Friday, May 1, 1908

Lethbridge Daily Herald

Location: Lethbridge, Alberta

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Lethbridge Daily Herald on Friday, May 1, 1908

Lethbridge Daily Herald, The (Newspaper) - May 1, 1908, Lethbridge, Alberta LETH 1R MAY IMS lit TACT HAS A BIG HAD IN RACE Gds Fiw Mae Hvjfad fir Re Portland May del cgatcs iV large to the Republican to the held in this today and will go Chicago with out instruction to for any one 1 of the The convention adopted reso lutipu declaring That without at the of in convention declkrc Taft is their choice for candidate for presi dent of the United v state refHibiicaiir convention day and to national A Se of War the Legislature v J Opens With Pomp BEGINS us LABORS Irst session of the twelfth legislature opened thisafternoon with consider able pomp and military display TweedJes staff con sisted of General a major and a half of tho foi members of tho legislature aie todaj making thcii legislators before Jus tice The formal opening occurred at 2 oi had elected speaker thehominatioh ier Provincial Secretary bi r Spioulu pi Mho speech fjom the throne tamed announcement that on ac count of expenditure 01 RIDDLED WOMAN WITH BULLETS ON 4 LAID DOWN BESIDE HER AND TOOK HIS OWN LIFE mone on the Central Railway dur ing tluj an actjor a Lounijission 01 into in connection with tht Lonbuuction and opuation of that be introduceddur ing thc session The legislation also to in the speech an act to take the place of present high way audit audit to Mike Murdered by Servian onHVf Way to the Over Money Cause Of Murdered Woman is the Mother of Eight f r YearfOld Boy Witnesses the Empanels I Work mens Compensation1 for Injuries Theaddress in reply the speech Act bills for tluj of from moyed by the agricuj of secondJ and o iMtLMrribie tragedy that wr Uok pUet bridge tscurrtd tWs morning about half past tltvtn whtn Mtlla a murdered Mike an Italian wwtiaii md thiiii killed iviituss to the whole affair that 2ugaly when lie mot JJarcedr and her little liny the first iiill past the coulee going down to the Tlwre Will be Trouble in who visited last year in the capacity of inspector the Bank of has r been pointed assistant of the banks branch John in addition as manager super intetidentJ J at WJhnijeg has been madean TDoukj v liobors are still in cars and are lcing TtiiT has tioris thii cars and if this is i insisted Vupbii trouble will NowTTwyWanlABetkrCml 4 Serrice Commission busi wajjjaone again vsliort tho woman got He then and shot her three or four 1started Humphries as I had or anything to t noticed that the woman droppedand he shot The little boy rah up hull After iier sidecombs was lying1 near the first pool of Zagaly evidently had of shells as loaded shells were scatteredall alon theground as if he a handful of Cause Crime The cauje oi the erinje is tvident from the statement of tho little boy who stood by and saw the tragedy and who ran up to Humphries at the Inunijrati6n and said My mother is A man shot went He gave my mother some money to him and lie wanted it back and my mother wouldnt give it to Hero it isj Ive got he lie pulled an envelope containing a sum of mbiicy out of Lari an Italian with whoiii Zagaly had reen boarding for the past two months says he had previously ed at for several It is not known what the the last tinie he apjeared to take a knife or Witnesses of Humphries and otherssav the last part of the tragedy man after making certain that the woman was deadvsatidown her and turned the revolver delated and fell himself while tHa Oppositioni put again and shot which ended the into the hands of IL A motion a commiB A Dreadful Seme ensue fully half of them are BOLD Rob Vancouver Hand jStore And Get V Arttclet Vancouver May 1 ofoi tKe boid cai robberies that occurred in Vancouver forsonic years took place and r P enter Frank deputy attqniey gen oral wired JTayor Patrick to eftoct that lie had the dcpait7 nient at same time advisiii mayor to1 have them de clared showing sionof into all the varj ilreadful SLynig close together ims tho civil arethet wo so clusc together mans left is on which the left head ers of criticism and j e r iiarii i but a short distance irom his liothtlie revolver and the razor To v horniest ajt Minister bf edfrbna the thetthieves Qash Valued rat r jTf the railway authorities iasist revolvers worthL clearing have been riit irinrnf ioin pilled t o tak p j of so me Ke re probably mean that other f been cool handwl for they select ed all