Monday, November 16, 1908

Lethbridge Daily Herald

Location: Lethbridge, Alberta

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Text Content of Page 1 of Lethbridge Daily Herald on Monday, November 16, 1908

Lethbridge Daily Herald, The (Newspaper) - November 16, 1908, Lethbridge, Alberta NOVtMMR HerdM A NEWSPAPER KNIGHT Witk tha exception of Sir Maxiau lie Bo Sir praiiAUi tbe only newspaper kuigtit in Canada Sir Jtowellreceived the bo uor on account of political services while Graham was knighted on account ol his prominence fc and tbe activity of reply of the hr friil would be done A Uf Of aix or ofieinl iulvt like Michael of To could sene til the courts of he province as most ol the educated oreif tiers know they could attend the various courts when tliey would Such a step would clearly be in inter OUR OF VIEW Saskatchewan i the Jmnner al It returned nine arid one Conservative to tke HOUM of NO WOMAN CAH KB wfcoU body for OM wkick tbi IwliMyt ukfc to filter out of blood Wt la kow be Me to it tUs of Tbow wko ht trouUwi with troubU know tUa and aulbttntf waick Kidney PiUc a ail by tttt delicate of Uw kiOneyi thai make tbeir actioa regular and natural help to tiuh off the wl wb the Moatreal in behalf of the and the Cana dian Sir Hugh Graham owns the news paper property in Its sue been attained during his own It is said that Graham been recommended for ho nor tke ii Sir Tup Ier had power in White Grahad owns paper making the most money in Canada he not attha the leading newspaper proprietor in this We would give that place to John Boss Robertson of the Toronto Tele gram and the honor of knighthood if conferred upon him wouldvhave been He has made a lot of money out ofhis newspaper and has spent it to a good purpose in the es tablishment of the Hospital for Sick the Lakeside Home for Lit tle and a magnificent Nurs es Home in connection with the for These institutions stand as a monument to his big heart Graham personally has been very little in tha public eye while Mr the other ranks The people wwi liquor people in Alberta ere upon A vote upon local op is to be taken there this month and if the temperance people are vic torious contests may expected in other Whero is the Canadian Club It was and then went to It up once this year and en tertained President of Alberta It dozed off again and has not roused up room for a good active There is plenty of opportunity for the There is club development of in this Canadian sentiment acrid mpuntu thus occ bUloV aad all tkw DotuV KUi aotuwiy may be sifely by young and Lit D Kiilwey PilU ilo for you what they doue foe of that cure Mia I troubled with mv kklneya for two They to bid afe I o uM not crow Soot for I triid a dMtor but did no good afc alL 1 11 my imr at demise got four boxes of Ooatii Kid aey and I atu glad to siy thit after taking them I have had no troibu for nearly thirwj Pric j 50 psr or 3 for all or Tlie Milburu la ordering specify Doan PEOFE55IONAL NOVEMBER 16 ths HUB CAFE Scotch Biotli Chicken Mareuge PoUtoet i on Kiven North lor iUherta baity Ci Hodgeis Young We hare just received a car load of By the Sir Edward of the Bank of is the first Canadian to be honored with a baron hereditary Sir Charles Tupper was made a baronet RURAL MAI IN THE NEAR FUTURE Sim mons for Information about This Constituency fee New Stock Of Life mi Misses SbtsAt German The Shoemin Between Sages and Hoys r In tlie Brandon Election Toronto Saturday The election iu Brandon was one of the closest and hottest of cent The fight was be1 tween Clifford Sifton aud Mayne Daly with Wal1 getting in the way of the real Siftons small majority was a virtual At one of the Daly meetings a hu morous reference was made to the Simmons has received the following letter from Rudolphe Postmaster General re ru ral mail delivery I have pleasure in advising you that I have decided to undertake the delivery and collection of mail matter i J districts along and contiguous to the line o travel of all existing stage as one ol the foremost Canadians o fact that Daly had for years the As an author he is known been police magistrate at Winnipeg by Landmarks of Toronto A History of Masonry in Cana In Masonry he has held the highest No man has done more for amateur sport than this Some years ago he identified himself with the On tario Hockey Association as pre sident and during his terms of office got after the professional crooki who at that time ruiningthe He cleaned the whole mess up and put hockey in Ontario on a very high In public life Robertson has served as member of parliament at Time and again ho has been urged to become a candidate tor Mayor oi If Knighthoods are to be conferred upon any other newspaper men John Ross Robertson ought to have the next in fact he was entitled to the first Daly has declared one of his taken a deep of one mile and upwards For your information the following synopsis of the proposed mail service