sees the State President replaced by a col lective body known as the consisting of the leaders of the three largest parties in the first house of with a rotating PAM Sun Staff BACK TO WORK PASSING THE TIME Diane Traa from Glad stone gets some exercise after moving into resi dence at Flora Cowan Hall at Brandon University The fall term began New beginning ends in tragedy for school kids Canadian Press Gorbachev and Yeltsin present a united front CPAP Moscow Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin urged lawmakers Tuesday to approve sweeping changes in the Soviet Gorbachev warned Congress it might cease to exist if it failed to accept radical president of the Russian called for an end to underground nuclear tests and sought to reassure the world Soviet nuclear weapons would all be moved inside the huge borders of his Russian controlled centrally and kept from the hands of hawks and ter Even as Gorbachev and the Congress of Peoples Deputies wrestled with the question of what would replace the old Soviet ethnic tensions flared along its southwestern Clashes be tween demonstrators and police were reported in a strike was called in Azerbaijan to protest 8 elections and ethnic Russians and Ukrainians demon strated in Yeltsin and the leaders of nine other republics had put before the Congress on Monday a broad proposal to strip the Kremlin of most powers and trans fer them to the while first concentrating power in a State There may be independent republics which insist on a confederation and on an economic tf BORIS Rut clan Council composed of the Soviet president and leaders of the re Emerging from the second day of the threeday Gorbachev issued a stern telling reporters that if lawmakers didnt approve his then the people will reject this Con gress The Congress will have exhausted its The plan is backed by Tadjikistan and It has not been signed by Moldavia and the three Baltic Many of its details remained vague but Yeltsin said he sees the new Soviet Union as a place where Us constituent republics can be in dependent or sovereign within one new single Yeltsin appeared to be outlining a new structure more like the 12 nation European Community than a revamped single There may te independent re publics which insist on a confedera and on a and on associated membership and on an economic he And yet they must all be within some sort of new single Yeltsin did not specifically mention the three Baltic states of Latvia and But he has previously backed their dec larations of outright The three Baltic states and Georgia are participating as ob servers here in talks on the econ omic It was supposed to be a day of new beginnings for little Amanda Gowin and young LeeAnn Fiveyearold Amanda was to start her first day of kindergarten while was attending her first day at a new school after her family moved to the southern Alberta hamlet of But a tragic schoolbus accident killed both and the bus 29 yearold Rona About 8 a tanker truck bar relled into the back of the bus which exploded into plunged through a guardrail and flipped down an Two sevenyearold children suffered burns and smoke inhala They were in good condition in hospital Tuesday The truck driver was not seriously The 10seat bus had stopped at a temporary traffic light at a bridge under construction near 50 kilometres southeast of when it was rammed by the truck hauling diesel When I turned my head to look I heard the bang of the truck hitting the bus and saw the bus burst into flames as it wiped out the guardrail and went down the said a shaken Merrill a foreman working on the construction Demone rushed to the bus and peered in the drivers side but heavy smoke and intense flames prevented him from seeing any Then I heard screams around the other side and as I rushed a boy was standing beside the bus while a girl was trying to crawl out a said Demone pulled the girl through as flames engulfed the As he rushed the children to a car to be taken to three or four explosions rocked the sending flames about 13 metres into the he The boy was screaming that his sister was still inside but there was no way I couldjget he The boy who Brad is LeeAnns The other Chantel is the bus drivers Amanda was the bus drivers After the crash the tanker with its litres of diesel also careered down the bank and came to rest on its side about 30 metres from the burnedout shell of the Crews pumped the diesel from the two tanks the truck was haul and worked to keep any fuel from spilling into the The truck drivers Jurgen Mantel of Mantels said the driver had driven the same route less than two weeks The whose name was not is emotionally Mantei No charges have been Investigators were still uncer tain about why the truck crashed into the and why the bus caught The fuel tank is between the front and rear wheels and inside Bus crash ALBERTA Edmonton Schoolbus collides with tanker Calgary Carseland 200km CP the so and frame protect the Its as safe as humanly said Ross director of the provincial transportation The crash was the second worst schoolbus accident in Alberta his said In a school bus in Lament was struck by a train and 17 children Weve had other child but nothing to compare with 1962 or he Gowin had made her first stop on her journey to Carseland School and was only carrying four passen At the counsellors were called in to help staff and We didnt even get to meet the new said one MAIN SWITCHBOARD OUTOFTOWN FREE 17275t11 CIRCULATION 7270527 until 6 FAX 725 09