thcrinpst valuable jewelry and did thei rwork so thoroughly that their haul a t a j aH M IE R 18 iyer advises I AT that the Dbukhobor question I onk Police Hawe Not Been Able Get from1 1 They willibe uhcn for jiist an iin uot bfjihetwo cpnuTiissibns appbiritccl cler their rrgiine and had itakVn no steps the oi the patronnge overn woman intended with tho money or why she would not give it to Murderer a Servian The murderer and suicide is a Servian who beginning of the winter and worked at the LatelV lie has been running tiie engine on He told Osling thut he was not going to work that day and had evidently prepared for what he Mother of Eight Children Baipcedi is an about forty years of and the wife of Mike who works Tit the She is the mother ui eight children ranging in from thirteen one little boy that was with her about nine years They are well known in the belonged to the respectable class of Empanelled oroncr Higinbotliain was early on the scene and empannelled a jury including JI Tunhan Francis and They viewed the scene of tragedy and ad jotirnetl to meet u the Court House removed thebxlies Ip parlois where Canipbell made air examinatirinoFthe J the it ist learnt also shot once at the little bey but his and the lad rin te mentrnowliadyall the its pos1 to the drafting of L a of civil service reform and wereipreparing effect to the rccommendatjon the last commis Slight Trouble Amongst Few Jedgment in Actkm to Set Men at Coleman ffines i Aside Keyes Laurier also pointed out DROPPED OUT imSHAnv OF SIGHT iaGHTAWAY Kirk Left Edmonton Cannot be Found tng enough to prqvcnl l in I1 Prefnl tmc other half I trie Oi will rwill upto date inevery and iitwould be ofthe quotesat lenglli evic team I rIr r trict 18 Victor McGuire t J men in Taljer played day 4th j Great is manifcstetl town and ipcaUty as thc co V renowned and are calculating vic Outlaw team have also some good and tried Both sidesj are practicing hard and a tough j fight is looked forward The fol lowing coihprise the j Roy 1st John 2nd 3rd j Opposition were chargcible to a civil for the most part appointed j Conservatives vRochcmade a few brief ences io boundary ques out that the situa THREENEW COTTAGES i tion is without advance yet there has jbiVn an asked if it is the in May piece lajortant Wwfeto Under taken by Ltcal Coiieries Justice Heck has handed down May Eight 1 The Collieries in another advertising for the trouble will both parties areanxious for and to ting of the Supreme Court it lordship ruuls that on the BytHelScott Act with the is boinj bv partiesdireirtly concerned is no probability o an arbitration the Oiitthe will He then evidence given and Ronald the and draws conclusion that both board asketi The will he in a Ulay or 1 i two Gcr I the sharpest contest and the largest TaberJohn Le I east thc electors ance SMITH CITY cird c Tns Picrsoii t b J decided toclav to retain the r illegal Tomgnt tho temper impersonat ions Cecil the well known el sdarid some were Two u former memUroi men were charged with llhe Ontario Power and 2nd 3rd Act by 178 Liquor Ueal wholesaJe spirit merch lohn ami elsewhere Albert substitutes tnp cily to take a hand i DC superintendent n one time chninnnn of ance people are holding a jollification Northern OntarioRail way and many bonfires are blazing to eelj in the city this ebrate the The liquor deal1 to examine thc ers pay retire from business sorvice of the city and McGuire and Grant their dence but in oi the circumstances it seems more likely that of Grant is accurate and definite than ilmt and therefore where thcre is a ciifferencr in their the ver ofGrant Spo tenders for the sinking of a shaft fi x 9 not io five hundreil feat in depth ID their rortl lands west He has not heard of that time and it j is iinportant news it means believed tliat he is Action is thc establishment of another big taken tlirough the rgnt by his wife to obtain possession route f thc of the property that remains here Jnl5iere otui her husbands on the ground that he is According to thr law if a man is missing aiine n i10twecn CALGAFUANS VICTIMIZED From the of both wit rruni i tor He intndod se nesses his finds that lftvmm lhw ani1 will was Kcyon tn the hisr famUy tu tllll McGuiro who ttiiroiiniW arriviil jn a M liis i T for seven he is considered dead Believed That a Man Named if there is reasonable proof that is the The diniculty in this is that no proof can bo obtaintd that the man is actual ly Kirk lived hero in 1000 on i farm near the In that