may bte Any living on or contiguous to a rural mail route and not within onequarter mile of the corporate town or village who desires his mail deposited at a given point on the line of the route by the rural mail courier may take GRAYSON COMING Canadian As sociated Press is informed that Victor Socialist member of arrangements to tour hav been expelled from the House of is prohibited from sitting in the House atthe present session but can at the Fir Doors and Stave Columns direct from the and now have the largest and finest stock of plain and fancy fir doors in Southern The South Alberta lumber Corner Ford JistSoitlioftlKriliSBnlill FWie22S interest in the young men of the I advantage of the opportunity afford shouted fc Two dollars and a voice from the aud during the campaign no further reference was to the interest he took in voun Dode the Webber Sisters snd Miss Hazel Salmon will please you all at the JOHN3TONE Barrister and Solicitor adjoining Union Leihbridf Bl i erh shall provide and erect a box known as the KING box on the L located in such a manner as to be reached by the courier without dis A western sitting in Cham mounting rom his vehicle Or seeing from the piles of papers in the lawyers hands that the first j OFFICIAL COURT INTERPRETERS The records of the proceedings of the courts of justice of this province are convincing evidence that the de partment of the attorneygeneral might well consider the advisability of appointing a staff oi official court The foreign element enters very largely into the consid eration of the court and as the great majority of these people have little case was likely to be hotly asked What is the amount in question Two said the plaintiffs Ill pay said the hand ing over the Call the next He had not the patience of Sir Wil liam after listening for two days to the arguments of counsel as to the construction of a certain quietly when they had That act baa been City A JAGGED ROCK Calgary The Medicine Hat riding has one poll which bore the name of Writ From the report of the returning the majority of the electors in the riding wrote or no knowledge of English it is thpir ballots with a jagged cessary to have The of ficers of the court are compelled to I utilize any man available and very often they are very poor the average lawyer does j not know how fb question a witness i through an interpreter and it is not i an infrequent occurrence to 3nd the counsel questioning the interpreter j instead of the It is a much undertaking to train all thej lawyers and judges to question j through interpreters than it is to i train a staff of interpreters who could make up for the deficiencies of the j counsel this Without a experienced in justice may suffer as can be easily seen if one notices the pro cesses the questions and answers have to go The counsel has his idea which tries to convey in a question in The interpret a almost gets his correctly or of what the counsel He to express that to the witness and may or may not do so The witness grasps his meaninp as best he can and in reply tries to express his idea in his own The interpreter may or may not got his meaning but ho traaslates as best ho can the reply in whicl may or may not give the idea ot the witness to judge anc jury English speaking instead ofj foreigners of greater or loss intellij such a process of questioning leaves openings for misconstructions and transference of numerous Even two men talking directly fre quently find difficulty in understand ing tho questions and answers of each difficulty how be largely obviated if interpret ers were employed who knew how to interpret using the direct giving word for word translation of the question of the counsel to the The Pioneer Book Store has cloth bound books at I cents usually sold elsewhere at oOc to 0c These goods were not but bought at ex cejJtiGrkni uguTco unvivi ceptional Sec In the bunch we have tables with its yarns about little big rabbits and other fe rocious With oach yarn theres a moral thrown iox can only be obtained from the Post Office Department of Can The priceof the together with all the necessary except only the post on which it will be cannot be determined at the present time inasmuch as the price materially depend on the number of boxes The Department purchasing the boxes for the trial routes and erecting leaving to be determined after it is seen what the full number of boxes required to equip the exist ing routes will I have ordered several thousand boxes for the tria thing is absolutely cer tain at whatever price they are sup plied by the manufacturer the same price will be charged the patrons using the The post to which the box is to be permanently attached and which is I to be provided by the must j be approximately tour feet two inches above the road and must be i Entire new program at the 6Tectej upon the so as to um be conveniently reached by the courj i ier without leaving his