he sold his farm for and Hiintndod st ed his namf in eye tliat Grnnt did not cousrtiously IK thii for licenws tntt ngninst ns the temperance advotates anlfllrnish aroport thecil of the Elk Lumber was in wcrcarrayed most of thethirjnouncc that the law will be earnestjnade a arouml th ci tmiay on business host of temperjlv enforcwl in jjic I wjtn Mayor Henrterj Joseph inj I ti see either Kiyes or McGuire sipn that Grant was then and to the Tie j Keyos and McGuire each impliedly citythis rospective spector of and machinery for City Engineer thc Provincial GoYernmcsnt ar acroiftinortation oHlcials and 8th The subject of his ad f t dress will be j real estate agi Henderson in his and he I signed in their His Lordship very reluctantlyfeels workers connected RETIRES worKcrs connected purpose ofmsiKctingj of thc W Ucst Coal I i n v leit this morning tor Moose Jaw aia mnustcr m amending hn5 uitfi M p f Winnipog has writter TlTirmn his i next from Knox t 01 inhabitants and settlers church an address will 1x3 delivered I and it is on the cards that Irish rivetl for the thc plant of th More arrivals from thc Emerald Isle McLean arrived last night jlhe SCnerRl sence on sunaiiv and ojHwng o lumlXJr j Crubb has od a commissioner for rerkction in his commission dating from from here on his horse being 20th of u followed some miles hy Corporal 3IaJ i T Tohn Macarthr Wt BASEBALL RESULTS boarding Oiur ryfning he his boarding house and aid re turn and im trace of him ha jlton Forced Chacks May The police have learned that the Union bank and a iiumber of business firms of the city linfl been victimised to a rather large by chocks to wliicli the name rf Falconr r was Falconer is the western suptrintend nt of the Dominion of Canada Quar and Accident Insurance and rhe man who is to have d tluchecks was William in Falconers boon About the lime of his up till a little over a week ago whon disappearance an unknown man ww j it lie suddenly ft the So far found in the city the of police of Spokane that ndghborhoxl of twentvfivc chocks for Prince Allcrt where isposing of his opening businessin this town which hebelieves has a future before t visiting the in for the purpose jf locating Association will shortly be whom a war ness of night as he ten T of the Liberal association that inc to his removal from t Montreal he will not ho bound by authority to hold that r show that the will was not ecutod in accordance with thr qmremtnt of the point as to whether Keyes was is well with the At BostonBoston New York The are ba lasting Brook it and is farahead of tho northern A fire ocnirred yesterday evening j ihree miles from i nc hetwren tnis c CS I I 1 n v MrMacarthnr iS tx brOtherinlaw hew hea o house and Many trips made about v were desLroved i fitly cars being used and the workis Horror of stMm j was no reomblanci found and the description of Kirk ROW residing nt Fair lY will reach Thc whole thing was worked in a couple of days and he to pet all the checks cash MOVE TO NEW PREMISES L MACOONALD DEAD compelnt to make a will is not dVj McKelvic McGuiro will j April of the l bwc short time ago and has The u u i connection j is announced to deliver what we bej shovel or plow which discharges the arc now being erected on 1 Hove will bo an interesting address atballast in thc space of a fow min the River for the Knox Church on Friday both Mdes of the line Washington Judgment therefore ir given jn Johnston the early part of next j of Canada passed away in this city vor of the plaintiff with Tin store now occupied by Mast night in Uif person of Harris for plaintiff them will le enlarged and reniodoll a niemvr of the legal K C for th It of MeKinnon and will le made 30 feet deeper hy 25 I and a woll known citizen DELAYED THE On May irth will lw occuUf Kdmnnion for thc pat ten W east hounrt passenger train by n Chinomanwho will entry j Tho late MacDonald who was 54 gine wont off tho rail a little east an1 extensive line of Chinese Japj rca of had failing m of Tabor this tearing upjanesc The protective ocn j nbout a hundred pant comes jrom delayeil siont an This is the Ihns same that wentoft at Hrassey Lake goinc night Ijefore l v weeks his end was expected at Six hundred MonJrortl hricklnyors i broke out at struck work this monrng us n result jvillo on shore of the Philadelphia L At Connelly has hew nominatedof tho derision of to adopt yesteniay Chanons hotel for the by South Renfrew sliding scale which amounts to ft Jor sm badly damaged ivnoarny store ond adoning