rig or dis j mounting from his Each box i have conspicuously painted or stencilled upon it the name of the j patron or Any person living of the line of trawl of a rural mail courier is at j liberty to purchase and erect one these boxes at the crossroad or any other point on the couriers route for the reception of matter addressed to him or mailed by him as the may In addition to carrying the mail to the various post offices on his j route tho courier be required to receive from any Post master on the route any mail matter that may be entrusted to him outside of the usual mail and shall carry such mail matter to and deposit it in the proper rural mail box placed on the line of the route for this pur He will also be required to collect the mail from the rural mail boxes erected along his line of travel i and to deposit the same in the next j j post office at which The services performed by the cour ier will be without charge to the peri sons pondng or receiving the j but the Department will allow j courier a fixed sum per annum each box served by aim on his 1 I should be glad if you would kind ly inform me nt your earliest conven ienrc ns to the stage routes in yourj j constituency on in your I a rurnl mail as described j abivo mipht bo fitst established in the public I mipht add that this will bo ex FPIIIT r JtlUl 1 FOR SALE We own acres of land free from stones in Lot Creston 1000 acres are surveyed in 10 acre blocks which we offer for sale to actual settlers for a limited time at PER ACRE We guarantee this tract to be the finest fruit land ad jacent to Creston When this land is the whole tract will be one large village all the advantages appertaing It is well watered by mountain The runs through the TEKMSOiartn Bailee bterest 6 Creston has the best shipping facilities for and the best climate of any point in British Spend Your Winters in Creston FOR SALE HORSES Heary and Light Sale Stables Wood Ottire 914 HedpaUi Phone HOURS 23 73 COURT ICC V Dftfttitt Graduate of Northwestern Office Hoursfl to 12 1 to Rcwmc I and llacdonald Black ELLIS DENTIST of Western Reserve Univor Cleveland SLOCK Phone 307 Hours 912 15 MADAM NORVAN PUnite Teacher cf argaa and roice Visits or receives prepara tory or Coaching lor Howard Crabb ERNEST of Eng and of Frank is open for a limited number ol Also for At Homes Terms on application Phent Westera Ourtered Corpormtion Capital financial Fiscal AgenU for Royal CoUieries LU All Stocks Handled ALBERT ELY Pupil of Song Singing and Voice Pupil of Organ and Theory Voice Pipe Harmony and Song Singing Open for Re Terms on Box 690 HEAD HAM I LTD CARD OF The Sisters Faithful Companions of Jesus very cordially thank the many kind friends who patronized their j sale of There are still several dainty articles suitable for Christmas presents which they will be glad to dispose 2779 YOUNG y For further particulars write immediately to the Canyon City Land and Lumber The Oxford Cafe SERVES GOOD Has beea Remodelled Freah Fruit and Confectionery JOE FONG Proprietor Mor L CQNYBEAfc OflBce Conybeare Ice and PRAYING Western Transfer LONG opposite Balmoral PHONE 63 SIMMONS Office Southard ADDISON SON Funeral Directors and 321 Crabb Office and Residence Phone 109 imhants Contractors We have the teams and were here to do the business of all kinds promptly attended to You will do well to get our prices before placing yonr orders elsewhere Hayr Transfer Hayr and PHONE 180 RULFSON ARCHITECT 9 Whitney JAS MACDONALD ARCHITECT Macdonald Redpath Uthbridge Lodge 31 A Regular meeting the third Thursday of each month in the Masonic at 8 Visiting brcthrto will always receive a hearty Box 6ST The llberta Railway and Irrigation Company Is now offering for sale the CHEAPEST LOTS ON THE MARKET lots fern it He Mlntf ail Wist of Vestiiister FROM EACH 150 Also a few Acre Lots East of Westminster each SKt BMt TERMS EASTf Interest 6 per per annum Onethird onethird 6 balance 12 tended to all the routes in vour coun i ly as quickly as it is but it is the intention of the Department tojj put them on the more important j routes i Hfens tttef M Meets 1st and 8rd M o n d ays in of P Hall at 8 Visiting brethren are cordially invited 241 y S MAKES i WARM HOUSE WITH NO PLASTER toCent less Requires no expensive labor YOU Can Put It On Write For Free Sample and instructions for apply sending name of dealer to AQENTS For sale locally by all lumber dealera LETHBRlDGE LOUiafc 36 Meets on tbe second Tuesday of each month at Secretary Lodge Pride of 293 Sew of Eqlari taefit Snet Meet in the Knights of Hall every first and third Thursday in the month at 8 Visiting always wcl Walter A President Robin Box Lrtgt NORTHWEST ASSOCIATION Of STATIONARY ENGINEERS Meet ic the Labor Hall every and and fourth Mondays in Employers requiring certificated en and out of employ mold do well to communicaU with ROBERT Chkt I 1 Mlyriv

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